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Who Is Kevin Pan? Twitch Employee Caught Selling Streamers’ Clips – Twitter And My Clip


Who Is Kevin Pan? Twitch Employee Caught Selling Streamers' Clips - Twitter And My Clip

Kevin Pan is the Twitch employee that was caught red-handed selling streams’ material without their knowledge or permission. Here’s what’s been going on lately!

Kevin Pan works as a software developer in Canada.

The co-founder of a website named “Myclips.tv” earned recognition for his work as a result of the sale of streamers’ video on the site without their consent or knowledge.

On top of that, the streaming community was taken aback when it was revealed that Kevin works for Twitch.tv as an employee.

Because of the high level of sensitivity associated with the streaming industry, the latest disturbance has garnered worldwide attention.

Who Is Kevin Pan, and What Does He Do? Meet the Twitch employee that was caught selling the clips of other streamers.

Kevin Pan is a software developer who works for the video-streaming website Twitch.

Despite this, he was discovered selling Twitch streams’ footage on his own website, My Clips, without their permission.

Although little is known about the Twitch employee, it is clear that he is a tech-savvy individual who has pursued a job as well as a company in the same industry.

As stated on his LinkedIn page, he has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Waterloo. From 2012 to 2017, he worked on his Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering at the University of Arizona.

Despite the fact that he is initially from Canada, he relocated to the United States for his professional career. In 2019, he began working full-time for Twitch after his internship with the firm.

A number of people have speculated that his career and position at Twitch are in jeopardy as a result of his recent performance on My Clips.

Is Kevin Pan a member of the Twitterverse?

Kevin Pan is not currently active on Twitter, since it seems that he has deactivated both his personal account and the My Clips Twitter handle, according to reports.

This occurred when a streamer by the name of Mizkif publicly criticised My Clips for the manner the company conducts business.

Kevin and his crew seem to have recognised their error and have taken the decision to shut down the whole site as of today. Kevin, on the other hand, has continued to be embroiled in controversy as a result of the company’s name.

Netizens, as well as Twitch broadcasters, are outraged at the discovery that their footage was being sold without their permission on the streaming platform.

What Is the Name of My Clip?

Kevlin Pan is a co-owner of My Clip, a website that has acquired attention for illegally selling footage of prominent Twitch broadcasters in order to generate income.

In addition to NFTs, which are a sort of crypto-currency, the site’s primary source of revenue was advertising.

Kevin and the streamer Mizkif exchanged direct messages and voice conversations, during which Kevin stated that they only sold video that had been “whitelisted.”

Although the site and its online presence have been taken down, the internet community is not willing to let the issue go unnoticed.

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