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Where to find spiegelmann in maplestory?

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  1. Nameless Town.
  2. Chu Chu Village.
  3. Lachelein Main Street.
  4. Grove of the Spirit Tree.
  5. Trueffet Square.
  6. Base Camp.

How to get to Ghost Park maplestory?

Players Lv. 125 and above can visit the Ghost Park from Korean Folk Town, or by traveling through the Dimensional Mirror. Once inside the park, you have 10 minutes to hunt as many creepy monsters as you can.

What is Ghost Park maplestory?

Ghost Park is a dungeon for players Level 125 and above (with monsters that scale from Level 125 – 145), located near Korean Folk Town.

How does Ghost Park work maplestory?

You basically just sit in a map for 10 minutes and kill monsters and get EXP. You can’t use potions (skills that use HP won’t use HP in the map) and you can only heal with the recovery runes that show up. You can add gimmicks/restrictions before you enter for extra EXP.

What is the best medal MapleStory?

Seven Day Monster Park Medal

The ultimate medal for MapleStory bossing due to its unique IED that is not available otherwise in the medal slot.

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How do you get to the ghost ship?

Entrance to the Ghost Ship

Only by obtaining the Ghost Ship Chart, hidden on Diamond Steppe Island, Link can enter it.