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Who is joey moss sister?

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Joseph Neil Moss was a Canadian dressing room attendant for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League and the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League.

Is Joey Moss related to Vicki Moss?

Moss dated NHL superstar Wayne Gretzky when he played for the Edmonton Oilers in the 1980s. … Moss is the sister of the late Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Eskimos locker room attendant and personality Joey Moss.

Is Joey Moss related to Gretzky?

Career. Moss caught the eye of Oilers centre Wayne Gretzky in 1980. Gretzky was dating Moss’ sister, Vikki, at the time. Impressed with the dedication Moss brought to his job at the bottle depot, Gretzky suggested to team general manager Glen Sather that the young man be given a tryout.

How many kids does Joey Moss family have?

A collection of memories of Joey Moss from the Moss family

25, 1963, as number 12 of 13 children.

Who is Joey Moss family?

Joey Moss was born September 25th, 1963, in Edmonton, Alberta. He was the 12th of 13 children for Lloyd and Sophie Moss.

Beloved Edmonton sports figure Joey Moss dies at age 57

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What disease did Joey Moss have?

Joey was born with Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder resulting in developmental delays and varying intellectual disabilities.

Is Joey Moss on the Stanley Cup?

Oilers honour Edmonton sports legend Joey Moss during first game of their 2021 NHL season. … Every Oilers player, including captain Connor McDavid, had ‘Moss’ on the back of their sweaters. Moss was with the Oilers for five Stanley Cup championships and the Edmonton Football Team for five Grey Cup titles.

Did Joey Moss get a Stanley Cup ring?

Moss was with the Oilers for five Stanley Cup championships and Edmonton’s football team for five Grey Cup titles. That equals Campbell with 10 total rings in their respective careers, though Moss left a legendary mark for the person he was above anything else. “We made people excited by winning championships.

How did Joey Moss Side?

Edmonton sports legend Joey Moss has died at the age of 57. Moss, who was born with Down syndrome, worked as a locker room attendant with the Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Football Team for decades. … In a statement, Moss’s family said he died peacefully Monday with his family by his side.

How long did Vikki Moss and Wayne Gretzky date?

”It infuriates me sometimes,” said Miss Moss, who has been dating Gretzky for three years.

Why did Wayne Gretzky and Vicki Moss break up?

Ironically, he broke up with live-in girlfriend, singer Vicki Moss, because she wouldn’t give up her career. Moss was involved briefly with Gretzky’s friend, David Foster.

What school did Joey Moss go to?

Moss became the Edmonton Oilers’ locker-room attendant in 1984. A school in Edmonton that will open next year has been named after Joey Moss, a legendary locker-room attendant for the city’s national hockey and football teams.

Did Joey Moss died from Covid?

COVID-19, however, was not a factor in his death. “Janet & I are saddened to learn about the passing of Joey Moss. Not only was Joey a fixture in the Edmonton dressing room, he was someone I truly considered a friend. We will miss you Joey and you will always live on through our memories.

Why should we remember Joey Moss?

Beloved Edmonton sports figure Joey Moss dies at age 57

Gretzky quickly developed a bond with Moss, partly because he had an aunt in his family who also had Down syndrome. … Moss was also remembered by former members of the Oilers’ training staff who shared their condolences and memories of him on Tuesday.

Did Joey Moss live with Gretzky?

And [general manager] Glen Sather was kind enough to allow him to start working in the locker room,” Gretzky said. Moss started with the Oilers during the 1984-85 season, and Gretzky and Moss went on to live together for several years while the Great One played for Edmonton.

Where is the Joey Moss mural?

The mural is located on the Edmonton free art wall downtown at 95 Street and 105 Avenue. Moss died at the age of 57 on Oct. 26. AJA Louden painted a mural in Joey Moss’ mural at 95 Street and 105 Avenue.

Who owns Gretzky Winery?

Craig McDonald

As the founding winemaker and creator of Wayne Gretzky Wines, Craig has played a pivotal role in creating the family of wines that Canadians have come to love. His attention to detail from vineyard to cellar has earned him Ontario Winemaker of the Year awards in both 2008 and 2016.

Are Wayne Gretzky and Janet still together?

American actress, Janet Jones and retired ice hockey star Wayne Gretzky, have one big family and have been married for over thirty years. … Jones took to Instagram writing: “Love you, Wayne, and a perfect night with most of the family by our sides. Love you all, 33 years Happy Anniversary.”