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What time is ursus 2x?

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Ursus 2X Time / Golden Time

The real time that Golden Time occurs for Ursus is from 3 am to 3 pm Pacific Standard Time.

In MapleStory, are you able to take on Ursus alone?

Absolutely, in order to avoid becoming instagibbed by a bomb, you simply need to be a class that possesses either iframes or dark sight, such as dual blades. You also need to position yourself just behind or on top of it, and ideally have a lot of damage to deal to the enemy in order to finish him out as quickly as possible.

What is the number of Mesos that Ursus has?

Ursus is a raid boss that can have anywhere from 10 to 20 players participating in its defeat. You will receive rewards according on the amount of damage you deal, how well you heal, and whether or not the boss is defeated. During certain times of the day, Ursus will give twice as much mesos as usual, and you can earn an average of approximately 29,000,000 mesos per run, for a daily total of 87,000,000 mesos.

How long does one dose of Ursus 2x typically last?

Ursus can be fought during this 12-hour window for double the prizes, so it is in your group’s best interest to schedule their battles within this window whenever possible.

When does MapleStory go back to its default settings?

In contrast, there are two distinct weekly resets for different kinds of content, and the daily reset takes place at midnight UTC.

[Maplestory] Restart: The Ursus Handbook for 2020

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When will the Ursus 2X server be restarted?

When exactly does Ursus 2X begin? Ursus 2X Time / Golden Time The precise times when Ursus experiences Golden Time are as follows: PST: 3AM-3PM. UTC time is 10 AM to 10 PM. EST time: 6 AM to 6 PM

How exactly do you rack up those points in Ursus?

Before Ursus succumbs to your attacks, he must take around 10 billion points of damage. If you do not follow the instructions, you will end up with 0 points and no awards. In addition to that, you have the opportunity to earn points for rescues, such as res, free from hand, or catch.

In MapleStory, where can I find Magnus?

The region known as Tyrant’s Castle in Heliseum has Magnus as its last boss. In the Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties, you can engage in combat with him. If all of the players’ death counts hit zero at the same time, the match will be over and all of the participants will be eliminated from the competition.

Is this a new start for MapleStory?

Nexon published the MapleStory Reboot update for its North American server on December 1, 2015, which grants players access to the Reboot realm. This planet does not allow trading, the chances of dropping meso have been increased, and the player’s class will be reflected in the weapons and equipment that they find there.

Can you swap Mesos in reboot?

The accusation that MapleStory is a “Pay-to-Win” game inspired the development of the newest world, which is called Reboot. As a result, in Reboot, all Cash goods that grant power are either exchanged for mesos or are completely removed from the game entirely. Moreover, there is no trading in Reboot.

What is the drop rate for the maximum item in MapleStory?

In Maplestory, drop gear is a highly significant aspect of the game. Everyone begins the game with a drop rate of 100%, while the maximum possible drop rate in AriesMS is 600%. When you reach 600%, there is a sixfold increased chance that an item will drop.

Can you complete Maple Tour on several characters?

You can only enter with one character until you have claimed all of the meso awards that are associated with that character; after that, you are free to use any character you want. You can also access Maple Tour by picking up the quest labeled “[Maple Tour] Lulu Spinel’s Request” from the lightbulb on the side of the game.

How can you get an Antellion Guardian medal?

Antellion Guardian

It is necessary to finish the blockbuster storyline in Masteria Across Time in order to acquire this item. Completing the plot will take at least three to four hours of your time, but it will reward you with a free android.

Who is Ursus?

: a genus (the type of the family Ursidae) of bears held by some authorities to include all recent bears except the sloth bear and restricted by others to the European brown bear and immediately related forms or subdivided in various ways – compare selenarctos , thalarctos.

Is Hilla Hard done once per week?

Overview of the Conflict

In the Battle for Azwan scenario, the Boss Fight with Hilla can be attempted once per day, regardless of the difficulty chosen. A player must have reached Level 120 in order to attempt Normal Mode, and Level 170 in order to attempt Hard Mode; however, it is strongly recommended that Hard Mode be attempted in a party of at least two players.

What exactly is the time in MapleStory?

The game follows the UTC time standard, so the current time is 8:47 am. 1.

Is easy Cygnus daily?

The easy cygnus has six times fewer hit points as the chaos pink bean but gives three times as many mesos and appears once every week.

How much time does it take to make Absolab weapons?

If you only undertake the weekly quests on one character, it can take up to 11 weeks to obtain the whole set of equipment if you only do those quests. On the other hand, if you have numerous characters that are level 200 or higher, you can get all of the necessary equipment in a matter of weeks.

Does the rate of drops have an effect on Mesos?

About the Possible Item Drop Rate

According to the common description, Giant Spiders do not increase the number of mesos but rather the drop rate of mesos, hence it is reasonable to assume that the amount of mesos that may be obtained from a single bag should not have changed.

Do familiars with varying drop rates stack?

There is no stacking that is additive.