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When did velan become chief gardener?

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Velan ran away from home when he was eight years old after his father spanked him for coming home late from work. The incident led to Velan’s father slapping Velan. When Velan was reduced to begging on the side of the road for his life, an elderly man took him under his wing and taught him how to plan out a garden. When the elderly guy eventually fell ill, Velan took over as head gardener in his place.

Who was Velan, the member of AXE?

Velan is a character in this tale, and his father struck him when he was a child. He abandoned his family and moved out on his own in search of employment opportunities. He was training to be a gardener, and this may be significant given the increasingly independent role that Velan is playing in his life. Velan is really committed to the garden, and he takes the time to converse with each each plant and flower.

In the chapter “the AXE,” why did Velan decide to leave his home?

When Velan hears the sound of the axe being struck on the margosa tree, he is aware that significant changes are about to take place in his life. For the first time since he was eighteen years old, he does not have authority over the circumstances surrounding him. … Venal is, if anything, unaware of what is taking place, although he is aware that the life he had been leading, which consisted of him working in the garden, has come to an end.

How old was Velan when he first moved out on his own?

Velan was born into the family that was considered to be the poorest in his village. When he was 18, his father smacked him in the face in front of everyone, and he ran away.

How did Velan about his garden?

Velan lacked the guts to voice his opposition. They directed him where to go, gave him tasks to complete, forced him to clean the cow, and instructed him in the proper techniques for cultivating a garden. He despised everything about the enterprise and frequently entertained the idea of quitting his job and going back to his hometown. Yet the thought was intolerable; he couldn’t take the thought of being separated from his plants.

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What were the initial circumstances that led to Velan’s departure from his father’s home?

After receiving a smack from his father, Velan decides to run away from home and look for job on his own. Ultimately specializing on gardening as a profession. This may be significant given that Velan is demonstrating some degree of independence.

What did Velan finally inquire of the men who were cutting down the trees?

This tree was like a kid to Velan, and he cared for it as such. Thus, he made the decision to leave the house. He asked the people who were cutting to hold off until he was out of the area where the sound of their axes could reach him. … He asked them to wait to cut down the margosa tree until he was well away from the area.

What are some of the hidden meanings behind the name “The AXE”?

It was at that precise moment when he had the realization that perhaps his time had come. The Axe in the story is a sign of time and destiny, both of which can force us out of our comfort zones and lead us to discover new meaning and new beginnings in our lives. The Axe is a symbol of new beginnings.

Who was it that predicted the Velan would inhabit a large home?

An astrologer who was traveling through a community known as Koopal made a prediction that Velan would one day reside in a mansion that had three levels and was surrounded by a large garden that covered many acres. At this point, everyone converged around Velan and mocked him in front of the others. Because Koopal did not have a family that was more destitute and abandoned by God than Velan’s did.

What exactly is the takeaway from reading the AXE short story?

This is a straightforward story of a man who is searching for meaning and direction in his life. In addition to that, it gives rise to concepts such as bravery, faith, optimism, and character strength. Since his father disavowed him, the main character, Velan, is a guy who is compelled to discover his own way through life.

What exactly was the issue with Velan?

The problem for Velan is that the girl does not express thanks and is unwilling to accept his intentions to marry her off to his cousin’s son. Raju asks Velan to bring her there so that he can have a conversation with her there. Raju is left to fend for himself once Velan leaves.

What did Velan think about the stunning mansion, and how did he react to it?

What sort of impressions did Velan get from the stunning mansion? In Velan’s mind, the home proudly displayed a dome atop its roof. … It is only little more than an average house; nothing else distinguishes it from other homes. . Upon arriving back at his shack, Velan sat for a considerable amount of time in an effort to comprehend the intentions, objectives, and calculations of the people who had constructed the mansion; nonetheless, he began to feel lightheaded.

When Velan finally got some food after starving for a few days, where did he end up?

