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Where to get bejeweled box re2?

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Leon can enter the Observation Room (1F) with the Club Key, and Claire’s Heart Key gets her into the Interrogation Room. You can cross between these rooms, though, so we’re lumping them together. Both characters will find the Bejeweled Box in the Observation Room.

Where is the bejeweled box in RE2?

How to open bejeweled box in RE2? Once you have the jewel, you can use it to open the bejeweled box. You’ll find it on the shelf in the Interrogation Room. Pick it up and combine it with the gem from your inventory.

Where is the red jewel box in Resident Evil 2?

Answer: You get the red jewel by first grabbing the book which can be found in the library’s lower level on the west side of the police station. Take this to the “Art Room” on the east side. Then, combine the ‘arm’ next to the statue in the Art Room, with the book, and you’ll be able to place it back on the statue.

What can you do with bejeweled box RE2?

You can access the Interrogation Room in two ways using the two unique keys in Leon and Claire’s playthroughs, the Club and Heart Key, respectively. Pick up the Bejeweled Box on the shelf and then combine the Red Jewel with it in your inventory. Inside you’ll find the S.T.A.R.S.

Where is the club key RE2?

The Club Key is only in Leon’s walkthrough (the Heart Key is exclusive to Claire’s). It is located in the Boiler Room, a safe/save room you access on your way to the Clock Tower — it’s just after the East Storage Room.


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Can Claire get the crank handle?

When you enter the room first a cutscene will start, and once the cutscene is over you should be able to find the crank sitting on the desk. As Claire though, you cannot find the square-handled crank.

Can Leon get the heart Key?

The Heart Key is NOT AVAILABLE in Leon’s campaign (he gets the Club Key instead), and you cannot access Heart Key-locked locations on the map unless they also have another door for Leon to enter. The Heart Key is only available in Claire’s playthrough. Search the Private Collection room for a Relief Portrait.

How do I get the USB dongle re2?

Location. This item is obtained by examining the back side of the S.T.A.R.S. Badge, it will turn the badge onto the USB. It can also be turned back into the badge.

How do you open the watchman’s room in re2?

When trying to leave the room, a zombie will go through the door used to get inside the room. More zombies will also now appear in the hallway. The shutter can be opened later on in the playthrough by picking up the Fuse (Break Room Hallway), which opens the way from this room to the B1 floor of the Police Station.

What is the red gem for in Resident Evil?

It’s beautifully cut and polished to a mirror-like surface. A perfectly cut gemstone shimmering a dark red. Use this in the small indentation in the Jewelry Box 2 to activate the puzzle to acquire the Broach.

How do you get the USB in Resident Evil 2?

Once you have the STARS Badge, examine the back of it to find a switch. When you press the switch, you’ll reveal the USB stick inside of the badge. Once you have the badge, you can head back up to the STARS Office and use the USB drive on the computer tower.

How do you get the stars badge in re2 Claire?

How to solve the Bejeweled Box puzzle
  1. Inside you’ll find some consumables, the Confiscation Report File (which gives you a Safe Code in the Waiting Room on 2F) and the Bejeweled Box.
  2. Combine it with the Red Jewel from the Art Room to open it, giving you the STARS Badge.

How do I get to the observation room in re2 Leon?

Specifically, you need to have defeated G-Birkin’s first form in the basement and reach the parking garage. Once you’re past the parking garage, you’ll be able to go back to the police station proper, which is where you can get the keys necessary to get into the Observation Room. For Leon, you need the Club Key.

Where is the Stars dongle?

weapon case located at the Underground Stairs (Lower). By examining the back side of it, the item will turn into the USB Dongle Key, which allows access to the Armory inside the S.T.A.R.S office.

What is the code for the Unicorn statue in Resident Evil 2?

When you’re inside the Lounge, simply interact with the Unicorn Statue and enter the code shown in the Officer’s Notebook. Unicorn Statue code: Fish, Scorpion, Jug.

How do you open the special weapon case in re2?

Players must to bring the S.T.A.R.S. Badge to the Special Weapons Case, retract the USB key by examining it in the inventory, and slot the badge into the case, at which point it will finally open.

What is tin storage box for re2?

This is used to open a police car in the Garage (examine the key in the garage and push the button to unlock the trunk of the police car in the southeast).

What is the well worn key for in re2?

Purpose. It’s only used to open the trunk of the police car with a 7439 license plate at the Parking Garage to obtain the JMB Hp3 handgun for Claire and the Gun Stock (Matilda) for Leon.

Can I discard well worn key?

You will only be able to discard a Key when you have used it fully and the game will let you know when that happens.

Which is harder Claire or Leon?

It’s harder at first because she has more weapons but they’re weaker and the ammo you find is split up between them. Once you find enough ammo it becomes much easier than Leon’s campaign though because she has a weapon for every situation.

Is Claire easier than Leon?

Specifically, when Claire’s health is in the “Caution” status, she’ll actually run faster than her default speed. On top of this, Claire is already naturally faster than Leon. Not just that, she controls a bit more fluidly, turning with more ease than Leon. In general, she’s a “smoother” character to play as.

Are the Claire and Leon stories the same?

Claire and Leon have pretty different experiences in Raccoon City, but they ultimately experience a similar story. … Leon’s story has a more criminal investigation feel to it, which fits with his background. Claire’s is more a story of family and protection. But both characters still start and end at the same place.