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Where Is The Boxer Now In 2022? What Happened To Prichard Colon,

Where Is The Boxer Now In 2022? What Happened To Prichard Colon,

Who Was Prichard Colon and What Happened to Him? What is the boxer’s current location in 2022? Listed below are all of the responses to your questions about the ambitious boxer!

Until 2015, Prichard Colon was a promising boxer who had amassed a record of 16-0 victories.

Unfortunately, his battle against Terrel Willaims in 2015 proved to be his last, as he was induced into a coma as a result of his injuries

A majority of people are familiar with him as the boxer who was disabled after being struck with illegal shots.

A lot has been said about this battle and its aftermath since it caused a lot of heartbreak among those who saw it.

Since the event, his opponent, Williams, has emerged as one of the most despised figures in the country, and he has avoided making public appearances in recent years.

Who Was Prichard Colon and What Happened to Him?

On October 17, 2015, Prichard Colon was subjected to a barrage of blows during his battle against Terrel Williams.

In the following days, Colon was diagnosed with brain haemorrhage, which caused him to become unconscious for 221 days and remain unconscious for the rest of his life.

Colon has been in a chronic vegetative state since April 2017, when he was first diagnosed.

On his mother’s Facebook page, he can be seen getting physical treatment and responding to spoken directions on a regular basis.

Colon is learning how to operate and interact with a computer, which marks the beginning of a new period in his life.

The former professional boxing champion’s medical situation has touched the hearts of everyone on the internet, who are pleased to see that he is making improvement.

What is Prichard Colon’s current location in 2022?

Prichard Colon is presently recuperating at his mother’s home in the Florida city of Orlando.

He is now under the care of his mother and relatives, who are assisting him in returning to a regular lifestyle.

His mother’s Facebook page, Niéves Colón, provides regular updates on the Colon family’s daily activities.

Meanwhile, since the event, the former honorary WBC World Champion’s Facebook page has been offline, according to the site.

Because of the occurrence, Colon has been recognised for his services to the professional boxing game with various awards and honours.

Mauricio Sulaiman, the president of the World Boxing Council, declared Colon the WBC champion for life.

Colon has made significant improvement as a result of this kind gift, and he is making every effort to engage with his well-wishers.

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