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Where is kelly linehan from ctv?

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Kelly Linehan’s employment at CP24 came to an end in July of 2020. In 2018, Kelly Linehan became a member of the CP24 team both as an anchor and a reporter. The following year, she became a member of the CP24 Morning Weekend team both as an anchor and a reporter. Since she was seven years old, Kelly has harbored the ambition of having a career in broadcast journalism.

Who just stepped out of CP24?

Steve Anthony has provided notice that he would be leaving CP24 | CP24.com.

Who was it in 2020 that departed CP24?

After the departures of Kelly Linehan and Brandon Gonez from CP24 in 2020, Kayla Williams was the sole host of Weekend Edition for the remainder of its run, which was until February 2021.

Who is Jackie Crandall’s husband, if anyone?

Crandles enjoys a number of hobbies in her leisure time, including running, reading, and going camping. Her loved ones, including her spouse Jamie, her friends, and her community are the most important things in her life.

Is Mika midolo gone from CP24?

The diagnosis was given to Midolo in May, and he has not been on the show since June. She claimed that she is doing well, that she is undergoing chemotherapy treatments, and that she is working with the most qualified oncology staff at Markham Stouffville Hospital.

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Who is Patricia Jaggernauth and where can I find her?

Patricia Jaggernauth works for CP24 in Toronto as a Weather Expert and Remote Reporter. CP24 covers breaking news in Toronto. Due to the fact that…

Did Pooja Handa leave CP24?

On Friday, during Pooja’s last performance, the news of her leaving was shared with the audience. There was very little fanfare, no farewell tour, and the bio that was previously published on the CP24.com website has already been removed. Pooja has informed me that she would be departing to pursue a different opportunity, and I can vouch that this is the case. You should not be surprised if you see her shortly on one of the competing stations.

Where can I find Courtney Heels at this hour?

She has recently relocated to Toronto, and in her spare time she enjoys discovering the city’s various neighborhoods, farmer’s markets, libraries, and parks.

Who knows what became of Ann Rohmer?

She carried on as the host of the shows Animal House Calls and Hot Property. After 35 years in the broadcasting industry and 17 years at CP24, Rohmer made the announcement that she will be retiring in November 2015. Since then, she has come out of retirement and is once again working as an anchor for CP24.

Does CP24 still have Jamie on it?

Throughout the week, Jamie Gutfreund can be seen on CP24 serving as a News Anchor, Reporter, and Weather Specialist…. Gutfreund was given the role of co-host of CP24 BREAKFAST WEEKEND in the year 2014. A recent announcement confirmed that Gutfreund is the recipient of both the National and Regional awards for Best in Journalism in the 2016 Noteworthy Awards.

Is it true that Nathan Downer still works for CTV?

Co-anchoring two of the local newscasts on CTV in Toronto that receive the highest viewers are Nathan Downer’s responsibilities: CTV News at Noon and CTV News at Six. Previously, Downer worked as a reporter and anchor for CP24. He also anchored the show “LIVE AT FIVE” on CTV Toronto. Downer is a veteran broadcaster who has worked in both radio and television.

Is Pooja Handa still married?

Relationship status of Pooja Handa (with the names of her boyfriend and husband)

In 2008, she began her career in broadcasting, first as an anchor and later as a reporter…. She is reportedly married, and her husband’s name is Paul Pathak, according to reports on social media platforms. They tied the knot on May 26, 2013, and are now married.

Who is the girl that just started working at CP24?

Mika Midolo is the Traffic and Transportation Specialist for CP24 BREAKFAST. In this role, she assists commuters in the Greater Toronto Area in navigating the morning commute and beating delays by providing accurate and regular updates. In addition to that, she is a weather expert on CP24 throughout the weekdays.

Is CP24’s Chris Potter already settled down with a wife?

Chris and his wife Karen have put their domestic life and the upbringing of their four children, all of whom are now adults, at the forefront of their priorities.

Is it true that Cam Woolley quit CP24?

Cam Wooley left CP24 in April of 2021 to pursue retirement. Cam Woolley, who is now the CP24 BREAKFAST Traffic and Safety Expert, served in the Ontario Provincial Police for 30 years before retiring as a Sergeant in the Highway Safety Division in September 2008, just before he started working for CP24.

What prompted Steve Anthony to call it quits?

The next year, he resigned in order to begin working for MuchMusic. Before the radio station 99.9 Mix FM in Toronto switched over to the Virgin Radio format in August of 2008, Anthony hosted the weekday afternoon show on that station…. Anthony made the announcement that he would be leaving CP24 on March 29, 2018, so that he could pursue initiatives that were not related to broadcasting.

Who is going to leave the morning television show?

Roger Petersen gave notice in July 2020 that he would be leaving his position at BT.

Where exactly is Pooja Handa employed at the moment?

Pooja Handa is a broadcaster who has won numerous awards and who co-hosts the morning show CP 24 Breakfast, which is rated as the best in Toronto. In addition to that, you can catch her on CTV’s The Social and the Marilyn Dennis show on a consistent basis. She joined us on Instagram Live during #MentalHealthWeek to talk about some of her own experiences with mental health and share them with our audience.

Does Arda Zakarian still work at CP24?

Arda Zakarian is a reporter for CP24, and she has a strong interest in telling the kinds of stories that are significant to the people of Toronto. Since she started working for CP24 in 2014, she has covered a wide variety of topics, including breaking news, sports, festivals, crime, and politics.

What does Jani Frisku do?

Jani Frisku – President – PJ11 Entertainment LTD. LinkedIn.

Where is George Lagogianes now, and what became of him?

Television personality George Lagionisis is currently working as a reporter and anchor for the Canadian news channel CP24. When they altered the format of the show and moved it to its current time slot of 5:30 p.m., Lagogianes presided over Live at 5. Before those changes, the show’s original start time was 5 p.m. He served as the host of the weeknight newscast. In addition to that, he formerly hosted the show “AutoShop.”