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Where Is Sophia Nur? #SurvivingSophia Is Trending – Scam Explained


Where Is Sophia Nur? #SurvivingSophia Is Trending - Scam Explained

As a result of individuals realising that the same person has deceived them, Sophia Nur, a scammer, is becoming increasingly popular on the internet. What happened to Sophia Nur? Let’s have a look.

Sophia Nur has been accused of being a con artist.

The young woman is suspected of having cheated on a number of influential people and celebrities who were part of popular Los Angeles social circles.

More to the point, she is accused of preying on people by pretending to be a victim with a tragic narrative and borrowing money from them before leaving and moving on to her next victim.


People on Twitter began to relate their horrifying experiences of being duped by Sophia, and Sophia swiftly gained widespread attention.


Sophia is currently trending in the United States following the theft of $11 million from Los Angeles’ influencers by Sophia Nur. pic.twitter.com/Q1PDzF21jG

On November 19th, 2021, Drama For The Girls (@dramaforthegirl) tweeted:

What Happened to Sophia Nur? The hashtag #SurvivingSophia is now trending.

During the night of November 18, 2021, when many people discovered that they had been cheated on by the same person, the hashtag SurvivingSophia took over the social media platform Twitter.

She is said to have posted a victim with a tragic storey on social media and then borrowed money from everyone before fleeing and locating a new victim to attack.

Because of Sophia Nur’s storey, a meme frenzy erupted on social media, with many users trolling the influencers for not thinking things through before throwing out such large sums of money, especially considering that they all hung out in the same social circle.

Sophia Nur: The Scam is Clearly Stated

Sophia was able to steal $11 million by slipping into hotel rooms and lunches in the popular Los Angeles social circle, according to police.

It was on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where they encountered Sophiа, that they struck up a casual conversation about their shared experience of becoming Somаli, according to the unnamed victim.

Sophiа, on the other hand, later claimed that she had been abandoned by her friends and that she had been stranded there with no way to get home. As a gesture of sympathy, the user made a generous donation of over $1000 to assist her in paying for her trip ticket.

More importantly, she later scammed them out of an additional $4000 by pretending to be borrowing money to pay for her mother’s funeral.

Okay, so I just received a direct message from someone who want to stay anonymous, so she lied and claimed her mother had died in order to defraud her of over $4000 dollars. The sickest person on the planet is Sophia Nur (https://twitter.com/xhRAPB4Yoy). #survivingsophia

On November 19, 2021, H (@callmehannan) tweeted:

Sophia Nur’s age and ethnicity are listed below.

Sophia Nur appears to be between the ages of 25 and 30 years old, according to her appearance.

Her specific birthplace, on the other hand, has yet to be revealed.

She is of Black ethnicity and is a Canadian person with Canadian citizenship.

Sophia Nur’s Wikipedia Page Has Been Examined

Unfortunately, there is no information about Sophia Nur in Wikipedia.

Sophia, on the other hand, is the subject of rumours articles made about her on the internet, where a little biography of her is available.

Initially, she appears to be a deceived lady who continues to plunder people despite her terrible situation.

Furthermore, she continues to move from place to place in order to camouflage people.

People have been criticising her for her conduct on the internet in recent weeks.

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