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Where is two guys named chris?

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The John Boy and Billy show originates at WRFX in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is syndicated nationally. This radio station is the broadcasting home of the 2 Guys Named Chris Program, which can be heard weekdays in the morning and evening. Chris Kelly, Chris Demm, “Biggie,” and Dave Aiken are the ones in charge of hosting the show at the moment.

What became of the two men whose names were Chris?

The morning program “Two Guys Called Chris” has been relocated by Dick Broadcasting to a different station inside the Greenville/New Bern/Jacksonville, North Carolina cluster.

Where can I find Rock 92? What is Christopher Kelly’s given name?

D.J. Chris Demm has been a member of “2 Guys Called Chris,” a radio duet that has been broadcasting on Rock 92 for the past 15 years. Even more impressive is the fact that Demm has worked at WKRR for the past quarter of a century. Many people in the town recognize Chris Demm’s voice from his role as one of the cut-ups featured in the drivetime show known as “2 Men Called Chris.”

What television station does the show “Two Men Named Chris” air on?

In the heart of downtown Greensboro, listeners may catch “Two Guys Named Chris” on WKRR (92.3 FM) weekdays from 5 a.m. to noon. This show is produced by Dick Broadcasting and contains not just Chris Kelly and Chris Demm, but also Deidre James and Dave Aiken, who is a meteorologist.

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