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When you durst do it quote?

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“When you dared to do it, then you were a man; And to be more than what you were, you would be so much more the man” “When you dared to do it, then you were a man” By referring to her husband’s masculinity, Lady Macbeth is able to exert influence over her husband Macbeth in this passage.

When you darst do it, what scene does Lady Macbeth say to Macbeth?

Macbeth makes it clear that he has changed his mind about murdering Duncan. In her anger, Lady Macbeth labels him a coward and doubts his manhood by saying, “When you darst do it, then you were a man.” When he asks her what will happen if they are unsuccessful, she assures him that so long as they have courage, they will achieve their goals.

Which famous quote is attributed to Lady Macbeth?

“Come you spirits, that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here,” the speaker said. Despite the fact that it is frequently paraphrased, this might be the jumping off point for an engaging conversation about the differences between Lady Macbeth and the Weird Sisters.

What are two quotes from the play Macbeth that demonstrate how Lady Macbeth manipulates Macbeth?

The passages in act 1, scene 6 of Macbeth in which Lady Macbeth asks Macbeth, “Was the hope drunk / Wherein you dress’d yourself?” and in which she states, “When you durst do it, then you were a man,” are two examples of Lady Macbeth’s manipulation of Macbeth.

How exactly does Lady Macbeth manage to persuade Macbeth to carry out the murder of Duncan?

In addition to this, Lady Macbeth tries to persuade Macbeth to murder Duncan by encouraging him to “Look like the innocent flower, But be the snake under’t.” She wants Macbeth to gain Duncan’s affections so that she won’t have to worry about him being suspected of murder when Duncan is murdered.

An Study of “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare, Act One, Scene Seven

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What compels Lady Macbeth to order Duncan’s murder in the first place?

Because of her own lust for power, Lady Macbeth has made it clear that she wants Duncan dead. It is expected that she will be elevated to the position of queen if Duncan is successful in having Macbeth crowned king. It is also possible that Macbeth’s ascension to the throne and her coronation could take place without the murder of Duncan. Macbeth never learns from the witches how he will ascend to the throne.

What does Lady Macbeth say to the ghosts when she prays to them?

She begs the “spirits” to “unsex me here,” which means to strip her of any traditionally female attributes and give her more of a male-like aggression and ruthlessness. She implores that she be subjected to the “vilest torment.” She begs the spirits to adulterate the milk that her mother gave her with something poisonous.

Is Lady Macbeth a nice person or a bad person?

She is frequently portrayed as a symbol of evil, much like the witches, but in the end, she is a victim of evil in the same way that her husband was. The scene in which Lady Macbeth sleepwalks is an excellent illustration of the destructive effects that wickedness may have on the mind of a person.

As she delivers that line, does Lady Macbeth show that she is terrified of her husband?

What is it about the character of her husband that Lady Macbeth “fears”? She is concerned that he is too kind and too generous, as he is “too full of the milk of human compassion” (line 17) and that he would not “act false” in his ambition to become king.

What does it imply when Macbeth says, “Unsex me”?

What exactly does it imply when Lady Macbeth says, “Unsex me here”? She makes a solemn oath that she will abstain from sexual activity with Macbeth until he is crowned king. She wants to put away any notions of femininity that would go in the way of her violent desires. She has requested that her chambermaids dress her in male attire so that she can escape. She is interested in having sexual encounters with malevolent spirits.

What does Lady Macbeth look like?

The ambitious, manipulative, ruthless, and mentally ill Lady Macbeth is the wife of Macbeth. There is not much information available regarding her outward appearance. The only thing that is spoken about her is that she is Macbeth’s wife, yet the things that she says reveal a great deal about her character. We might draw the conclusion that Lady Macbeth is a gorgeous woman with a very feminine appearance; nonetheless, she acts in a very brutal manner.

Who exactly is Lady Macbeth and what kind of person is she?

