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Which of the following technologies transparently distribute traffic?

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Terms included in this group Which of the following technologies allows for the seamless distribution of traffic over several servers by making use of shared names and virtual IP addresses? By employing virtual IP addresses and a shared name, Network Load Balancing (NLB) is able to distribute traffic over numerous servers in a manner that is completely invisible to the user.

Which of the following are required in order to participate in NLB?

The requirements to start NLB
  • It is required that all hosts in an NLB cluster belong to the same subnet. This is strongly advised due to the fact that NLB will fail to converge if the delay between nodes is greater than 250 milliseconds.
  • In order for an NLB cluster to function properly, each and every network adapter in the cluster needs to be configured to use either unicast or multicast: There is no support for combining these different forms of traffic.

Which mode of operation does the NLB cluster the MAC address belong to?

NLB will reassign the station MAC (media access control) address of the network adapter for which it has been activated when the mode is set to Unicast, and all cluster hosts will be given the same MAC address.

Under the context of an NLB cluster, what role do port rules play?

A Network Load Balancing (NLB) cluster’s operation is determined by the port rules that are in place. You can put up port rules to manage how each port’s cluster-network traffic is handled, which will optimize the amount of control you have over the various sorts of TCP/IP traffic. The way in which a port handles the network traffic that flows through it is referred to as its filtering mode.

How do storage devices in most cases get assigned to just one cluster on the network?

– Only one of several clusters can have a storage device assigned to it. Masking the logical unit number (LUN) or zoning the storage space is often how this is done…. ***Each clustered server ought to have one or more network adapters or host bus adapters that are devoted to the cluster storage if you use iSCSI storage connections.

LAN Model

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What are the two different methods that WSUS allows computers to be allocated to groups?

You have the option of assigning computers to computer groups by utilizing either the server-side targeting or the client-side targeting approach. Both of these ways are described here. While using server-side targeting, one or more client computers are moved into one computer group at a time manually by the user.

Which storage technology is an option with a cheap cost that often requires the cluster nodes to be physically close to the drives quizlet?

***Shared serial connected SCSI (SAS) is a low-cost solution; however, it does demand that the cluster nodes be located in close proximity to the disks. In most cases, the SAS will only allow a certain amount of connections to be made between cluster nodes.

Under the context of an NLB cluster group of possible answers, port rules serve the function of which of the following?

Under the context of an NLB cluster, port rules are responsible for which of the following? They determine which ports are distributed evenly among all of the hosts that make up the cluster.

If an account is going to be used to add nodes to a cluster but that account is not a domain administrator, what permission needs to be granted to that user?

If the account is not a domain administrator, then the Create Computer Objects permission in the domain is something that the account needs to have.

After a private virtual switch has been created, which servers are now able to interact with one another?

Which servers are now able to interact with one another after the creation of a private virtual switch? Only virtual machines (VMs) that are located on child partitions are able to communicate with one another. While creating separate MAC addresses for virtual network devices, Hyper-V will assign a value that is anywhere from 0 to 256.

When utilizing this manner of cluster operation in NLB, a second MAC address is added to the network interface on each host, isn’t that right?

For use with multicast, NLB appends a layer 2 MAC address to the network interface card (NIC) of each node. Each node in an NLB cluster has, in effect, two MAC addresses: the first is its actual address, and the second is an address that was generated by NLB. While using multicast, you have the ability to create static entries in the switch, which will cause it to deliver the packets only to the nodes that are part of the NLB cluster.

What exactly does “cluster operation mode” refer to?

How you configure the cluster’s network address and how that address corresponds to the addresses of the existing network adapters is determined by the cluster operating mode…. The mode of operation for the cluster must be maintained consistently across all nodes.

What is unicast and multicast in NLB?

