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Who cross examined jumman?

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Algu and a few other people put Jumman through a round of cross-examination. After some time, Algu made the announcement that Jumman is obligated to provide his aunt with a monthly stipend or else the property will be transferred to her. After becoming Algu’s adversary, Jumman sought vengeance against him.

Who put forward the candidate for head Panch?

Because Algu was Jumman’s best friend and he knew that Algu would never turn against him, the news that Algu had been nominated for the position of head priest made Jumman very happy. 5. “The heart of the Panch is the dwelling place of God.” This is what Jumman’s aunt meant when she said that a Panch maintains a position of objectivity at all times. There was no such thing as a friend or foe for a Panch.

Who exactly was Samjhu Sahu from the sixth grade?

Who exactly was Samjhu Sahu? (Question 3) In the village, Samjhu Sahu was known for his work as a cart driver. It had been agreed that he would pay for the bullock that Algu had sold to him in a month’s time.

Who exactly was jumman, and who was ALGU?

The friendship between Jumman and Algu was unparalleled. When one of them was away, the other one was responsible for taking care of his family. The property that belonged to Jumman’s aunt was given to him. One of the requirements was that he take responsibility for ensuring her safety.

What kind of a friendship did jumman and ALGU share?

1. JUMMAN Both Shaikh and Algu Chowdhry were loyal companions to one another. Because of the depth of their connection with one another, if one of them left the town, the other made sure that the other’s family was taken care of. Both held a great deal of respect in the community where they lived.

Why do you continue to defend the traditionalist viewpoint of hell?

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What caused Jumman and ALGU to stop being friends?

8. Once Algu had issued a verdict in favor of Jumman’s aunt, the link of friendship that had existed between Algu and Jumman was severed. Jumman was Algu’s adversary and was seeking retribution. This was the reason why Algu was so unhappy about Jumman being nominated to be head of the Panch.

Who exactly was Jumman’s closest companion?

  • The friendship between Jumman and Algu was unparalleled.
  • The property that belonged to Jumman’s aunt was given to him.
  • The aunt made the decision to lodge a complaint with the panchayat.
  • The Aunt was unable to count on Algu for support.
  • Jumman was overjoyed to learn that Algu would be serving as head Panch.

Why did Jumman treat his aunt in such a degrading manner?

2. What was Jumman’s relationship with his elderly aunt? Answer: Jumman was able to get the land that belonged to his aunt changed into his name… When their aunt only gave her a small amount of food, his wife belittled her.

Who among you had an elderly aunt worth one point?

Who among you had an elderly aunt? (Question 2) Answer: Jumman. Question 3.

What caused his aunt’s extreme rage, exactly?

What caused his aunt’s extreme rage, exactly? When Jumman states that his wife knows how to run the house better than anyone else. This infuriated his aunt to the point where she decided to bring the matter up in front of the village panchayat.

What should we take away from this lesson, Class 6? fair play.

Class 6 Question

The lesson that should be taken away from this is that “no one should stray from the road of justice and truth for the sake of friendship or animosity.”

What was it that caused ALGU to turn pale?

When he heard the answer, Algu’s heart fell, and he became pale.

What prompted jumman aunt to put ALGU up for the role of head Panch?

Jumman was content with Algu’s nomination for the position of head Panch since Algu was his closest buddy, and Jumman knew that Algu would never turn against him.

Who exactly was Juman?

At the beginning, Jumman Sheikh was a very dishonorable guy because of his aunt. His aunt had a piece of land in her own name, and Jumman made sure to feed her well, respect her, and behave honorably toward her. But when the aunt made the plot to his name, he treated her poorly and refused to feed her.

What were some of the adjustments that Jumman had to make when he was given the role of head Panch?

When Jumman was assigned to the position of chief Panch, he came to the realization that a Panch has neither friends nor enemies. Only fairness is familiar to him. Jumman was aware of his responsibilities as a judge, and he rendered a decision that was impartial.

What exactly was the ALGU weak spot?

Because Aglu was strapped for cash, he decided to sell his cow to Samjhu Sahu in exchange for the guarantee that he would be laid by him in the future. But, the heartless Sahu made the bullock do so much work that it eventually became exhausted and passed away. After saying one thing, He Sahu then changed his mind and refused to pay Aglu, placing him in a difficult position.

Who had turned out to be ALGU’s adversary?

Jumman experienced feelings of betrayal, which led him to become Algu’s opponent. All that he cared about was exacting his vengeance on Algu. 7.

What did ALGU regard as something of greater value than friendship?

Algu stated. “But, my son, do you think it’s appropriate to be silent and not state what you consider to be fair and just? … Jumman stated that the voice of the Panch is of the utmost importance and is second only to the voice of God…. to him as at the present time he was sitting on the seat of a Panch.

What happened that caused Chaudhary to lose his bullock?

The animal perished as a result of Sahu’s excessive labor as well as his failure to provide adequate nutrition. When Algu was asked for his money, he dishonestly refused to pay any of it to him. 5. Jumman was in charge. He had it within his power to hand down a verdict against Algu.

Why did the aunt feel the need to use the phrase “don’t” so frequently in her explanation?

She was going to explain to him how important it is for her to increase the amount of money she sets aside each month for her children’s college savings and for the down payment on a new vehicle.

Who paid the Shepherd a visit one day, and why did they do so?

Answer: The king of that kingdom paid the shepherd a visit one day when he was dressed as a shepherd. He went to see the shepherd because he had heard the shepherd was very intelligent and understood the pain and suffering of the people and helped them confront their challenges with bravery and common sense. This led him to pay the shepherd a visit.

How were ALGU and jumman able to come to terms with one another?

The answer is that in the past, Algu and Jumman were good friends. When Algu resolved the case in favor of the elderly aunt, however, the two of them became enemies. In addition, Jumman was given the opportunity to exact his vengeance… They resumed their previous friendship.

Who was ALGU’s close friend, if anyone?

The relationship between Jumman Sheikh and Algu Chowdhary was quite close. Because of the depth of their connection with one another, if one of them left the town, the other made sure that the other’s family was taken care of. Both held a great deal of respect in the community where they lived. Jumman’s elderly aunt owned some property and was a wealthy benefactor.

When it came down to it, the dog decided to make who his master.

Answer: In the end, he decided that man would be the best master for him after realizing one day that lion was terrified of man. Because he desired to work for someone who was more powerful and formidable than anybody else on the planet, he made the decision to make man his master.

Is maintaining your friendship more important to you than being truthful? What exactly did Jumman’s aunt intend for us to take from this?

The correct interpretation is that Jumman’s aunt is inquiring as to whether or not your integrity is of greater value than your honesty.