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Which manages computer resources?

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The operating system (OS) is a program that manages the resources of a computer, particularly the distribution of those resources among the various other programs on the computer. The central processing unit (CPU), the computer memory, the file storage, the input/output (I/O) devices, and the network connections are all examples of typical resources.

What exactly is meant by “managing resources” in relation to an operating system?

The dynamic allocation and de-allocation of processor cores, memory pages, and various types of bandwidth to computations that are in competition for those resources is an example of resource management. Resource management is performed by an operating system. The goal is to distribute the resources in such a way as to maximize responsiveness while taking into account the limited amount of resources that are available.

What exactly are the computer system’s resources?

All of the computer hardware, software, communications devices, facilities, equipment, networks, passwords, licensing, and accompanying policies, manuals, and guides are referred to collectively as “Computer Resources.” The users have no reasonable expectation of privacy in regard to anything they generate, store, send, or receive while using the computer system.

Management of Operating System Resources

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