He didn’t take any special transportation; he simply walked out of the village and kept walking till he reached the town. He went hungry for a few days, begged for food wherever he could, and eventually made it to Malgudi, where, after much wandering around, an elderly man hired him to help him plan out a garden. He had been starving for some time.

Where did Raju go as soon as he was released from the facility?

After finishing the sentence, Raju travels through the village of Mangal, where he is taken for a religious leader known as a sadhu. He makes the decision to hide out in a deserted temple close to the town of Malgudi since he does not want to face the shame of going back to Malgudi.

Why did Rosie choose to get married to Marco?

She wasn’t interested in becoming a dancer for the money; rather, she wanted to do it for the art. Because she was born into a lower social caste, she has a troubled spirit and struggles with feelings of inadequacy as a result of her background. Rosie is a woman with a lot of drive and ambition. She wed Marco not because she loved him but because she wanted to advance her social standing.

What causes Raju’s mother to no longer appreciate him?

Because Raju is so preoccupied with Rosie, he ends up forgetting about his work, which causes him to rack up debt and ultimately causes him to lose his shop at the railway station. The fact that he is cohabitating with a married lady causes his mother to no longer respect him. In the end, Raju’s mother decides to move out of their home, and he uses the equity in the property to settle all of his financial obligations.

Which of these trees did Velam value the most?

Trees, plants, and flowers began to flourish thanks to Velan’s careful tending and attention to detail. He had a shack in the back of the property where he lived. In the garden, there was a margosa tree that held a special place in his heart.

Who was the one and only person to live in Kumar Baugh later on?

In subsequent years, Velan was the only person who lived in Kumar Baugh.

What did the astrologers have to say about Velan’s future?

It was foretold by an astrologer who was traveling through the community that Velan would reside in a bungalow that was encircled by a garden. It was hard to believe because Velan and his parents were from a very low-income family. It’s hard to make sense of how Providence works. Velan eventually arrived in Malgudi after storming out of his childhood home in a fury one day.

Do you agree or disagree that the title of the story, “The Lost Child,” is acceptable and justifiable?

Answer: The author of the short story titled “The Lost Child” is a man by the name of Mulk Raj Anand. Because the protagonist’s yearning vanishes in an instant after the death of his parents, the book should be titled “The Lost Child,” which is an apt title for the story. … The youngster was their source of happiness and joy, so they made sure to shield him from any potential harm that might come his way.

The title, “Portrait of a Woman,” begs the question: what does it mean?

The author carries on talking about his grandmother throughout the entirety of the novel, hence the title, “The Portrait of a Woman,” is a very fitting moniker for this piece of writing. … Nevertheless, rather than only imparting physical characteristics like an image, it covers up the numerous sensations and emotions that the lady may be experiencing.

What does it mean to be referred to as the Selfish Giant?

Oscar Wilde’s work is titled “Selfish Giant.” It is fitting that the story be given the title “THE SELFISH GIANT” due to the fact that the giant in this made-up story is a person who is very tall, very powerful, and possesses an incredible ability.

Which of the AXE’s trees does Velan adore the most?

Narayan. Throughout the narrative, Velan is a significant figure. As a gardener, he formed a connection with the margosa tree, which had an effect on him. He went over to the margosa plant, put his fingers around its stem, and said, “I can put my fingers around you and shake you up like this. Grow up tiny one grow up and grow fat, be fit to stand.” He then proceeded to the plant.

What did Velan become chief gardener?

Velan ran away from home when he was eight years old after his father spanked him for coming home late from work. The incident led to Velan’s father slapping Velan. When Velan was reduced to begging on the side of the road for his life, an elderly man took him under his wing and taught him how to plan out a garden. When the elderly guy eventually fell ill, Velan took over as head gardener in his place.

The novel Malgudi Days is summarized as follows:

An Overview of the Novel titled “Malgudi School Days.” The first book in a trilogy that takes place in a fictitious village in South India known as Malgudi is titled Swami and Friends. The story centres around Swami, a quiet but vocal youngster, and his two buddies, Rajam, the boy whom everyone in class looks up to, and Mani, the big bruiser whom everyone fears.