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Where is eft gc number?

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You can look it up in the information of your ticket. The guard certificate (GC) number, amount, and date, as well as the excess fare ticket (EFT), were both issued by the travelticket examiner.

What exactly is GC EFT?

Excess fare charged by TTE TDR must be filed within 72 hours of the real arrival of the train at the passenger’s destination, and the original certificate (GC/EFT) must be mailed to IRCTC. This must be done within 72 hours of the actual arrival of the train at the passenger’s destination.

What exactly does EFT stand for on a train ticket?

To be eligible for a refund, you are need to have the original copy of your excess fare ticket (EFT), which was issued by the TTE. In the event that an incorrect amount was charged by the TTE, the chief commercial manager in charge of refunds shall issue a complete refund. To be eligible for a refund, you are need to have the original copy of your excess fare ticket (EFT), which was issued by the TTE.

What does the future hold for GC?

Guard Certificate (GC), which is given out by the TTE at the time of the voyage – Railways Frequently Asked Questions – Railway Inquiry.

How do I get a refund for my IRCTC ticket if I did not use it?

If the ticket is not cancelled or a TDR is not filed online, the traveller will not be entitled to a refund of the fare paid for the ticket even if they have not used the ticket to travel. In the event that your Tatkal ticket is confirmed, there will be no refund given. Nonetheless, the Railways do grant refunds in certain circumstances; however, the customer is required to register their complaint through the IRCTC website.

How do I make a TDR claim for train tickets that were booked through IRTCTC? Train running more than three hours behind schedule TDR ?

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Where can I find the EFT GC number?

The guard certificate (GC) number, amount, and date, as well as the excess fare ticket (EFT), were both issued by the travelticket examiner.

What are the consequences if the ticket is not confirmed?

You are permitted to reserve a wait-listed ticket on Indian Railways trains under the new regulation for booking railway tickets. This rule applies in the event that you are unable to obtain a confirmed ticket. Hence, in the event that other passengers cancel their train tickets, your wait-listed ticket may be able to secure you a confirmed berth.

Is it possible for passengers who are waitlisted to ride the train?

As a result of the Covid-19 policy, Railways is only allowing passengers who have confirmed tickets to travel, and passengers who are on the wait list are not permitted to enter the station. After all of the seats on the parent train are occupied, the clone train will take over and continue along the same path.

What are the procedures for getting a refund if I miss my train?

You can request a refund from the railways by submitting a TDR (ticket deposit receipt) in accordance with the rules that are currently in place, providing reasons for why you did not travel. You are unable to return your ticket because the chart has already been generated; the only option available to you is to file a TDR within the first hour after the train has left the charting stop.

Is Lner Grand Central?

Grand Central provides services from the North East and West Yorkshire that many passengers rely on. … Also, the LNER intends to begin operating trains in order to take the position of certain Grand Central services.

When is the next EFT scheduled?

EFT issue/payment date – When you receive your payments through EFT, the payment date that is listed in your ERA will match the date that is listed on your EFT addenda, and it will reflect the actual date that the funds will be available in your bank account. When you receive your payments through EFT, the payment date that is listed in your ERA will match the date that is listed on your EFT addenda.

Can I get a refund for a ticket that has already been purchased?

Only up to four hours before the train is scheduled to depart will a refund be issued for a confirmed ticket… If a RAC, waitlisted ticket, or partially confirmed ticket is cancelled and presented for a refund, the fare will be refunded minus a clerkage charge up to thirty minutes before the train is scheduled to depart.

Is it possible to submit a TDR for Tatkal tickets?

You have until midnight of the day before the train’s scheduled departure from the origin station to reserve tickets for the tatkal service. Individuals who have a train ticket but do not use it and want to get their money back can submit a Ticket Deposit Receipt in order to do so.

How many days does it take for IRCTC to process a refund?

In most cases, the IRCTC refund is processed within five to seven business days after the claim has been submitted. In the event that a ticket must be canceled, the IRCTC will charge you certain fees.

Where exactly can I find the TDR option in IRCTC?

First things first, head on over to your IRCTC account and select Booked Ticket History from the menu. There, a person can obtain a list of tickets for which the departure date has already passed. The next step is to choose the PNR that the TDR will be filed for and then click the “File TDR” button.

I have a ticket for this train, but I also want to catch another train.

No, you are unable to use this ticket on any other train because the reserved seat on the train that you missed was not recorded on any other train’s manifest. Hence, in the end, you will need to purchase an unreserved ticket and continue with your journey.

If I need to cancel my train ticket, will I be entitled to a full refund?

If you have a train ticket that has been reserved for you, you have the right to claim a full or partial refund of the amount that you paid for the ticket at the time that the reservation was made if you cancel the reservation. The procedure for requesting a refund varies depending on whether the ticket was purchased at a counter or through IRCTC.

Do you have an E ticket for the waiting list?

If at all possible, you should avoid taking trains that require waiting list tickets… If you have an e-ticket for a seat that is sold out and there is a queue, please do not board the train under any circumstances. During the process of chart preparation, it is automatically canceled, and the person is considered to be traveling without a ticket when this occurs.

Will the ticket I purchased for the waitlist be refunded?

In the event of wait-listed electronic tickets for which all passengers are placed on a waiting list even after the preparation of a reservation chart, the names of all such passengers who were booked on that Passenger Name Record (PNR) will be removed from the reservation chart, and a refund of the full fare will be credited back to the account from which the booking was made.

Will the confirmation of WL 50 occur?

We have just recently implemented a brand new tool that will provide you with information regarding the likelihood of receiving confirmation for a waitlisted ticket. I have a ticket with PNR status WL 50, and the current status of that ticket is “confirmed;” but, I am unable to locate the number of the seat that I reserved anywhere. Is there a confirmation for my ticket? Your ticket has been confirmed, that is correct.

In the event that my ticket is not confirmed, how much of a refund will I receive?

After the completion of the chart preparation process, if your ticket is still entirely waitlisted, it will be automatically canceled, and your money will be reimbursed into the account that was used during the booking process. MakeMyTrip is offering new users a discount of 50 on their very first booking of rail tickets. My train got cancelled.

How many tickets for WL have been confirmed?

For instance, if the status reads GNWL 4 / WL 3, this indicates that you are on a waiting list of three people (the latter number), and the only way that your ticket would be confirmed is if the three people who purchased before you for the same travel decide to cancel their trip.

Can I fly with an internet ticket purchased from TQWL?

You are not able to travel with that ticket, sorry. You will not be able to board the train if you purchased your ticket online but were placed on a waiting list. If you booked your ticket for the waiting list directly at a railway station ticket counter, you will be able to travel, but you will not be assigned a specific seat if there are none available.

What does the term vikalp mean in Irctc?

Passengers would be given the option to select the VIKALP scheme if this plan is implemented. VIKALP picked travelers who booked in waiting and remain fully Those who are still on the wait list after charting will only have their names considered for an allotment in the alternate train. After charting, passengers on Fully WL who opted for VIKALP are advised to verify their PNR status.

When is the TDR form due to be filed?

TDR claims can only be processed if the customer was unable to complete the travel for any of the following reasons, or a combination of these reasons: train canceled by Indian Railways, train operating more than three hours late and passenger not traveled, difference in fare in case correct coach is not attached, air conditioning breakdown, passenger traveled without proper…