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Where is cybernetics specialist?

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On the ninth mission, “Backup, Back Down,” you should look for him. After leaving the Wakh Sind Barracks, take the road that heads south until you reach an outpost marked 15. At the outpost, head in the west direction, and continue down the winding mountain trail. The specialist, who is actually an escaped convict, will be found coming up the slope slowly towards you.

Where exactly can I find the zoologist at MGSV?

It is located to the northwest of Ditati Abandoned Village and south of the Mfinda Oilfields. She is currently being detained in a jail that is located in the southwestern portion of the camp. You should approach from the neighboring hill and wait for the troops to question her before you do so.

Where are the inmates that are part of the backup down below?

The soldiers searching for the captive can be found to the east of Outpost 12 and the Lamar Khaate Palace. They will be on the concealed path that leads to Outpost 15 when we find them.

What exactly is the role of an electrospinning specialist?

Authorized Expert in Electrospinning

Because the primary objective of this operation is to destroy armored vehicles, you should pack as many explosives as you possibly can… But, once you have cleared out the fort, you will be in the ideal position to eliminate hostile vehicles. When you have destroyed two of the vehicles, a vehicle used to transport prisoners will arrive for you to destroy.

How does one go about becoming an expert in metamaterials?

It is not necessary for you to finish task 17 in order to acquire the specialist. After you have successfully removed him from the danger zone, call in your helicopter and evacuate the area. And with that, the metamaterials specialist will be joining your ranks in Diamond Dogs, and you will be able to continue improving your stealth camouflage. Congratulations!

Location of the Cybernetics Specialist in MGSV’s “The Phantom Pain”

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How can I get in touch with a transportation expert?

The first time you can acquire the Transportation Specialist is through the completion of Mission 10: Angel with Broken Wings. You can locate him on the second floor of the Lamar Khaate Palace, close to the broken piano, if you head in that direction.

What are the steps I need to do to get my S rank on backup back down?

If you want to obtain the S Rank for this assignment, you don’t have to worry about the time limit. Instead, you need to destroy 11 vehicles, as opposed to the minimum of seven that is required to pass. You will also want to make sure that you are not discovered, as this will result in a reduction of 5,000 points to your total score each time it happens.

How can you get S rank in Hellbound?

In order to earn the S-Rank, you will need to minimize the risk of being discovered while maximizing your speed.
  1. Find a way to reach the Afghanistan Base Camp without raising any suspicions.
  2. Capture Emmerich, then make a stealthy retreat into the LZ area.
  3. Your rank will suffer if the Pequod is shot down, thus it is in your best interest to eliminate the threat posed by the soldiers firing at the helicopter.

How do I get the Raiden outfit in MGSV?

In order to unlock the Raiden Suit in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, players must first get an S-rank in every single story mission. Only the 38 unique missions and the prologue need to be finished with an S-rank, while you can skip the 12 missions that are exactly the same.

How do I get silence back?

It is not necessary to perform anything other than play through the task “Cloaked in Silence” seven times. After Quiet has finished that objective, the name of the operation will change to “[Reunion] Cloaked in Silence,” and she will return to Mother Base with all of the weapons and materials she has researched still in their original state.

Where can I find the expert on the guidance of missiles?

The expert is being held captive in the camp that is located to the south of the second target (meeting point)! It will notify you in the top right corner of the screen, as you browse through your tasks, which Staff Skills and blueprints can be obtained in each individual assignment.

Where can I find the blueprint for the flamethrower?

The blueprint for the flame thrower

This one is located in a little structure near the Munoko ya Nioka Station in Africa, and you can find it there. After completing Mission 31, Sahelanthropus, it will spawn in this area.

Are you capable of defeating Sahelanthropus?

Take out your concealed weapon and fire a single shot at the youngster to temporarily incapacitate Sahelanthropus for a few seconds. Be quick to fire or the floating youngster will vanish and the robot will shoot Snake with a Rail Gun blast, which will instantly kill him. If you are quick enough to fire, you can avoid this.

How exactly do you end your time in Hellbound?

Walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid 5: Hellbound’s Mission 12 from the S-Rank Guide
  1. Get in touch with the good doctor, Emmerich.
  2. Extract Dr. …
  3. The Central Base Camp should have three Walker Gears extracted from it.
  4. Extract Dr. …
  5. Get a copy of the poster featuring the glamour model at Central Base Camp.
  6. Ensure that you have a copy of the blueprint in Central Base Camp.

How does one come to be without Sahelanthropus?

As soon as you get on board the helicopter, take control of the minigun that is mounted inside. Inflict damage on the white drones with your fire. As the drama draws to a close, time will begin to slow down, signaling the perfect moment for you to unleash your fire against Sahelanthropus.

Where exactly is the prisoner that is dressed in red brass?

PRISONER NO. 1: The first prisoner is being kept at Da Ghwandai on the ground level of the central building. First, eliminate the lone guard, and then bring the prisoner to safety.

What exactly does it mean to be a transportation specialist?

Transportation Specialists help plan and manage the safe and cost-effective transportation operations that are necessary to inventory and monitor animals, provide support for law enforcement and search and rescue missions, identify and fight fires, and provide support for scientific research.

What exactly is the Amazon transportation specialist?

It is the responsibility of this team to plan and schedule the placement of trucks and other vehicles at each of our fulfillment centers located in Europe. The team plans and schedules the placement of these trucks and vehicles based on a number of different factors, including the forecast, historical trends, vehicle capacity, and carrier capabilities.

Where can I find the blueprint for the Brennan LRS 46?

The key can be found in the mansion that is located to the east of Lufwa Valley. You can find it in the library, which is located in the western half of the home, on top of a cupboard there. Before you go to deploy, it wouldn’t hurt to carry some heavy weaponry on you just in case you were ambushed by Skulls, which is guaranteed to happen at some point throughout the mission.

How exactly does one acquire the stealth camo in MGS5?

In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the stealth camo may be unlocked by achieving an S rank in Extra Operations 50. This is a requirement for unlocking the camo.

How do I acquire Wu S333 blueprint?

Complete the Restore the DMZ Dispatch Mission in order to receive the WU S333 Blueprint. You will be granted access to the WU S333 handgun. Blueprint for the URAGAN-5 If you have completed Mission 16, you will be able to find this blueprint in the Bampeve Plantation. It is a handgun known as the Uragan-5.

Where can I find the blueprint for the Kabarga 83?

The Mfinda Oilfields are the location of the blueprint, which can be found in northern Angola. You may find it in the structure that is located in the north-eastern most part of the compound. Throughout the course of the mission titled “Pitch Dark,” you will have the opportunity to visit this location.