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Who is Rose Lassi? Rose Hanbury Affair With Prince William – Relationship Timeline

Who is Rose Lassi? Rose Hanbury Affair With Prince William - Relationship Timeline

Her birthday is March 15th, 1984, and she is 37 years old, making her the Marchioness of Rose Hanbury (also known as Rose Lassi). She is married to David Rocksavage, who is said to be in a relationship with Prince William, and they have two children.

There have been some rocks in the road for Rose Lassi, or Rose Hanbury, who has been at the heart of the wonderful marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton; their fairytale has seen a few bumps in the road at Kensington Palace.

Princess Kate’s close friend, Rose Hanbury, was accused of having an adulterous affair with Prince William in 2019. The allegations were made public in 2019. Take a closer look at the lady who is the subject of these claims to learn more about her.

What is the identity of Rose Lassi, alias Rose Hanbury?

Rose Lassi, alias Rose Hanbury, is said to be a friend of Kate Middleton, according to the Sun. The friendship did not last for a long time and finally ended when accusations of an affair between her husband and her closest friend began to circulate about them

It is widely believed that Kate and Rose have had a tense relationship for some time. Furthermore, according to an anonymous source who spoke to the newspaper, “They used to be close, but that is not the case any longer.

According to rumours circulating around the palace, Kate was determined about excluding Rose from her social group.

Because the two ladies had a large number of common acquaintances, Prince William sought to “play mediator” between them.

Rose and David Rocksavage were married in 2009 in Chelsea Town Hall, according to a storey from Hello! magazine. The couple has two children.

Rose and Rocksavage announced their engagement in June 2009, along with the news that they were expecting a child.

Was Rose Hanbury involved in a relationship with Prince William?

According to royal reports, Rose Hanbury and Prince William were involved in some type of fling in the spring or summer of 2019.

It’s difficult to corroborate the news in order to sort it out since the royals have done an outstanding job of maintaining their public image for so long.

Rose and her closest friend Kate, on the other hand, have maintained their marital relationships as if nothing had occurred at all.

Rose and David, on the other hand, are the parents of three children: twin sons Alexander and Oliver, as well as Iris’ daughter.

Rose Lassi, her husband, their family, and their children Is she a married woman?

As previously stated, despite all charges, Rose Lassi’s spouse is David Rocksavage, as previously stated. They are the parents of three children.

The family resides on the Houghton Hall estate in Norfolk, which happens to be only a few miles away from Kate and Will’s rural house, Anmer Hall, which they purchased in 2011.

The 37-year-old mother-of-three is always snapping images of the estate’s gardens and sculptures, which she shares on her Instagram account.

She is often seen posting photos to her own Instagram account, as well as a special one she created just for Houghton Hall.

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