Lady Macbeth is a formidable woman who is also quite ambitious. It is she who advises to Macbeth that they should murder Duncan in order to bring about the events that were foretold by the witches. She assists her husband in recovering from his terror after he has killed Duncan, and she also assists in covering up the murder. She appears to have a stronger will than Macbeth.

How is it that Lady Macbeth is made out to be guilty?

The fact that Lady Macbeth starts sleepwalking at the beginning of act five of the play is a representation of the guilt she feels for the killings that she and her husband committed. It appears as though she is unable to snap out of her trance and is unable to make rational decisions. In addition, the scene illustrates how Shakespeare sometimes included stage directions within the text of his plays.

Is it possible that Lady Macbeth fantasizes about being a man?

The ambition of Lady Macbeth is to become a man.

She thinks her spouse is a fool and a coward, whereas she is a confident and capable person…. Despite this, Lady Macbeth longs to have a male form so that she, and not her husband, can exercise full authority over the situation.

What does Lady Macbeth refer to her husband as throughout the play?

She is quite rude to him and berates him. Lady Macbeth has doubts about his capability to carry out what he has pledged to do. To put it another way, she accuses him of lying. After that, she unleashes her full wrath on Macbeth and labels him a coward.

Are you a man An examination of Lady Macbeth?

The words “when you durst do it, then you were a man; and to be more than what you were, you would be so much more the man” are stated by Lady Macbeth, and they depict how she is willing and desiring to give up her femininity and become a male for the sake of the conspiracy against King Duncan.

What kinds of concerns does Lady Macbeth have regarding her husband?

2. What is it about the character of her husband that Lady Macbeth “fears”? She is concerned that he is too kind and too generous, as he is “too full of the milk of human compassion” (line 17) and that he would not “act false” in his ambition to become king.

What is it that Lady Macbeth feels her husband is lacking, in Lady Macbeth’s opinion?

In essence, Lady Macbeth believes that her husband is cowardly and that he will not have the intestinal fortitude to engage in violent behavior if it is necessary to do so. She means that he is too gentle to do what needs to be done when she says that he is too full of “the milk of human compassion.” When she says this, she is implying that he is too kind.

What is it that Lady Macbeth claims she would have done if she had made a promise?

Because of this, Lady Macbeth decides to pull out all the stops. She claims that she would keep her word even if it meant committing an act as inhumane as murdering her newborn baby in order to fulfill the promise she made. In this quotation, she describes how she would rip the baby away from her breast while it was still nursing and beat its head against the floor.

What are some of Lady Macbeth’s strengths?

She is more powerful, more vicious, and more ambitious than her husband when we first meet her, and she is already planning the assassination of Duncan when we encounter her. It is because of the extraordinary strength of will that Lady Macbeth maintains throughout the entire process of murdering the king that she is the one who calms her husband’s fears immediately after the crime has been committed.

Is witchcraft involved with Lady Macbeth?

The character of Lady Macbeth has earned the nickname “The Fourth Witch” throughout the course of the drama. She is referred to as “The super Witch” by Goethe. In point of fact, Lady Macbeth’s dominating involvement in the murder of Duncan, as well as her cold and witch-like approach to the heinous act, is nothing short of astounding.

Is Lady Macbeth completely corrupt?

It was argued that there was more to Lady Macbeth’s character throughout Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, despite the fact that she was portrayed as vicious, harsh, and manipulative throughout the play. It turns out that Lady Macbeth is not quite as terrible as she was made up to be… This demonstrates how Macbeth respects her as an equal and how deeply he loves Lady Macbeth.

Who exactly is the play’s main antagonist, Macbeth?

Lady Macbeth is the play’s genuine antagonist because she is ruthless, driven to succeed, and ultimately loses her mind. Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare.

How did Lady get out that Duncan was going to be there?

The question is how Lady Macbeth is aware that Duncan is going to visit her castle. The messenger had sent the information to Lady Macbeth, so she was aware that Duncan was about to visit her castle… The use of dramatic irony in Duncan’s description of Lady Macbeth as a “noble hostess” comes from the fact that we already know she intends to kill Duncan and then assume his position as king.