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When the volcanoes ejects basic lava?

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Full Answer: The type of eruption that occurs when a volcano ejects acidic lava is one that is both loud and violent.

What happens when lava comes out of a volcano?

Lava is the term used to describe the molten rock, also known as magma, that emerges from the Earth after an eruption of a volcano. Lava may reach temperatures of more than 1,100 degrees Celsius (almost 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit), which keeps it in a liquid state and allows it to flow across the ground until it cools and turns into rock.

What exactly is an elementary lava volcano?

The most basic kind of lava, which is alkaline and has a very runny consistency. While the lava flows for great miles before it becomes solid, the sides of the flow are gentle. No strata, as the volcano only consists of lava. Fewer violent eruptions. Shorter durations between eruptions.

The eruption of lava from volcanoes begs the question: why?

Because of the intense heat present at these depths, certain rocks gradually liquefy and transform into a viscous, molten liquid known as magma. Magma rises and gathers in chambers known as magma chambers because it is less dense than the solid rock that surrounds it. Lava is the term used to refer to erupting magma. There are explosive volcanic eruptions, but there are also eruptions that are not explosive.

When lava is ejected from a volcano, what is it called?

One further reason is when the material that was ejected from the volcano during an eruption starts traveling down the flanks of the volcano shortly after the explosion. Pyroclastic flows are another type of flow that can arise when a lava dome or lava flow collapses after becoming too steep. Pyroclastic flows typically consist of two distinct phases. Lava and fragments of rock are seen moving downward beside the ground.

Huge “Lava Bombs” weighing half a ton are ejected from a volcano in the Canary Islands.

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