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Who Is Lauryn Ham Basketball? Alice Ham Daughter – – Cori Benjamin Sucker Punch,Age Instagram

Who Is Lauryn Ham Basketball? Alice Ham Daughter -  - Cori Benjamin Sucker Punch,Age Instagram

It seems that Lauryn Ham was attacked by Cori Benjamin, Corey Benjamin’s daughter, according to video that has gone viral of the event. More information on this incidence may be found in the following article.

According to a viral video, Lauryn Ham was a young girl who achieved prominence after being attacked on a basketball court by another player, which was captured on camera. According to NBCLA, the mother of the accused batter requested that the referee strike Lauryn from the crowd since she was the one who had caused her daughter’s fall.

Because of this, according to footage given by the National Broadcasting Company of America, the attacker Cori delivers a reckless roundhouse punch on Lauryn, knocking her to the ground. Lauren’s assailant is also the daughter of Corey Benjamin, a well-known American professional basketball player who has played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The incident happened over the weekend in Garden Grove, California, during a women’s basketball tournament.

Who exactly is Lauryn Ham?

Lauryn Ham is an American girl who was assaulted by Corey Benjamin’s daughter, Corey Benjamin’s daughter.

In the meanwhile, she is undergoing concussion protocol, and according to her mother, Alice Ham, she hasn’t gone to school or done anything else since the event. She’s also been hiding in a dark place, presumably in an effort to get some sleep. Ham has reached the age of fifteen.

There is little information available regarding her personal and professional life at this time since she has just recently gained widespread recognition. She was also raised and nurtured by her beloved mother, Alice Ham, who was always there for her.

Lauryn Ham is a woman of a certain age.

Lauryn Ham is projected to be 15 years old at the time of her death. Her particular whereabouts, on the other hand, has not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, after missing a three-point field goal attempt, she accidentally collided with two other players. She then pretended to be a jerk and assaulted Lauryn Ham in a violent manner. Cori’s mother may be heard urging her to hit the young lady in the background of the scene.

Furthermore, at the time of the incident, Lauryn’s mother, Alice, was standing nearby, watching her other children play. A bag of ice was in her possession when Alice went to pick up her child, so she needed help getting into the vehicle.

After getting struck by her opponent, Cali Benjamin, she has received a great deal of attention. She has not provided any other information about herself.

After she has recovered from the injury, further information about her will be released. Let’s hoping for a speedy recovery for him.

On Instagram, you can meet Lauryn Ham.

Lauryn Ham, who goes by the name @laurynn.ham on Instagram, has around 1,000 followers as of today.

Meanwhile, Lauryn’s mother, Alice, uses the Instagram name @hammyalice to share photos of her daughter. She recently shared a video of her child being abused, which quickly went viral.

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