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Who is dominique lenard husband?

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She is a down-to-earth natural beauty, the mother of three kids, an entrepreneur, and a native of Detroit. Prior to her marriage to retired NBA player Voshon Lenard for 20 years, she was previously married to him for 10 years.

What number represents Dominique’s age on Basketball Wives?

The 37-year-old Dominique Lenard is the newest addition to the Basketball Wives TV sorority; yet, the portrayal of her that we saw on the series was only a small part of the whole truth.

Who is Dominique Lenard?

This season of the popular VH1 reality show features multiple guest appearances from the businesswoman who was formerly married to the former NBA shooting guard Voshon Lenard. The time has come for Dominique Lenard to face the camera. You may observe the businesswoman who was born and raised in Detroit on the hit season of the reality show Basketball Wives, which airs on VH1.

Who is Dominique from Basketball Wives, and what does she do?

When Dominique Lenard, who was born and raised in Detroit, joins the cast of the reality show “Basketball Wives” on VH1, fans of these types of shows are in for a real treat. Sassy Dominique, who is known for saying precisely what’s on her mind, was formerly married to Voshon Lenard, an NBA star who has since retired.

Where can we find Voshon Lenard at this time?

Voshon resides in Miami at the present time and played with the Heat for the first five seasons of his professional career. In the 1994 NBA draft, the Milwaukee Bucks selected him with the 19th overall choice in the second round. However, he was waived by the team before the beginning of his rookie season.

The star of “Basketball Wives,” Dominique Lenard, has spoken out about the rumors surrounding JENNIFER and EVELYN, as well as her life after the NBA.

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Who is this domb82 user?

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