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Where is ciri after ending?

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Ciri is brought back to the Emperor in a resolution that is both happy and sad. You will still need to have chosen at least three positive outcomes in order to unlock this ending, but bringing Ciri to Emhyr is the sole choice that divides this ending from the one that is considered to be the “best.”

Where does Ciri go after she has completed her training to become a Witcher?

Ciri does survive, and she eventually becomes Empress.

In the epilogue, Ciri and Geralt share one more stroll together before shedding some tears and parting ways – at least temporarily. During the mission Blood on the Battlefield, when Ciri proposes going to Bald Mountain, instead of saying “then Velen,” you should reply “Gotta visit the Emperor first.”

Where does Ciri end up?

The character article for Ciri states that she travels to several planets with the assistance of a unicorn known as Little Horse, also known as Ihuarraquax. Towards the end of the book, we see her leaving Malus Island with Sir Galahad to join King Arthur at his court. At this point, she is no longer with her two guides, who are still on Malus Island.

Can you find Yennefer after ending?

When the game is over, all of the significant characters are missing, and it appears like they have been left behind. KM is also the location of Kiera’s chilling. She is the one who specializes in alchemy on the map. You will need to jump over a wall in order to reach her, but she is still in the area.

After all is over, what happens to Triss?

to simply go on vacation for the sake of having fun. However in the cut scene when it tells you what all goes down before you meet Ciri to give her the specially ordered sword, it says that Geralt and Triss relocated to a disclosed region in solitude, and that Triss became the adviser in Kovir, and that they lived happily ever after.

The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine – Ciri’s Unexpected Visit (Ciri’s Ending)

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Will you ever see Triss again after this, or will it be the last time?

As you had indicated to her, she is currently located at Kaer Morhen. You won’t be able to see her for a good while after the beginning of the game, but you will eventually run across her again.

What will happen if Triss decides to stay?

Triss, the sorceress with fiery hair, has appeared in each and every one of The Witcher game’s installments…. If you want Triss to love you in return, then you need to let her know that you love her and that you want her to stay with you. After completing the objective and sailing away, she will return, and then the two of them will spend some time in a lighthouse getting a little bit more intimate.

Does Ciri remain a resident of Corvo Bianco indefinitely?

In terms of the canon, not very long. Unless she is already the empress, in which case she is free to remain for as long as she pleases.

Do you recognize Ciri within the hearts of stone?

Absolutely, Ciri will only visit Geralt if she is still alive and he is feeling lonely.

In the conclusion of The Witcher, what happens to Yennefer?

Yennefer steals the fire from the elf castle and transfers it to her body; she is not producing the fire, she is only harnessing it, but the process of doing so weakens her to the point where it is possible for her to vanish. So, Yennefer went missing as a result of the tremendous amount of work required to harness the fire; however, we will see her once she has recovered from her injuries.

Is he the father of Duny Ciri?

Emhyr var Emreis, the Emperor of Nilfgaard, the spouse of Pavetta, and the father of Ciri, used the alias Duny, who was also known as Jez and Urcheon of Erlenwald. Urcheon of Erlenwald was another name for Duny.

What caused Ciri’s hair to change such a strange color?

It has been mentioned by various people that Ciri’s hair color is inherited. However, this appears to be an unintended consequence of Geralt’s genetics as well as the chemicals employed in the Way of the Grasses… Due to the fact that he has white hair and hails from the Wolf school of Witchcraft, he is frequently referred to as the “White Wolf.”

Is it true that Yennefer has feelings for Geralt?

As it is believed that Yennefer is Geralt’s one true love, this would imply that their affections for one another are authentic. If this is any indication, their relationship will be a rocky one across all of The Witcher’s adventures.

Should you pursue Ciri or should you just let her go?

Geralt has the option of either insisting on attending the meeting with her or assuring her that she would be fine on her own and allowing her to leave without him. If the players want this choice to count toward a happy ending, they will need to give Ciri permission to go off on her own. I’ll accompany you. You won’t have any problems if you go it alone.

Is it more advantageous for Ciri to have the position of Empress or that of a Witcher?

Ciri has not been through the Trial of Grasses, hence she does not have the heightened physical prowess or longevity of a Witcher despite the fact that she possesses powerful abilities. Becoming an empress is a more secure choice for Ciri, and the fact that this position affords her the luxuries, protection, and conveniences that come along with it means that she will most likely live a very long period.

Is Ciri eventually able to become a Witcher?

In the alternate ending, Ciri trains to become a witcher. Convincing Cirilla to visit the Lodge of Sorceress on her own is one of the objectives of the Final Preparations quest. Let her vent all of her frustrations as part of the quest Child of the Elder Blood. Follow Cirilla to the grave of Skjall when you are questioned about it.

Does Blood and Wine Contain CIRI?

The third and most unfortunate conclusion to The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is the one in which Syanna passes away before she can face her trial… In the event that neither option was selected, Ciri will show up in one of two guises: either as a witcher or as the heir to Nilfgaard. But, if your Ciri storyline concluded that she was ultimately unsuccessful in her fight against the White Winter, Dandelion will appear in her stead.

How does Yennefer react when she sees Shani?

Among the Hearts of Stone downloadable content comes a potential love interest named Shani. Apart of Yennefer and Triss, Shani provides the most in-depth romantic experience that is currently available in The Witcher 3, as she is exclusive to this expansion. The decision Geralt makes to pursue a romantic relationship with Shani has no bearing on the remainder of the game or the other love interests he can pursue.

Is there any evidence of yen in Blood and Wine?

There are a number different encounters that could take place there: If you had a romantic relationship with Triss in the first game, she will visit Corvo Bianco if you did. You will be able to bring Yennefer with you to Corvo Bianco if you had a romantic relationship with her in the original game.

How much does it take to bring Corvo Bianco back to its previous glory?

These improvements can quickly rack up a hefty bill because the typical price range for them is between 1000 and 2000 crowns.

How exactly does one reach the satisfying conclusion in Yennefer?

The first way is to ignore Yennefer and Triss during the side quests Never Alone and Last Wish. This will allow you to progress through the story. The second possibility is that you might tell them that you love them both and that you want to be with them if you do so. In practice, you have no choice but to pick either one of the two options. If you go down either path, you’ll find yourself on your own.

At the very conclusion of Blood and Wine, who pays Geralt a visit?

Now that I think about it, I did see a video on YouTube showing Ciri paying Geralt a visit at his vineyard near Touissant. Because it has been established that Ciri holds the position of Empress of Nilfgard, I can only guess that this cutscene would take place if you had previously completed Wild Hunt and chosen the “Ciri Empress” ending.

Who is Geralt’s one and only real love?

Yennefer, Lady of Vengerberg: According to both the books and the video games, Yennefer is the “one” who completes Geralt’s life. She is the one girl that Geralt dreams of spending the rest of his life with and the love of his life.

Is it possible to have sexual relations with Triss and end up with Yennefer?

You can have a passionate encounter with Triss at the lighthouse, then proceed to have a sexual encounter with Yennefer during “The King is Dead, Long Live the King,” and you will still miss the scene with the three of them together. The threesome scenario is triggered when each of the romances are officially committed to, specifically during “Now or Never” with Triss and “The Final Wish” with Yennefer.

Who has a more stunning appearance, Yennefer or Triss?

Wild Hunt, Chapter 3 of The Witcher

And without giving it too much more thought, it does appear that Triss would be the best option. She is warmer and more vivacious in comparison to Yennefer, who is more aloof and a little bit more distant. Although there are many who believe she possesses a more alluring physical appearance, I don’t see much of a difference between the two of them.