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Which planet was blown up in the force awakens?

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The capitol of the New Republic, Hosnian Prime, was completely destroyed by the first salvo fired from Starkiller Base. After that, an audacious operation by the Resistance wiped out the planet.

Which worlds are obliterated when “The Force Awakens” takes place?

This event took occurred during the time of the Cold War and was responsible for the destruction of the planets Courtsilius, Raysho, Hosnian, and Cardota as well as Hosnian Prime, the capital of the New Republic. It was destroyed by Starkiller Base, a superweapon located on Ilum that was capable of obliterating entire star systems. This annihilation was carried out from the Unknown Regions.

Was the capital city of Coruscant obliterated during the awakening of the force?

In spite of the fact that the planet was occupied by the Sith for some time, the Republic forces were finally successful in freeing Coruscant with the assistance of the Jedi Knights…. After that, he sent orders to the clone troopers of the Grand Army to carry out Order 66 against their Jedi Generals, which led to a widespread purge that almost completely wiped out the Jedi Order across the galaxy.

In the Star Wars saga, what planets end up being destroyed?

Destroyed planets
  • Alderaan.
  • Malachor V.
  • Alderaan/Legends.
  • Kijimi.

Was the city of Ilum demolished?

Ilum collapsed in on itself and burst, transforming into a small star that came to be known as “Solo.” This chain reaction of explosions was started when the thermal oscillator was destroyed, and it spread across the surface of Ilum.

Which planets were RUINED as a result of STARKILLER BASE’s actions?

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After the execution of Order 66, what became of Ilum?

Following the execution of Order 66, Obi-Wan Kenobi was sent with information indicating that his close friend, Jedi Master Garen Muln, had returned to Ilum in order to conceal himself within the crystal caverns…. He offered Ferus his old lightsaber, which was missing some crystals and needed to be replaced.

Was Ilum renamed Starkiller Base at some point?

The villainous First Order transformed the planet Ilum, which had previously served as a sanctuary and a sacred site for the Jedi Order, into a formidable weapon. The Starkiller Base, commonly referred to as “the Starkiller,” was a facility that was stationed on the icy, forested world of Ilum, which was abundant in kyber crystals and was situated in the Unknown Regions.

Did Naboo ever get destroyed?

During the Cartekelic Invasion of the Galaxy, one of the most disastrous events was the destruction of the planet Naboo. Throughout the course of the event, a Cartekelic fleet led by their superweapon, the black hole cannon, invaded the region with the intention of eliminating any alliance threats that would pose a risk to the black hole cannon.

What kind of explosion happened in Star Wars?

Everyone sprang out of their seats to cheer when Luke’s torpedoes plummeted into the exhaust port (really, don’t ask why they did a 90 degree turn; just don’t). This caused the Death Star to explode in an amazing explosion, which caused everyone to cheer.

How many planets were obliterated in the process?

It is possible that certain worlds will eventually be ejected from their orbits entirely and will be doomed to float aimlessly through space without any connection to any stars. According to Raymond’s calculations, gas giants have obliterated somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 billion rocky worlds. It’s likely that the majority of the devastation took place not long after the planets formed.

When did Coruscant get destroyed?

The year 10,000 ABY was the year that the planet Coruscant was destroyed by an event known as the Destruction of Coruscant.

Why hasn’t Coruscant been included in the sequel trilogy?

There is no justification given in the films for the New Republic Senate’s decision to locate its headquarters in the Hosnian system rather than on Coruscant. Since we see that the citizens of Coruscant celebrate the collapse of the Empire as a community in ROTJ, there must not be any political obstacles for the new senate to overcome in order to establish itself there.

Will there be a reference to Coruscant in Mandalorian?

After the Mandalorian has learned of the Jedi Temple, he will journey to Coruscant and then enter the Temple while he is accompanied by the Child. The Mandalorian will be led by the Force to a hidden area within the Temple that holds something of significance to them. This location will be drawn to the Child. It was either Palpatine’s safe or a hidden vault used by the Jedi.

Was Endor destroyed?

Even though the “Star Wars” rebels were successful in destroying the Death Star, the evil satellite nevertheless managed to wipe out the rebel base and the moon of Endor in the end. According to the findings of one planetary scientist, the Ewoks could not have survived the blast.

In the solar system of Hosnia, what planets did they have?

Cardota, Courtsilius, Hosnian, Hosnian Prime, and Raysho were the planets that made up the Hosnian system, which was located in the Core of the galaxy and featured a star system.

What was the Death Star responsible for destroying?

Tarkin gives the order to destroy Alderaan, which is Leia’s home world, to celebrate the completion of construction on the Death Star. His goal is to force Leia to reveal the location of the hidden Rebel base, and she gives them the coordinates for Dantooine, which formerly hosted a rebel outpost but is now deserted. Tarkin, however, already has Alderaan in his possession.

In the Star Wars saga, the rebels were tasked with destroying a weapon that might destroy planets.

The Death Star was the ultimate weapon that the Empire possessed; it was a space station the size of the moon that had the capability of destroying an entire planet. But, the Emperor and other Imperial leaders, including as Grand Moff Tarkin, underestimated the resolve of the Rebel Alliance, who refused to bow down to this technological menace…

What motivated the destruction of Alderaan?

Destruction of Alderaan, also known as the Battle of Alderaan, took place in the year 0 BBY at the behest of Grand Moff Tarkin in order to demonstrate the destructive firepower of the first Death Star. This event is also known as the Battle of Alderaan. All of Alderaan’s population perished as a direct consequence of the catastrophe, which led to the planet’s total destruction and obliteration.

When the force wakes, does that mean the destruction of Naboo?

However, due to the efforts of Organa and Queen Sosha Soruna, Naboo was saved from oblivion and went on to become a member of the New Republic, which is the successor state to the Alliance.

In which film does the planet Naboo get obliterated?

What took place in Naboo after the events of “Return of the Jedi” in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens?”

Throughout the course of operation Cinder, what happened to Naboo?

After the Battle of Theed, Naboo was spared, but the planet Vardos was annihilated by satellites, which tipped the natural balance of the planet into chaos. Operation Cinder was the first step in the Emperor’s Contingency plan, which called for the Empire to be reconstructed in the Unknown Regions while Darth Sidious was surreptitiously brought back to life on Exegol.

Did Rey visit Ilum at all?

In the novelization of the film directed by Rian Johnson and written by Jason Fry, it was revealed that it had been abandoned on Ahch-To and was being looked after by the caretakers there, despite the fact that it was never portrayed on a major motion picture screen. After her confrontation with the Emperor Palpatine, it is not hard to believe that Rey returned to the island where she had been staying.

Is Ilum the only location where kyber crystals may be obtained?

Under the auspices of Project Celestial Power, kyber crystals were incorporated into the Death Star’s superlaser, and Galen Erso was recruited to serve as the project’s primary researcher. Kyber crystals were stolen from Jedi lightsabers, temples, Ilum, and other planets and locations in the galaxy where they could be located.

Is Ilum in Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian season 2 episode 2 did not focus on Ilum or any other aspect of the rise of the First Order, while it is not inconceivable that the show will eventually examine Ilum or portray the rise of the First Order in some other way.

Rakato Prime: What on earth happened to her?

It was said that the Rakata of Lehon were the ones who originally pioneered hyperspace travel, despite the fact that it was believed that they became corrupted by the dark side of the Force in ancient times and became extinct as a result.