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Who Are Lynda Cruz & Roger Cruz? Nikolas Cruz Parents and Family.

Who Are Lynda Cruz & Roger Cruz? Nikolas Cruz Parents and Family.

Lynda Cruz and Roger Cruz, who are the adoptive parents of Nikolas Cruz, the school shooter, have expressed their displeasure with their son’s behaviour. In the next piece, we’ll look at some interesting facts concerning Nikolas’s parents and extended relatives.

Nikolas Cruz was adopted by his adoptive parents, Lynda and Roger Cruz, who are also his biological parents.

Lynn Cruz passed away on November 1st, just as her son was about to move in with the new family. She had been suffering from pneumonia. Also of note, Roger Cruz went away 13 years ago as a result of a cardiac arrest.

When Nikolas’ adoptive parents died, he was raised by Kimberly and James Snead, who are now his legal guardians.

In actuality, they were completely unaware that a monster had taken up residence in their house with them.

The befuddled parents of Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, who took in the youngster when he was only three months old, said they were completely ignorant of his dark side.

Lynda and Roger Cruz were well aware that their new son would face difficulties, but neither survived to see what he was capable of. … Nikolas Jacob Cruz is a troubled and despondent murderer… https://t.co/M42rp7pvBp

— Brittany Wallman (@BrittanyWallman) on February 24, 2018 (via Twitter).

Who Are Lynda Cruz and Roger Cruz, and What Do They Do?

As previously indicated, Nikolas Cruz’s adoptive parents are Lynda and Roger Cruz, who are also his biological parents.

Nikolas was adopted by Lynda and Roger Cruz from Woodard via the services of a private attorney soon after his birth in 1998.

In an interview with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, family friends revealed that Nikolas’ biological father was not disclosed at the time of his adoption.

Unfortunately, they did not have the opportunity to spend quality time with or nurture their adoptive kid.

Rather of being adopted, Nikolas Cruz was fostered by his cousins Kimberly and James Snead after the sad deaths of his parents, Lynda Cruz and Roger Cruz.

Nikolas Cruz’s biological father and mother

Nikolas Cruz’s parents abandoned him when he was a little child and placed him for adoption.

He is the shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and he grew up in Parkland, Florida, with his adoptive family, which is well-off.

According to public records, his true mother lived only a few miles away in a variety of locales around Broward County, where she was often involved in judicial proceedings.

Brenda Woodard, Cruz’s biological mother, is now 62 years old and lives in Hallandale Beach with her husband and daughter. A extensive criminal history includes convictions for assault, grand theft, and drug possession that date back to 1988, 10 years before Cruz was born. She has also served time in prison.

Background Information about Nikolas Cruz’s Family

Nikolas was born into a criminal family and grew up in a gang environment.

While his mother, Woodard, has been found guilty of several lesser charges over the last three decades (including driving and vehicle infractions), she has also been accused of several more severe felonies, including assaulting someone with a tyre iron, which she has denied.

As of 2011, Woodard has not been charged with any new criminal offences, according to court records.

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