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Where to get cloak of weighty grief recipe?

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Secondly, you should determine whether or not Balthazar offers the formula for the Cloak of Weighty Sorrow for purchase. In that case, you can purchase it from Yagi Sakai. You may find him in Shoshun Village, which is located in Mooshu.

Where can I buy Grimblaze vestment recipe?

You may find the merchant who sells the Grimblaze Vestment (fire) in the Hametsu Village in MooShu. Right in the middle of everything. Vendor’s name is Katsuko Mukai. It calls for six Sunbird TCs, fourteen Onyx, three Crystal bottles, twelve Leather straps, fifteen Frost flowers, eight Black pearls, and twenty Stone blocks.

In Wizard101, who is the vendor of the Crimson book stand?

You will locate the recipe vendor for the crimson book stall in the Marleybone neighborhood.

Where exactly can one locate Onyx in Wizard101?

Elmer Meadowgrass is a vendor located in Wizard City. Al Saf’wan – Krokotopia. Marleybone is represented by Campbell Hodgson.

Is it possible to make a headless horseman in Wizard101?

My preference would be for the Headless Horseman to not be able to be crafted, but rather to be acquired from spellements in addition to having an upgrade path. While the other Christmas spells (Krampus and Reindeer Knight) can be learnt via spellements and have an upgrade path, this would make the most sense out of all the possibilities.

The Dragonspyre Crafting Quest can be found in Wizard101.

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Where exactly can one acquire flying squid ink when playing Wizard101?

You can farm Flying Squid Ink inside the Hidden Tunnel in Aeriel Jungle, which is located in Empyrea, after you are able to access it. It also drops other goodies that gamers are looking for. This dungeon contains three different fights that can be completed either on your own or with a group.

How do I get my hands on the Seal of the Seven Seas?

The Equipment Crafting Station is where the Seal of the Seven Seas needs to be made in order to be usable. In the event that you find yourself in need of a new Crafting Station, you can purchase one from the Furniture Merchants located in Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre. Following that comes the most exciting part: making the amulet, hooray!

Where do you acquire black Lotus in wizard101?

You may buy Black Lotus at the Bazaar, and it can also be discovered in the zones of Mooshu, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, and Khrysilis, to name just a few. It is possible to Transmute it from reagents of lower value and more widespread use if you Craft it.

Where in Wizard101 can I find farms that produce shadow oil?

Vendors: Al Saf’wan – Krokotopia. Marleybone is represented by Campbell Hodgson. Yuji Hamada – MooShu.

Who is responsible for dropping diamonds in Wizard101?

Diego, the Duelmaster, is the vendor of this item.

Where exactly can you find Toshio in Wizard101?

When you have completed the Initiate Crafter task in Marleybone, Felicia Worthington will tell you to speak to Toshio in the Jade Palace in Mooshu. She will tell you this after you have returned to Jade Palace from Marleybone. He can be found in close proximity to the entrance to Hametsu Village.

How can u manufacture nightshade?

Using the Transmute Nightshade Recipe, which can be obtained from Wul’yahm, an Apprentice Crafter located in The Oasis, Krokotopia, is one of the simplest ways to obtain the reagent when it comes to crafting. The cost of the recipe is two hundred gold. With the recipe, you will be able to craft one Nightshade from a total of 15 Deep Mushrooms.

How exactly does one acquire polymorph treant?

Casting the Polymorph Treant Spell on oneself will grant you access to this Polymorph. It has a remote possibility of being Critical. The Conversation Topic is where you should post any hints, guides, or discussions pertaining to the stuff found on this wiki that is linked to Treant.

Where would I be able to locate the nightshade reagent?

The Krok artisan in Krokotopia will sell you the transmute nightshade crafting card for around 200 gold. You can purchase this card from them.

Where in Wizard101 can I find a good source of black pearls?

These creatures can also be discovered in the process of gathering Pearls in the waters and on the shores of Celestia, Crab Alley, Avalon, and Azteca respectively. Farming pink dandelions, which may be obtained in Kroc, is the most effective method for acquiring black pearls.

In Wizard101, what methods are available for mining ores?

Battling enemies to obtain reagents is a fairly long process. The basilica and atheneum in dragonspyre are the best sites to harvest ore, although that area is pretty busy. A location in Mirkholm Keep that is much less frequented is close to the spirit runner wolves or whatever else they are called.

How do you change reagents into different substances?

It is possible to “transmute” reagents into other reagents; all you need are the recipes and a card craft table to complete the process. Pay a visit to the recipe merchants in order to determine which one of them supplies the transmutation recipe that you require. It is my understanding that Toshio in MooShu sells the recipe that you require.

Where do I acquire flying squid ink?

Difficult Bosses Who Spill Flying Squid Ink

Collection of Creatures from the Airborne Jungle Caleban in Aeriel Rainforest Crusher in Aeriel Jungle Khan in Aeriel Jungle

Is it possible to purchase flying squid ink on Wizard101?

Just farming in Secret Tunnel and doing side quests in Empyrea, many of which award flying squid ink, is likely to yield the best results for you. You have the option of waiting until someone sells it at the market or the farm’s hidden tunnel.

Where would be the ideal location for a nightshade farm?

Nightshade cultivation in the Bastion region

When it comes to farming, Bastion is by far the most pleasant location in all of Shadowlands. There are a lot of foes that are neutral, but there aren’t that many dangerous zones. This is the location for you if you want to farm but yet feel like you have some part of your soul hanging out there.

How exactly does one acquire Ghost on Fire?

Re: Ghost Fire

You can purchase ghost fire from the reagent sellers on Mooshu or Dragonspyre, depending on the continent you’re currently on.