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Where is erik’s cards in summertime saga?

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Come back to Erik’s residence in the evening, and give the card to him in his bedroom when you get there. After handing you a card as a reward, he will leave you alone so that you can get some rest at home. If you go back to Erik’s house the following evening, you’ll find that he’s not in his room but rather in the basement.

Where can I find Erik’s book entitled summertime?

You should start by going to Erik’s house and asking him about the Library book; he won’t be able to tell you where it is, so you’ll have to look through his room. Choose the bed so that you can search under it for the book; if this doesn’t work, go to sleep for a while and try again in the morning.

In the narrative of the summertime, where is the golden key?

In the end, you’re going to need the Golden Key. After you recover the stolen goods that the thief took, you will receive this reward. Either Mrs. Johnson’s route or Mia’s route will teach you about the loot, and you can find it on one of those routes.

How do you begin telling a summertime story in June?

The following day, travel to the mall and, on that day, go to the comic shop to get the Orcette Queen dress for the price of 0. You should bring it to school and give it to June in the computer room. She will then tell you that she wants to make sure it looks okay before the convention, so she is going to come over and try it on in front of you tonight.

How can I convince Diane to talk about how much milk she produces?

Veronica may be found at Consum-R, so go there and talk to her. She mentions that pregnant cows make more milk, but suggests that those interested in further information visit a local library. Pick up a gallon milk jug while you’re in that area. Go to the library and inquire about breeding cows with Jane, the librarian there. She will be able to provide you with more information.

Summertime Saga Erik’s cards

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How do you kiss Debbie?

You will need to have your charisma at its maximum level in order for this to function. Go to the kitchen and ask Debbie to teach you how to kiss. If you are successful, she will show you some different ways to kiss, and you are free to come back and continue this activity whenever you choose in the future.

How do I go about visiting MIA? In summertime saga?

Proceed with Mia’s tattoo the following day by going to art class and picking out an easel to work at. After you have chosen the butterfly, proceed to Mia’s science class to present her. She adores it and plans to see you at the tattoo parlor some time during the day on Saturday. Mia will tell Grace at the parlor that she is interested in getting a tattoo done and will explain her situation.

In the game Summertime Saga, how do you get access to the basketball court?

A basketball court may be found directly behind the school. Unlock Requirement: Will unlock on Day 1 of the game’s release.

How exactly does one go about obtaining the master key during the summertime?

In order to obtain the Master Key, you will need to go to Mrs. Smith’s office, which is located on the third level of the school during the afternoon. In most cases, she will not be in the office, and you will be able to retrieve the key from her desk.

Where exactly is Eve’s Artpad located?

Throughout the afternoon, you may find Eve in the hallway leading to the Auditorium. If you speak to her, she will tell you that she lost her bag at the park and that it should have her pad in it. Go in your car and drive to the park; her bag will be sitting beside the right bench there.

How do you maintain your dexterity while the weather is hot?

Ways to Improve Your Dexterity If you want to increase your dexterity, you can play a mini-game at the gym by choosing the old man and the punching bag. However, before you can play the game, you will have to fulfill a request for the old man. Once the mini-game has been unlocked, you can complete it by pressing the keys in the appropriate order. This will allow you to advance in level.

Can you please provide me with the Pink Channel subscriber number as well as the password?

Hence, you should stealthily enter Jenny’s room, log into her computer, and check her email. The one from the Pink Channel is the one with her login information.

What am I doing wrong with my summers flute?

You can get the stick if you go to the Hill at the very top of the map and then take it from the bottom left corner of the screen. After that, proceed to your garage, where you will find the drill stored on a shelf, and then click on the workbench to begin making the flute.

How do you propose to compete with Dexter at basketball?

In order to win against Dexter, you will need to put all three balls into the basket at the same time. You should aim for the lighter line near the top of the board, which corresponds to an angle of around 15 degrees. Play Dexter at his own game to find out what kind of gear he’s using, and then watch as the man is completely embarrassed in front of his peers.

How exactly do you go about obtaining Mrs. Smith’s DNA?

Go to Mrs. Smith’s office and have a conversation with Annie about Mrs. Smith’s DNA. Speak to her once more to divert her attention, and then enter the room to retrieve a tissue from the garbage can that is located inside. Ask the employee at ConsumR in the mall about vegetable stock after you have made your way there to purchase some.

How do I acquire my Erik card?

Come back to Erik’s residence in the evening, and give the card to him in his bedroom when you get there. After handing you a card as a reward, he will leave you alone so that you can get some rest at home. If you go back to Erik’s house the following evening, you’ll find that he’s not in his room but rather in the basement.

What are the steps to unlocking the church in STS?

You are going to tell her that you do not (it’s locked, Helen; quit being such a pain in the ass), and then she is going to recommend that you leave the building. Upon the occurrence of this event in Summertime Saga, the church will become unlocked, and from this point forward, you will be able to make your way inside.

Who is June in the heat of the summer?

Summertime Saga June is a student at the school attended by the main character. She is a stunning young lady with brown hair that falls to her shoulders, blue eyes, and a tiny surplus of weight. Her everyday wardrobe comprises of black, brown, and purple slacks, as well as brown shoes. She also has earphones in addition to her enormous square glasses.

How can one get forward in the summertime saga of the gym class?

Gym Class. Even while the gym appears on your report card, there is currently no way for you to advance the plot in any way with this subject. You will not be able to pass the gym test and improve your grade at this time, regardless of how high your character’s numbers are.

How do you go about catching fish in the heat of summer?

Part 1
  1. Cast your line into the hole slightly to the left of the screen’s middle using the Golden Lure, and wait for anything to happen…
  2. Follow these directions to find your way out of the maze: up, up, left, left, up, right, then up…
  3. You will be relieved to know that you can now use the golden lure to try to catch the devilfish.

Can you tell me about the pink channel?

Pink TV is an adult-oriented television network that broadcasts only pornographic programming to its audience. Pink TV was established in the year 1998 and has its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Both a subscription-based website on the internet and a “hidden” channel on Roku make Pink TV now accessible to users.

How can you get through the Summertime Saga level with cheats?

Android Cheats for the Summertime Saga Game

You may get rid of the text field by pressing the Back button on your Android device a few times. Simply select the black icon that is located to the top right of the page, near to the button that says “leave.” You are now able to enter in your commands as the console has been opened. After everything has been finished, type “exit” to close the console screen.

Where can I obtain a copy of the Dexter magazine?

Where can I discover periodicals that are appropriate for the summer?
  1. Locate the first stack of papers in the teacher’s lounge on the second floor of the school by having a conversation with Miss Dewitt and demonstrating an intellectual level that is sufficient to answer her inquiry.
  2. You’ll have a chance to go to the basketball courts the second you do, but you’ll need to be dexterous enough to avoid being caught by Dexter.