* There are two different configurations that MS NLB is capable of supporting: unicast mode and multicast mode. When Unicast mode is enabled, the old MAC address of each member of the cluster is replaced with a new MAC address that is unique to the cluster and shared by all nodes. When multicast mode is enabled, the cluster MAC address is added to the node adapter, but the original MAC address is not lost.

What exactly needs to be made in order to bring the NLB cluster into existence?

These actions need to be taken in order to construct an NLB cluster: Launch the application known as Network Load Balancing Manager by clicking “Start,” “Programs,” “Administrative Tools,” and then “Network Load Balancing Manager.”… In addition, you have the ability to set the IP addresses to which the NLB will react. After making any necessary additions, click the Next button.

How can I get NLB up and running?

The following instructions should be followed in order to successfully configure the NLB cluster operation mode:
  1. To access the Network Load Balancing Manager from Server Manager, choose Administrative Tools, then Network Load Balancing Manager.
  2. Connect to the cluster if NLB Management does not already have the cluster listed in its database.
  3. Choose Cluster Properties from the context menu that appears after you right-click the cluster.

What exactly is Microsoft’s NLB system?

The TCP/IP networking protocol is utilized in the Network Load Balancing (NLB) feature, which is responsible for distributing traffic over multiple servers. NLB improves both the dependability and speed of web servers and other types of mission-critical servers by creating a single virtual cluster out of two or more computers that are simultaneously running applications.

Which of the following prerequisites must be satisfied in order to make use of the client Hyper V capability that is available in Windows Server 2016?

In order to make use of the Client Hyper-V functionality that is included in Windows Server 2016, which of the following prerequisites must be satisfied? (Choose all of the ones that are relevant.) The CPU of the computer needs to be 64 bits and include the SLAT technology, which stands for second level address translation. Memory capacity of at least 4 gigabytes is required for the PC.

When a failover cluster is built, what kind of object is added to Active Directory? [Clarification needed]

When a Microsoft Windows 2008 Failover Cluster is built, virtual computer objects like the Cluster Name object (CNO) are added to Active Directory at that time. These objects are created by Microsoft Failover Clusters.

How can I check the permissions for the cluster?

Click the Properties button after right-clicking the computer account that is associated with one of the clustered services or apps. On the Security tab, check that the account that corresponds to the cluster name is included in the list of accounts that have permissions, and then choose that account.

In order to design for the use of NLB clusters in unicast mode, you will need to design for which of the following constraints?

In order to design for the use of NLB clusters in unicast mode, you will need to design for which of the following constraints? If you want to manage the nodes from a different TCP/IP subnet than the cluster network, you will need management network adapters that are distinct from the cluster network adapters.

What exactly are the features of Windows Server NLB?

Windows Network Load Balancing, often known as Windows NLB, is a function that is natively included into Windows Server 2008 R2. Load balancing and fault tolerance are capabilities offered by Windows NLB. Several online processing solutions are available to handle requests while using Windows NLB. While every system has its own unique IP address, they all share what is known as a virtual IP, which is another IP address.

What are the HTTP ports that are utilized by default for client access by the WSUS server?

The WSUS server will utilize port 8530 for HTTP traffic and port 8531 for HTTPS traffic by default. It is necessary to change the settings of the firewall on the WSUS server so that it will accept incoming traffic on these ports. If you are utilizing without SSL, then you can permit port 8530 to be used.

What is the bare minimum quantity of nodes that must be present in a failover cluster?

According to the documentation, a cluster requires a minimum of three nodes. We were able to successfully test failover while running on two different hosts simultaneously.

Which sort of quorum is utilized by clusters that have their settings customized specifically?

***In clusters that have particularly unique setups, the Node and File Share Majority quorum type is the one that is utilized. It utilizes a file sharing witness rather than a disk witness to verify the data.

When setting the shared storage for a cluster group of answer choices, which of the following activities does not need to be done in order to fulfill a requirement?

In order to successfully configure the shared storage for a cluster, it is not necessary to have which of the following items? The disks must only use the GPT format and not the MBR format.