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Which cars use aisin transmission?

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In point of reality, automobile manufacturers as diverse as Isuzu Motors, HINO Motors, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, and a great number of others have utilized transmissions produced by Aisin….
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What are the telltale signs that my vehicle has an Aisin transmission?

Identifying an Aisin Transmission and Its Features
  1. There is a good chance that you are looking at a car that has an Aisin transmission if the handle for the yellow dipstick is located on the right side of the engine (the driver’s side).
  2. The 68RFE is almost certainly the one you have because it can be identified by the location of the dipstick in relation to the engine.

Does Mazda utilize transmissions manufactured by Aisin?

Mazda’s in-house development of automatic and continuously variable transmissions (ATs and CVTs) for compact vehicles marketed in Japan and international regions… Mazda purchases 6-speed automatic transmissions from Aisin AW; however, the company is in the process of gradually replacing these transmissions with Skyactiv-Drive automatic transmissions as it completely redesigns its vehicles.

How reliable are transmissions made by Aisin?

The Aisin is a fantastic transmission that can handle very big loads with ease. My previous experience with torque converters was much looser than this one. Because of the faultless lockup method and the transmission’s high level of efficiency, the transmission NEVER gets hot under any conditions. It also has a decent overdrive ratio and a beautiful low first gear.

Is Aisin a more desirable option than 68RFE?

Both the 68RFE and the Aisin are expensive to build, but the Aisin is even more expensive than the 68RFE. While both are in their standard configurations, the Aisin is a marginal improvement over the 68RFE, but when additional power is added, none of them perform particularly well.

Here are Some of the Reasons Why Replacing Your Transmission Fluid May Be Dangerous:

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How many horsepower is Aisin able to take?

Aisin: The 6.7L Cummins turbo-diesel engine in the Ram can be paired with a variety of transmissions, including the Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission. This engine is capable of producing up to 400 horsepower and 1,000 pound-feet of torque using clean diesel. It has an Aisin transmission, thus it can pull 31,000 pounds when properly equipped.

How many horsepower is the 68RFE capable of managing?

This package modifies the valvebody and the transmission control module (TCM) so that the 68RFE can handle up to 550 horsepower, but much more than that and the owner of the vehicle will have to start digging into the transmission.

How long does a transmission for an Aisin car typically last?

You can feel confident placing your bets anywhere between one mile and one million miles. Due to the sheer number of variables involved, it is impossible to provide an accurate estimate of the product’s estimated service life.

What model years of the Dodge Ram were plagued by transmission issues?

Frequent Problems With the Dodge Ram Pickup Vehicles Between the Years 2002 and 2008 Although many of the same concerns are present in subsequent versions of the Dodge Ram, certain problems are more prevalent in the 2002-2008 model years. Problems with the transmission of the 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 are extremely common.

What makes Allison transmissions so much better than other brands?

Allison Automatic transmissions, in contrast to manual transmissions and automated manual transmissions (AMTs), do not stop power when shifting gears. They make the most efficient use of the horsepower and torque that is available from the engine by sending more of it to the wheels… This not only helps save time and money, but it also offers the transmission with the highest possible level of protection.

Are there any issues with Mazda transmissions?

Since 2005 and continuing through 2020, the automatic transmissions that come standard in the Mazda 3, 5, 6, CX-7, and CX-9 have been extremely reliable and have had very few problems. That is not to say that Mazda transmissions are immune to breaking down. There is a larger risk of damage to the automatic transmission in Mazda vehicles when they are not maintained correctly or when they are used for towing.

Which transmission brand does Toyota typically go with?

Aisin-Warner is the manufacturer of the automatic FWD/RWD/AWD gearboxes that belong to the A series and are used by Toyota Motor Company. These are quite similar to the transmissions made by Volvo and Aisin-Warner, which can be found in Suzukis, Mitsubishis, and other Asian automobiles, and they have many of the same characteristics.

Are Mazda automatic transmissions reliable?

According to the table compiled by Motor Warranty Direct, Mazda is the sixth most reliable brand of used automatic vehicle.

What is the correct pronunciation of Aisin transmission?

Aisin can be pronounced as (A)-(zin), which is how it is pronounced in the English language.

When did RAM first begin employing the use of Aisin transmissions?

In 2007, Ram began offering the Aisin Seiki six-speed AS68RC automatic transmission, which was rated at 750 lb-ft of input torque capacity, as an optional extra on all of its diesel-powered chassis cab trucks. This transmission was introduced as part of the Ram lineup.

Can you tweak a Aisin transmission?

You may tune/delete, but no trans tuning. According to everything I’ve read, it reacts well to the tune up to 90/100+ horsepower, but if you want to go it further, you need go with 68RFE.

Are Ram transmissions still bad?

The 2019 and 2020 Ram 2500 have been rated highly by most drivers in terms of how smoothly their transmissions operate, making them a good choice if you are in the market for a more heavy-duty vehicle. In a similar vein, the transmission issues that have plagued previous models of the Ram 3500 over the past three years have been mostly eliminated.

What model year of the Dodge Ram is considered to be the best?

The RAM 1500 model year that is the most dependable.

The 2018 RAM 1500 appears to have the lowest number of total complaints out of all of the other used model years, and as a result, CarComplaints.com has ranked it as the finest used RAM 1500 model year.

Why did Dodge have so much trouble with their transmission?

The bulk of transmission difficulties experienced by Dodge vehicles are frequently the result of insufficient levels of transmission fluid. Inadequate transmission fluid cooling, worn gear clutches, transmission software issues, excessive towing, broken torque converter, and forgetting to complete transmission servicing at the recommended intervals are some of the other problems that can arise.

What kind of transmission does the 6.7 Cummins come with?


with the automatic transmission that has six different gears.

Is it possible to install a Cummins engine with an Allison transmission?

ATS Diesel Performance is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive package designed to facilitate the installation of our Allison 6 Speed Automatic transmission behind the Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L engines.

Which Cummins engine, the 5.9 or the 6.7, is superior?

The 5.9 Cummins utilizes a fixed geometry turbo, as opposed to the variable geometry utilized by the 6.7 Cummins…. To summarize, the more straightforward 5.9 fixed geometry turbo has a tendency to be more reliable, but the more complex 6.7 variable geometry turbo offers superior performance.

How long does the lifespan of a 68RFE transmission typically be?

On the other hand, we’ve seen the transmission in the Ram 2500 survive anywhere from 130,000 to 180,000 miles on average.

How many horsepower is a stock 6.7 Cummins capable of handling?

Roadblock #4: Stock Fuel System

The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fuel system on the 6.7L Cummins engine (lift pump, CP3, injectors) is capable of supporting up to 530 rear-wheel horsepower, and around 550 rear-wheel horsepower with a turbo upgrade.