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Who Is Pootie Taylor? Leave It To Geege – Age Wiki – Autism And Parents

 Autism advocate Geege Taylor’s son Pootie Taylor will be appearing in the TV show “Leave It To Geege.â€� Explore the article underneath to learn more.

‘Leave It To Geege’ season 1 is a forthcoming reality series on Lifetime. The show centres around Geege Taylor, a two-time divorced from a single parent and a breast cancer survivor, who is also an advocate for autism acknowledgment.

With her direct involvement with her non-verbal 19-year-old child Pootie, she intends to help and teach others the most proficient method to defeat difficulties and obstacles while bringing up an autistic child.

Reportedly, the upcoming show will include Geege Taylor alongside Pootie Taylor and Harper Taylor.

Leave It To Geege: Who Is Pootie Taylor?

Pootie Taylor is an autistic child who will be appearing on the show named “Leave It To Geege.� The following show is intended to spread awareness regarding “how to raise an autistic child.�

The show will air on January 12, 2022, and it is produced by the Emmy-winning producers from “World of Wonder.� The main motive of the show is to bring out a positive impact on the audience.

Do watch the upcoming show on the Lifetime channel to discover the social awareness message related to autistic children.

How Old Is Pootie Taylor? Age Explored

Reportedly, Pootie Taylor is 19 years of age. While his actual birth month is unknown, it is believed that Pootie was born in the year 2003.

Apparently, the details surrounding his physical attributes like height, weight, and other body measurements, are currently unavailable.

Explore Pootie Taylor Wiki And Autism Details

Pootie Taylor is unveiled on Wikipedia. Similarly, no other authentic information has been published regarding his personal details.

His mother, on the other hand, does post a lot about him on her social media account. Pootie is autistic and his mother is an autism advocate, who aims to educate and help others with her own experience.

You can check out Pootie’s growth and development via his mother’s Instagram feeds.

Who Are Pootie Taylor’s Parents?

For his parents, Pootie is being raised by his mother Geege Taylor, who is an author and autism advocate by profession.

Reportedly, Geege was two-timed divorced and is a single mother who aims to work for spreading awareness about the facts and tips for raising an autistic child.

The details surrounding Pootie’s father are currently available at the time of writing. He does, however, have an older sister named Harper Taylor.

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