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Where is groundbreaker weapon?

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Detailed instructions on where to look for the Prismatic Hammer on the Groundbreaker. Returning to Customs is the first step in your investigation into the whereabouts of the Scientific Weapon that was stashed on the Groundbreaker. Therefore, rather of leaving through Customs, turn to the right and enter the rest area through the door that is directly in front of you. Go through this door, which is located in close proximity to Customs.

Who is breaking new ground in the universe’s more distant worlds?

Inside the Back Bays, within a room on a higher floor that features a garden. At the Engineering department, close to where Junlei Tennyson is working.

Where exactly are the hints to be found in the game Weapons from the Void?

When you buy the Hephaestus Mining – Archive Cartridge from Gladys Culkelly on the Groundbreaker, you will receive a piece of information that will lead you to the location of the Mandibular Rearranger. Following the completion of the purchase, a fresh terminal entry will be made accessible in the captain’s quarters of the Unreliable. After reading it, you will know exactly where the weapon is hidden.

Where might I be able to get a prismatic hammer?

The Prismatic Hammer is a two-handed melee weapon that can be found on the Groundbreaker in Weapons From the Void. It may only be used against enemies that are close to the player. To acquire this weapon, you need merely to have finished the side quest “Stranger in a Strange Place.”

How can you retrieve the scientific weapon from the derelict laboratory?

Weapons Obtained From the Void // Get the Scientific Weapon from the Deserted Laboratory. Follow the Monarch to Duncan, who is located in the Fallbrook Dry Goods and Supplies. The SubLight datapad that he sells you will direct you to a laboratory in Cascadia that has been abandoned.

The Position of the Groundbreaker Weapon in the Outer Worlds

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What are the steps I need to take to acquire the science weapon on Monarch?

During the Mistakes Unseen side quest on Monarch, you will have the opportunity to find this weapon. Located to the southwest of Stellar Bay, the UDL Lab needs to have the marauders cleared away. You can either hack the terminal or answer the three security questions to gain access to the gun by using the terminal that is located on the left side of the main area.

How effective are the scientific weapons?

In The Outer Worlds, there are five different science weapons, and they all require energy ammo in order to function. The special properties of these weapons reduce the amount of damage they cause, but who cares when you’re shrinking robots? One of the most effective builds in The Outer Worlds is one that utilizes science weaponry.

How do you obtain weapons from Scylla?

Obtain the Scientific Weapon from Scylla in order to use the Weapons from the Void ability. Gladys on Groundbreaker sells the Hephaestus Mining – Archive Cartridge, which can be inspected on the terminal in your quarters after it has been purchased from her. Go to Scylla, and from there, follow the arrow pointing to the east on your map. This baton is located in a structure that is located close to the Abandoned Mining Outpost.

Should I give Parvati the hammer with the prismatic face?

1 Prismatic Hammer Because it is widely regarded as one of the most effective weapons in the game, the player character may be tempted to hoard the Prismatic Hammer for themselves. Parvati, on the other hand, is an fantastic pick for a buddy to hold onto it for the player if they don’t utilize two-handed weapons.

What will happen if Phineas Welles is reported missing?

You will make your way to Byzantium, which is Halcyon’s capital city, and begin working for and with the many corporations there. If you turn him in, rather than working to challenge the established order or improve people’s lives, you will be taking a side with the mega-corporations and helping to preserve the status quo.

How does Felix fare in the outer worlds?

Felix is able to assist you with skill checks including persuasion, lockpicking, and sneaking. He is also very skilled with melee weapons, especially the equipment used for Tossball (because he is such a big enthusiast of the sport).

Where can I find the keycard for the UDL weapons terminal?

On the second level of the UDL Lab, there is a desk where the keycard can be found.

Where exactly can I find my trailblazer ID?

Place(s) You can find one of them on a crate that is located close to the main entrance to Groundbreaker security. On the Groundbreaker’s security contraband hold, there is a shelf with two of these items on it. At The Lost Hope, there is one of them sitting on the bar. You’ll find one on a cart that’s parked right next to the entrance labeled “Restricted Entry” in the Medical Bay.

