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Who is Alicia Cardenas? Sol Tribe Tattoo & Denver Shooting Victim


Who is Alicia Cardenas? Sol Tribe Tattoo & Denver Shooting Victim

Alicia Cardenas was one of the victims of the Denver Shooting who died as a result of the attack. She was the proprietor of Sol Tribe Tattoo and Body Piercing, where she worked as a tattoo artist.

In a shooting in Denver, Alicia Cardenas was killed along with three other persons, one of them was a Denver police officer.
The exact reason for the shooting has not yet been determined; nevertheless, the suspect was slain on the spot the same day.
According to reports, the shooter opened fire in four different sites around the city and county of Denver.
An detailed inquiry has been carried out by the officers. They have looked into the matter and have concluded that the city is safe for the time being.

Who Is Alicia Cardenas, and What Does She Do?

In addition to being a victim of the Denver shooting, Alicia Cardenas is a wonderful lady who has been running her own tattoo and body piercing company, Sol Tribe Tattoo and Body Piercing, for years while also raising a fierce child in her own unique way.
She has been piercing people’s bodies professionally in Colorado since 1994. From 1997 until 2009, she was the proprietor of the twisted SOL in New York City. She has been a business member of the Association of Professional Piercing for 13 years and has been on the board of directors for the past six of those years as well.
She appears to be in her late thirties. The precise date of Alicia’s birth has not yet been confirmed.
Despite her age, she looks to be a very content woman who serves as an example to many young ladies who wish to be tattoo artists and manage their own companies.
Although the name of her family has not been revealed, the news of her death must have been painful to everyone in her circle of friends and relatives.

What Has Been Happening To Alicia Cardenas – Is She Still Alive?

One of the four persons murdered and three others injured in a series of gunfire in Denver that investigators characterised as a “killing spree” was Alicia Cardenas. Three others were injured, including a police officer, and four people were slain.
The exact reason of the shooting remains a mystery, as the claimed gunman was also killed at the scene. The identity of the alleged gunman has been a mystery until this point.
Despite the fact that the investigation was still ongoing and that little facts were available, officials from the law department stated that they thought the shootings were the work of a single individual and that the community was safe.
It has been reported by a police officer that the Lakewood and Denver police departments would be involved in the investigation, as well as a specialty squad that investigates police shootings.

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