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Who is dci davidson related to?

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Either way, it turned out that everyone’s first guess was, in fact, correct. Tommy Hunter was confirmed as the “blood relative” found through the DNA searches at the beginning of episode six.

Who is DCI Davidson related to in Line of Duty?

In episode 5 it’s revealed that she’s blood relatives with Tommy Hunter (Brian McCardie), the former leader of the OCG (Organised Crime Group) whom we first met in season one.

Who is Davidson blood relatives with?

WATCH: HELLO! Insider breaks down episode 5 of Line of Duty… During the episode, viewers were informed that Jo was in fact a blood relative of Tommy Hunter. But fans on social media took it one step further and paused their screens to zoom in on an interesting post-it note that was shown on the TV.

How is Jo Davidson related to Tommy Hunter?

During Jo’s interview with AC-12’s Steve Arnott, Patricia Carmichael and Ted Hastings, it’s revealed that Tommy Hunter is both Jo Davidson’s uncle and father – a fact she had previously not known.

Who did Jo Davidson think was her dad?

After a faked prison move and an attempted ambush on the van, intercepted and thwarted by Kate and Steve, Davidson is questioned and says that the man she thought was her father controlled her, before revealing his identity: Patrick Fairbank, a disgraced retired officer introduced in season three, who not only covered …

Line of Duty season 6: Who is DCI Jo Davidson related to? Potential family revealed [New US UK]

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Is Tommy Hunter Jo Davidson’s father?

While the episode didn’t actually state how Joanne is related to Tommy, a post it note on the wall at AC-12 reveals that she is the result of incest. It reads: “Jo Davidson’s DNA has been identified at Farida Jatri’s house. A match has been made to TOMMY HUNTER, stating she is both his niece and daughter.”

Who is Jo Davidson’s mum?

DCC Andrea Wise is Davidson’s mum.

What did Corbett do to Hastings wife?

It is revealed that once he gained access to the flat, Roisin was tortured by John Corbett (who spoke using a Northern Irish accent), who used a power drill to injure her arms, knees and ankles.

Is Carmichael bent line of duty?

Many are convinced that the line proves that Carmichael is in fact the traitorous OCG mastermind known variously as “H” and, more recently, “the fourth man”. … “Carmichael is definitely bent,” wrote someone else.

Is Davidson Tommy Hunter’s daughter?

However, earlier in the episode to revealed to DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) her mother, Samantha Davidson, was Tommy Hunter’s sister. … Davidson’s mother Samantha Davidson died in 1996. An inquest into her death found she died from suicide.

Who is Uncle Tommy Line of Duty?

Tommy Hunter first appeared in Line Of Duty series one. The character, played by Brian McArdie, hailed from Glasgow and was a paedophile and the first leader of the Organised Crime Group (OCG).

Who was Tommy Davidson in Line of Duty?

Hunter – played by Scottish actor Brian McArdie – first appeared in Line of Duty way back in series one.

Who matches Josonsons DNA?

The fifth episode of Line Of Duty revealed who Jo Davidson’s DNA match is: Tommy Hunter, while the sixth episode revealed how they were related.

Was Tommy Hunter a police officer?

Fans will remember that, back in season 1, Scottish man Tommy Hunter was the leader of a crime gang which had plenty of corrupt officers in tow. He employed Matthew Cottan to work for him as a golf caddy, and encouraged him to become a police officer, in order to act as his man on the inside.

Is dot the Caddy?

Dot – played by Craig Parkinson – was the corrupt copper who made life hell for AC-12 throughout the first three series. He was codenamed “The Caddy” because he used to carry golf bags for Tommy Hunter, a local gangster, when he was a kid.

Did Steve Arnott sleep with Lindsay Denton?

And the big one Arnott was reluctant to confirm on his conquest list – bent copper DI Lindsay Denton, played by Keeley Hawes. He repeatedly tells boss SI Ted Hastings and girlfriend Sam Railston he did not sleep with the AC-12 suspect in series three. But a jury ruled the pair did hook up, which led to her acquittal.

What happened to Denton in line of duty?

Lindsay Denton – season 3

Keeley Hawes’ character was shot dead in her car by Dot, but before the life drained from her she had successfully sent AC-12 Danny’s hit list.

Is Tommy dots dad in line of duty?

Episode 6. It is revealed by DSU Joanne Davidson that she knew Hunter as her uncle, although it is later revealed to her shock by DI Steve Arnott that he was also biologically her father.

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Is Anna Maxwell Martin related to Nicola Walker?

Nicola Walker is not related to Anna Maxwell Martin! From time to time, viewers may mistake one actor/actress for another actor/actress, thinking that they look very much alike, or that they might be related to each other.

Is Carmichael an anagram?

Clever fans worked out a link between Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael and H. In episode four of series six, viewers saw OCG lawyer Jimmy Lakewell being interviewed by DS Steve Arnott. … Fans on social media pointed out that “race claim” is almost an anagram for “Carmichael”, minus one letter: H.

Does John Corbett have children?

John and Bo do not have children together. However, they’re happily married, living on a ranch in Santa Ynez with two German Shepherds and four horses.