Where can I get a keycard for a rest n’ go?

The Location and Purchase of Rest-n-Go Keycards
  • It can be stolen from Milo Ottinger at Rest-n-Go by using pickpocketing.
  • In the back area of the Spacer’s Choice merchant, underneath a shipping container on the ground.
  • In the chamber at the very rear of the Trash Disposal, the one that has the hole in the middle of it.

Where do we find the first pioneer in the outer worlds?

In the video game The Outer Worlds, the Halcyon Colony features a spaceship known as the Groundbreaker. … In the video game The Outer Worlds, the Halcyon Colony features a spaceship known as the Groundbreaker. Discover everything there is to know about Groundbreaker’s regions and locations, as well as the quests that can be found in each one!

Can you tell me about the groundbreaker’s scientific weaponry?

The Prismatic Hammer is the science weapon used on Groundbreaker.

On the distant planets, what sorts of weapons should I equip my buddies with?

[Top 5] The Most Useful Companion Weapons in the Outside World, and How to Get Them
  • What is it about the shrink ray that makes it so cool?
  • Statistics for the Shrink Ray
  • A Guide to Obtaining Shrink Ray:
  • 4.Gloop Gun.
  • What is it about the Gloop Gun that makes it so awesome?
  • Gloop Gun Stats:
  • Instructions on how to obtain the Gloop gun:
  • Anti-Manti Ray.

Which weapon is the most effective on the outer worlds?

The Finest Arms to Be Found in the Outer Worlds
  • Assault Rifle Ultra. Since they have a good range, a good rate of fire, and a quick reload speed, assault rifles are among the most useful weapons in Outer Worlds. …
  • The Phorce of Phin …
  • Shock Cannon Ultra. …
  • The Flintlock of Irion. …
  • Dinner Time.

How exactly does one go about acquiring a mandibular rearranger?

The weapon known as the Mandibular Rearranger can be found in the structure that is situated in close proximity to the deserted mining outpost that you will come across on your journeys across the Outer Worlds. This particular piece of scientific hardware inflicts bodily harm on its targets. One of the distinctive features of the weapon is its capability to retard the movement of foes that are struck by it.

Where do I find the key to the locked laboratory in Cascadia?

Cascadia’s Abandoned Lab on Monarch is where you’ll find the Mind Control Ray. This is the final science weapon you’ll need to acquire. During the side mission known as “Space-Crime Continuum,” which will bring you to this laboratory. Go to the lower level of the laboratory and look for a sign that says “Leave.” Behind that sign you will see a ladder.

How can I acquire the science weapon that is located in Rizzo’s?

To acquire the Mind Control Ray Scientific Weapon, you need to head over to Cascadia and inside Rizzo Secret Laboratory. To gain entrance to the laboratory, you must first complete the Space-Crime Continuum quest. Once you are inside the laboratory, proceed to the very far end of the facility, where an elevator leading to the surface should be waiting for you.

Which scientific tool is the most effective?

1 Prismatic Hammer The Prismatic Hammer is without a doubt the best Scientific Weapon in The Outer Worlds, and it is also the best melee weapon in the entire game. It is also one of the most powerful weapons in the game overall.

How effective is the shrink ray?

Due to the fact that it can shrink individuals, this shrink ray is not the most powerful weapon in the game; nonetheless, the designers never meant for it to be considered an overpowering weapon for the simple reason that it can do so. Despite this, the gun already has some fairly strong stats and has the potential to be enhanced in the future, making it that much more helpful as the story of the game unfolds.

What kind of employee benefits does outer world offer?

In The Outer Worlds, a Scientific Weapon known as Employee Benefits can be found. … Employee Perks Offered by Auntie Cleo This weapon gradually restores health to anyone is hit by its beam. The amount of health restored is proportional to the wielder’s level in Science.