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When was robert redford on the virginian?

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IMDb listing for The Virginian, which starred Robert Redford in the role of Matthew Cordell from 1962 to 1971.

What episode of The Virginian did Robert Redford appear in?

IMDb listing for “The Virginian” episode “The Evil That Men Do” from 1963, starring Robert Redford in the role of Matthew Cordell.

Is anyone from The Virginian still alive?

James Drury passed away of natural causes in April of 2020, therefore he is now no longer with us. … Up until his wife, Ann Head Drury’s death in 2019, the two lived peacefully in Houston, Texas, where James was extensively involved in the natural gas and oil business.

What age was Betsy when she appeared on the Virginian?

Betsy Garth was initially identified as a 15 year old, despite the fact that the series began production when she was 19 years old (she celebrates her 15th birthday in the first episode), which, by the way, takes place sometime in the year 1890 (specifically identified in episode two, which was focused on her character and gave Shore a lot to do…

Has the Virginian ever referred to himself by name?

The novel “The Virginian, A Horseman of the Plains” written by Owen Wister in 1902 served as a loose inspiration for the television show. In the novel, the name of the main character was never disclosed.

David McLean, Robert Redford, and Leonard Nimoy star in the 1960 TATE production “Comanche Scalps.”

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What murdered Doug McClure?

Doug McClure, a guy who rose from broncobusting to major roles in television westerns including “The Virginian,” “The Overland Trail,” and “The Men From Shiloh,” passed away on Sunday at his home in the suburb of Sherman Oaks. McClure had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. He was 59. Lung cancer was the root of the problem, as one of his friends, Dennis Morga, explained.

What was the full name of Trampas?

Douglas Osborne McClure was an American actor whose career in cinema and television spanned the decades between the 1950s and the 1990s. He was born on May 11, 1935, and passed away on February 5, 1995. His most famous performance was as the cowboy Trampas on the television series The Virginian, which he played during its entire run from 1962 to 1971.

Did The Virginian have a hairpiece on his head?

Does The Virginian wear a wig? Yeah John McIntire had a hairpiece Nicholas. The two-day battle that took place in Shiloh, Tennessee, during the American Civil War inspired the naming of the Shiloh ranch. …

On The Virginian, who does Betsy end up marrying?

When Betsy Garth (Roberta Shore) married former minister David Henderson (Glenn Corbett), announced “I don’t need Shiloh anymore” and left for her new home in Pennsylvania as a preacher’s wife a significant figure in The Virginian went.

Why did Riker decide to resign his position at The Virginian?

Congress decided not to renew the show after its first two seasons because it made them uncomfortable to think that young viewers may view the notorious bandit Billy the Kid as a hero. The role of Deputy Emmett Ryker on The Virginian, which Clu played from 1964 through 1968, was his next big break in the industry.

Has Robert Redford ever appeared on The Virginian as a special guest?

One of his final performances on television was in 1963 on The Virginian, which can be shown on the Family Channel every Saturday at noon. Matthew Cordell, the character that Redford plays, is an orphan and a convicted criminal who, up until the point that he is accepted by Judge Garth as a parolee from the local prison, has never experienced life as a free man.

Where in Virginia did they shoot The Virginian?

The performance was filmed on the Universal backlot, near Six Points Texas, and on stage 34. The Shiloh Ranch was constructed specifically for the show and is located on the Universal backlot. The Medicine Bow western street set, which was destroyed in the fire in 1967, can be seen in the picture below. In its stead, the Court of Miracles that is in use today was constructed.

What ended up happening to Elizabeth while she was on the Virginian?

The plot closely resembled the decision that the actress Roberta Shore made in real life to terminate her seven-year contract with the show in order to put more of her attention on her husband. The devoted Mormon justified his decision to relocate from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City in an interview in 2016 by saying, “I moved there and never wanted to return back.”

Why didn’t The Virginian have a name?

Like in the novel, the principal character was never given a name other than the Virginian. James Drury exploited that to his advantage in establishing a mystery air surrounding the Shiloh ranch foreman. James Drury says that he, himself, does not even know the name of his persona, and that nobody else does either.

Did James Drury The actor wear a toupee?

“Although James Drury was talented and left an impression on me, I was taken aback when I found out he wore a hairpiece. It left me completely speechless! One day, he wore his hat extremely low, all the way down to his ears… It would appear that there was an issue with the toupee, and he was had to wear it in such a manner in order to conceal the fact that he had no hair.

What was the Virginians real name?

James Drury portrayed the title character, “The Virginian,” in the Universal television series of the same name. The Virginian, who had his role portrayed by James Drury, was the stern foreman of the Shiloh Ranch. He steadfastly maintained his position no matter what, much like the fictional character from the novel by Owen Wister.

Is there a connection between Tane McClure and Doug McClure?

Biography. McClure was born in the U.S. state of California, in the county of Los Angeles. She is the daughter of actor Doug McClure and the first of his five wives, Faye Brash, who also gave him five other children…. When McClure was just five years old, she had a brief appearance on her father’s Western television series The Virginian.

When did Doug McClure finally give up the ghost?

This is David Shipman. Doug McClure, an actor, was born in Glendale, California, on May 11, 1934. He died in Los Angeles on February 5, 1995. He was married three times.