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Where is ivanovich genshin impact?

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Ivanovich is a non-playable character who can be found in Liyue Harbor. His Russian name is Ivanovic Ivanovich. You can find him in the general vicinity of the docks’ left side. He is a Snezhnayan merchant that works out of the Liyue location.

How do I convince Ivanovich?

During your conversation with Ivanovich, it will be necessary for you to persuade him that making jewelry out of meteorites is not a good idea. Your friendship with him may suffer if you choose to respond in an inappropriate manner, but it will strengthen if you choose to say the right things.

Where might one find the clerk Zhao?

An NPC named Clerk Zhao may be found at Liyue Harbor. During the day, you may find her in Feiyun Slope, where she is having a conversation with Big-Footed Dajiao. She can be found at night on the upper floor of the Xinyue Kiosk, which is located across the street from the Northland Bank.

Where is the clerk Zhao who is responsible for the appropriate procedures?

During the hours of 6:00 and 18:00, Clerk Zhao can be spotted hanging around close to the bulletin board.

Where in Genshin impact can I find the character Jiayi?

Jiayi is a person who belongs to the Millelith. On the Feiyun Slope of Liyue Harbor, directly in front of the Ministry of Civil Affairs is where you will find him.

Ivanovich’s Required Steps and Genshin’s Effect on the Situation

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What am I supposed to do with the prize that has no name in Genshin impact?

Linlang, who is located to the left of the Jewellery store, is the person to whom you can sell the Nameless Treasures. It is important that you go there when it is nighttime because Linlang is not there during the day. You will receive Primogems and Mora from Linlang, and your mission to find the Nameless Treasure is now finished!

How do I begin the appropriate actions to mitigate the impact of Genshin?

  1. Speak to Ivanovich.
  2. Make a note of the bulletin that contains information on business permits.
  3. Speak to Ivanovich.
  4. Please provide the necessary paperwork over to Anxious An.
  5. Please hand over to Jiayi the necessary documentation.
  6. Please hand out the relevant paperwork to Clerk Zhao.
  7. Please provide Ivanovich an update.

How do I apply for an impact permit to use Genshin?

Talk to the guard stationed at the entrance to the Tenryou Commission by going there. Located near the Bridge, Kujou Kamaji can be found. To pick up the gift, you need to go to the Kiminamin Restaurant. Following that, Kujou Kamaji will hand you the permit to you together with his gifts to Chisato.

In Genshin impact, how do I go about getting a travel permit?

The Chisato’s Letter contains a Quest Item that may be gained called a Travel Permit.

Where exactly is the impact of the Northland Bank Genshin?

Location. There is a branch of the Northland Bank at Liyue Harbor, which is located in Liyue. It is a Snezhnayan bank. Inside the bank, there is a room accessible by the stairs on the right that leads to the back, where there is a valuable chest containing 200,000 Mora.

What do you tell someone who is anxious about the Genshin impact?

  • Anxious A: The most important reports should be completed first. I am able to lend a hand. The next time, give your work a higher priority.
  • Jiangzhou: It is impossible to reach perfection. There is no reason to alter your strategy in any way. Examine the strategy from the previous year for inspiration…

What are the steps to take to unlock the will of stone Genshin impact?

To begin the quest, speak to Jiayi while you are at Liyue Harbor.
  1. Visit the Qingce Village and speak with Grandmother Ruoxin.
  2. Locate Little Liu. …
  3. Defeat all foes. …
  4. Get back up to speed with Little Liu. …
  5. Defeat all foes. …
  6. Speak to Little Liu.
  7. It is completely up to you, however you should go back to Qingce Village and talk to Little Liu once more. …
  8. Please provide Jiayi an update.

How exactly does one go about discovering the secret of Nantianmen?

After completing the A New Star Approaching Archon Quest, you will be able to obtain access to the Secret of Natianmen. Have a conversation with Jiayi at the Liyue Harbor.

Where can I locate Ivanovich at this time?

Ivanovich (Russian: Иванович Ivanovich) is an NPC in Liyue Harbor. You can find him in the general vicinity of the docks’ left side.

How can you begin the process of reconciling unreconciled Star events?

You can begin the event quests by going to the Unreconciled Stars event menu and choosing Meteoric Wave from the list of available options. At that location, you will be able to select one of the available quests, add it to your Quest Log, and then begin the associated quest.

How does one go about obtaining a travel permit?

The following steps need to be accomplished in order to apply for a travel permit: Have your passport or residence certificate reviewed. Please provide documentation to support the reasons for your travel. Complete a travel application and submit it.

How do you get about once you’re inside Inazuma?

After accessing the quest menu, select the Archon Quest titled “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.” Afterwards, travel to Liyue’s Adventurer’s Guild and speak with Katheryine there. The readiness of the Crux Fleet to embark on its journey to Inazuma will be communicated by a member of the crew from Beidou’s Crux Fleet.

How can I obtain the Chisato’s Letter quest?

In Inazuma, obtaining Chisato’s Letter is required to complete a Global Quest. You are able to acquire it by completing the Ritou Escape Plot.

Where can one find the nervous Genshin?

An NPC named Nervous An may be found at Liyue Harbor. You can find him wandering around the northern docks, going from one location to another. In current usage, he is employed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Should I sell my nameless treasure and get the Genshin impact instead?

There are three Nameless Treasures hidden across the Liyue region, and there is no prescribed path to follow in order to locate them. The only other option for making use of the Nameless Treasures is to sell them to a Liyue merchant of your choosing. Lingju Pass, Qingxu Pool, and Dunyu Ruins are the three locations where you can look for the Nameless Treasures.

How do I make a trade with the impact of Genshin?

Because there is no mechanism for players to engage in commerce with one another, there is no in-game market in Genshin Impact. All transactions involving buying and selling take place with a participant NPC rather than with other players.

In the game Genshin Impact, what should you do with the princess box?

Unlocking the gate to the Secret Room requires the usage of all three of the boxes: the Priest’s Box, the Scribe’s Box, and the Princess’ Box. Once the gate has been opened, all three of the boxes will be removed from your inventory.

How exactly does one go about solving the mystery of Tianqiu Valley?

First, light all of the torches that are the farthest left, then all of those that are the farthest right, and finally all of those that are the farthest back. After that, you should light each of the torches that are closest to the front of the area. Once all of the candles have been lit, you can open the treasure chest. The torches should be lit in a clockwise direction.