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Where is cobalt petrified wood rdr2?

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In the Grizzlies West part of the Ambarino territory, close to Lake Isabella, there is a chest on a cart that is hidden beneath an overhang. The chest contains the item that you are looking for.

Where in rdr2 can I get ancient handcuffs from the American Civil War?

When Phineas T. Ramsbottom has received the first completed set of Cigarette Cards for his side mission, “Smoking and other Hobbies,” or any set of Cigarette Cards for that matter, the handcuffs will be delivered to him in the mail. Any set will do.

Where can I find the rdr2 gold earring?

If you are unsuccessful in finding the Gold Earring at Watson’s Cabin, you should look for it at Mattock Pond, which is located just to the north of Rhodes. You should be able to see a cattle farm if you look north-east from here.

Where exactly is the antique compass made of brass?

You are going to receive an invitation to visit his “residence a little bit north of the halfway point between Owanjila Lake and Strawberry.” When you first enter the cabin, the Brass Compass will be sitting on the table.

Where exactly may I discover bits of quartz in RDR2?

There is only one method to acquire the Quartz Chunk, and that is to send in a dinosaur bone of your choosing.


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What exactly do you do with the quartz chunks once you have them in RDR2?

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can acquire a Quartz Chunk if you look in the right places. It is a very uncommon artifact, yet having it is necessary in order to construct the Bear Claw Talisman.

Where do I sell legendary boar tusk?

When you have the Legendary Boar Tusk in your possession, you can exchange it at a Fence for the Talisman in exchange for .00, along with a piece of Colbat Petrified Wood and a Gold Earring.

I was wondering whether you could sell my antique brass compass rdr2.

After you have the Old Brass Compass in your possession, you can exchange it for the Talisman at a Fence for the price of .00.

What exactly is the function of the antique brass compass, rdr2?

You will need the Red Dead Redemption 2 Old Brass Compass, a one-of-a-kind artifact, along with the crafting material the Raven Claw Talisman in order to make it for Arthur.

Where can I find the rdr2 bracelet with the silver chain?

You will be able to acquire the item if you travel to the Aberdeen Pig Farm, which is located to the southeast of Emerald Station. In this particular location, you have the option of either participating in a cutscene with the family or immediately beginning to kill them. There is a chance that either approach will reward you with a silver chain bracelet, and if it does, it will be on the body of Tammy Aberdeen.

Where can I find a buyer for my illustrious bison horn?

Once you have the Legendary White Bison Horn, you may exchange it for the Talisman at a Fence for the price of .50 along with an Abalone Shell Fragment and a Silver Earring by bringing these three items. In Rhodes, the Abalone Shell may be located in an old home that is located to the north of the sheriff’s station.

Where exactly is Watson’s hideaway located?

In Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, the Watson’s Cabin homestead can be found in the Big Valley area of the West Elizabeth territory. This area is part of the West Elizabeth territory.

Can I sell premium cigarettes rdr2?

Yet, there is more to the tale than the fact that each pack of Premium Cigarettes costs .50. You will obtain a large number of duplicates, but this is actually to your advantage because you can trade a Fence for cash in exchange for your duplicate cigarette cards. You can expect to spend no more than .50 or less for each pack of premium cigarettes purchased by you.

What are the steps I need to do to get back inside Francis Sinclair’s house?

Go close to Sinclair’s cabin, and then save your progress before leaving the game. If you restart the game from the title screen, you should be able to reload your save file and access the cabin to get the compass.

What am I supposed to do with the infamous Beaver?

In Red Dead Redemption 2, players have the opportunity to hunt and skin a total of 16 legendary creatures, including the legendary beaver. It is possible for it to drop a Legendary Beaver Pelt as well as a Legendary Beaver Tooth, both of which can be used by a Trapper or Fence in the crafting process. Crafting the Beaver Tooth Trinket, which reduces weapon degradation by ten percent, requires the Tooth as an ingredient.

Rdr2: What exactly does the rock statue do?

As you move closer to the statue in the middle, you will notice a hole there through which you can retrieve three gold bars. Get it, and once you do so, you will discover that you are able to sell it at the Fencing for a price of 0 each item, for a grand total of 00.

Where exactly is Captain Pearson’s ship’s compass located?

The boathouse of Braithwait Manor is the location where the Navy Compass can be found. Large agricultural land can be found to the south of Rhodes. You can get the compass from a table somewhere in the room. It is necessary for you to obtain the errand request from Pearson before you can deliver the compass.

Where exactly can I locate legendary elk?

The Legendary Elk may be found in the forest that is directly east of Bacchus Station, to the north-east of Fort Wallace, and on the border between New Hanover and Ambarino.

Do you have a market for legendary boar carcasses?

To view the Trinkets and Talismans, you need only approach the Fence and select PURCHASE from the alternatives he offers. You won’t have to try to make a profit off of him by selling him the stuff; just take what you want. It is possible to earn money from a Trapper by selling Legendary Animal skins to them, and doing so will also unlock cosmetic gear.

Do you have the ability to skin the enormous boar?

The Story Mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 has an encounter with an animal belonging to the Boar species called the Big Boar. Although it is possible to hunt this animal, it is not possible to skin it. It is not necessary to complete the “Zoologist” or “Skin Deep” achievements using this item.

What exactly did the tusks of the boar represent?

The wild boar, despite its quick feet and pointed tusks, is a rather timid animal that, in general, makes an effort to stay away from people. But, if cornered, it can be an extremely dangerous beast, and as a result, it has come to represent bravery and fury in many different cultures.

Where on Rdr2 can I find all of the dinosaur bones?

Dinosaur bones can be found in the following areas in Red Dead Redemption 2:
  • Dinosaur bones can be found on the cliff face in Heartlands, and Heartlands itself. Dinosaur bone location within the Northern Boundary… Grizzlies The location of the Rock Wall Dinosaur Bones is in Cumberland Forest. Grizzlies can be found in the area around the dinosaur bone at Six Point Overlook. The location of dinosaur bones at the Dakota River Ledge.