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When did reggie miller retire?

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Reginald Wayne Miller is an ex-basketball player from the United States who spent his whole 18-year career in the National Basketball Association (NBA) with the Indiana Pacers. Miller is most known for his time with the Indiana Pacers.

What age Reggie Miller retired?

Miller, who is now 52 years old, spent his entire Hall of Fame NBA career playing for the Indiana Pacers. When he retired in 2005, he was the all-time leader in three-pointers, but Ray Allen has since moved ahead of him on that list.

How long was Reggie Miller’s career in baseball?

After being drafted 11th overall by the Indiana Pacers in the 1987 NBA draft, Reggie Miller played in the NBA for a total of 18 seasons with the team. During that time period, Reggie Miller played in more games for one team than all but two other players in NBA history combined. Unfortuitously, during those 18 seasons, Miller was only able to guide the Indiana Pacers to one appearance in the NBA Finals.

Who was the champion of the NBA Finals in 2004?

The victory of the Pistons against the Lakers in the 2004 Finals, 4-1, sent shockwaves through the basketball community. NBA.com takes a look back at the key events that helped shape the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Is it true that Jermaine O’Neal made it into the Hall of Fame?

Although it’s safe to say that Shaquille O’Neal’s career wasn’t quite good enough to merit induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, he came far closer than one might think. O’Neal participated in a total of six NBA All-Star Games during his career, which ties him for the second-most All-Star Game appearances among players who are not currently inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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At what age did Jordan decide to call it quits?

Three months later, on October 6, 1993, Michael Jordan made the announcement that he was retiring from basketball, citing the fact that “he no longer had the drive to continue.” This came after Jordan had won three consecutive NBA titles. After reaching the age of “retirement” at 33, it was unclear what Jordan would do going forward.

Is there a Hall of Fame for Shawn Kemp?

Even though Shawn Kemp was selected for six All-Star teams and appeared in one NBA Finals, he ought to be put into the Hall of Fame just for his dunks… He is one of the rare guys for whom a collection of the Top 100 Dunks is not an excessive amount of material.

What is the value of Ron Artest?

Ron Artest, whose full name is Ronald William Artest Jr., is a former professional basketball player in the United States. The names “Metta Sandiford-Artest” and “Metta World Peace” are also used to refer to him. As a player for the Los Angeles Lakers, Ron was a part of the team that won the 2010 NBA Championship. It is anticipated that Ron Artest’s net worth will be close to million by the year 2021.

What significant events took place in the Palace in 2004?

The fight that broke out between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons on November 19, 2004, at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States, is referred to in popular culture as “The Malice at the Palace.” It took place during a National Basketball Association (NBA) game between the Indiana Pacers and the defending champion Detroit Pistons.

What happened that caused Ben Wallace to lose his brother?

Wallace found out on Monday morning that his oldest brother, Sam Doss Jr., had passed away earlier that morning in White Hall, Alabama. Sam Doss Jr. was 61 years old. He had been enduring treatment for brain cancer… This morning, Wallace was planning to catch an early flight back to White Hall. He stated that he anticipated being unable to participate in the remainder of the trip.

Will D. Rose be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Throughout the first four seasons of his career, Derrick Rose was well on his way to being selected for the Hall of Fame on the first ballot. He had a lifetime scoring average of 21.0 PPG, 3.8 RPG, and 6.8 APG, as well as three All-Star selections and, of course, the MVP award for the 2010-11 season…. Except from the Most Valuable Player award, he does not have the resume to enter the Hall of Fame.

Will Vince Carter be selected for induction into the Hall of Fame?

In addition to this, Carter won the NBA Rookie of the Year award for the 1998–1999 season, won an Olympic gold medal, was named to the All-NBA team twice, and participated in eight different all-star games. According to the likelihood tracker found on Basketball Reference’s Hall of Fame page, he possesses a 94.5 percent chance of being inducted. So it looks like Carter will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Do you know if Dennis Rodman has made it into the Hall of Fame?

Dennis Rodman was one of numerous persons who were honored when he was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame; however, the larger-than-life legend’s emotional speech stole the show. During the 2011 ceremony, Rodman was seen choked up as he frequently stopped to wipe away tears while wearing a blazer with the names of both the Pistons and the Bulls embroidered on the back.

At what age did Kobe Bryant decide to call it a career?

Kobe Bryant discusses his decision to retire at the age of 35: “You’re full of it… | HoopsHype.

Do you know if Robert Horry is a member of the Hall of Fame?

On Saturday, Robert Horry received a significant show of support from a former head coach, making him only one of two players in the history of the NBA to have won at least seven championships yet not be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Is there a ring on Stephen Jackson’s finger?

Jackson was a part of the Spurs team that won the NBA title in 2003.

Is there a connection between Shaquille O’Neal and Jermaine O’Neal?

Jermaine O’Neal is a name commonly associated with the sport of basketball in the United States. He was born on October 13, 1978. (Photo by Prince Williams courtesy of WireImage) On the other hand, over two decades later, Jae Crowder of the Suns came within striking distance of breaking Shaq’s record. There is no connection between O’ Neal and Neal, despite the fact that O’ Neal is a reasonably popular surname.