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Which detail from justin lebo?

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Detail from when Justin Lebo was filled with delight and satisfaction after giving out bikes and observing the joy and happiness that others experienced as a result of his gesture is the detail that demonstrates that Justin Lebo is compassionate. Justin, who was only 10 years old at the time, had a compassionate disposition toward those who were less fortunate.

What specific examples from Justin Lebo most convincingly demonstrate that Justin cares?

Which aspect of “Justin Lebo” most illustrates Justin’s kind nature, and why? (A) When Justin thinks back on it, “They were so joyful.” “They seemed as if they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Simply seeing them enjoy themselves brought a smile to my face.”

What was the point of having Justin Lebo around?

Answer Expert Verified. The option that best describes the goal of “Justin Lebo” as an encouraging novel for readers to enjoy is the one in which the book is named after its protagonist. Justin Lebo was the type of person who enjoyed working on bikes and creating new ones from repurposed components.

Who exactly is this Justin Lebo?

In the four years since he first began making bicycles, Justin Lebo has produced anywhere from 150 to 200 of them and has given each one away. He has ensured that he has enough time to devote to his schoolwork, his friends, his coin collection, his developing interest in marine biology, and of course, his own bicycles.

The National Anthem, Performed by Justin Lebo

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