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What percentage does kidizen take?

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The prices are the same across all of the Kidizen outlets. When placing an order through Kidizen, please keep in mind that the price of an item already includes the following: the Kidizen fees, which range from 12-18% (older shops have been grandfathered in at 12%, while new shops have the 18% fee), as well as the price of shipping that is determined by the item’s weight.

What are the costs associated with Kidizen?

When an item is sold, Kidizen gives the seller a shipping label so that she can send the item to the buyer. The marketplace price for the service is 12% plus 50 cents for each transaction. The fee is charged by the service. As the cost of transportation is the responsibility of the seller, Lynn suggests that individuals consider incorporating this expense into their prices. [For a list of 35 ways to cut costs, go here.]

Which brands are most successful on Kidizen?

Shops on Kidizen That Are Some of My Favorites to Visit

Due to the fact that we maintained such excellent care for them, I was able to turn around and resale them once the girls had outgrown them. Mini Melissa, Hunter, Remi Girl, Baby Gap, and many other brands may be found at Kidizen. To put it simply, all of our preferred brands!

How does Kidizen make money?

If you’ve ever used Poshmark or Mercari to offer products for sale, you won’t find much of a difference when using Kidizen.
  1. Bring up the application on your mobile device.
  2. Click the button labeled “Sell.”
  3. Take photographs of your belongings.
  4. Develop a captivating title by using the name of the brand along with any applicable keywords.
  5. Choose the appropriate category, then select the gender, size, brand, and condition.

Who is responsible for the cost of sending Kidizen?

The costs of shipment as well as the creation of a shipping label are the responsibility of the seller. You have the option of purchasing a label from Kidizen or purchasing your own; however, if you choose to purchase your own label, it is imperative that you include a tracking number. When the tracking number of your product is scanned and it is confirmed that the item has been dispatched, you will be paid.

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When selling on Kidizen, how long do merchants have to send items?

To ensure that customers continue to have a pleasant shopping experience, we require sellers to ship items within five business days of an order being placed. However, we strongly urge that sellers ship items within a maximum of forty-eight hours. A buyer has the ability to ask for a refund after a waiting period of 7 days.

Are potential purchasers able to make offers on Kidizen?

It is as simple as tapping on the alert notification in order to send a counteroffer to any customer who has added one of your items to their shopping cart. In the event that an item is purchased while the offer is still being processed, the offer will no longer be valid, and you will be required to submit a new offer.

What what is the KidConomy?

The Kidizen Economy can be helped along by participating in the KidConomy shopping event, which takes place within the app. It began as an event that took place during slower seasons with the intention of keeping things moving, but it has now grown to take place four to five times per year. The basic idea is straightforward…. This is a grassroots event, and neither Kidizen nor any of its staff are responsible for holding it.

How many users are currently active on Kidizen?

It had increased by 79% by the beginning of the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same time period the year before. It currently has more than 800,000 registered users and has generated income of million so far.

Does Kidizen have a vacation mode?

Go to the Settings app on your Android device, touch on Profile Settings, scroll down until you reach the bottom of the screen, tap the circle next to Vacation Mode, and then tap save.

Do people use Kidizen?

Kidizen is really simple and straightforward to use. Inside the app, you have the ability to both post an item for sale and print a label for its shipment. They do charge a modest listing fee, but the ease it provides more than makes up for the cost in my opinion. I do some selling in Facebook groups that are designated for buying, selling, and trading, but it’s usually a huge pain for me.

How exactly do you go about editing photos on Kidizen?

If you tap the listing in your profile, you will have the option to edit it in the event that you discover a new defect in an item, are required to make a price adjustment, or simply want to update or reorganize your photos.

Can you sell toys on Kidizen?

Kidizen is a brand-new application for iOS that will soon be releasing a mobile peer-to-peer marketplace where parents will be able to buy and sell their children’s used clothing, toys, shoes, and other easily shippable items.

What exactly does it mean to share on Kidizen?

How it functions: You are free to share as many listings as you like, and this includes those you have created yourself. You are only allowed to share each unique listing once every hour to help minimize the Shop feed from becoming too congested. Maintaining a connection through Sharing: When someone who you are following shares more than XX listings, you will receive a notification about it.

How can one increase their following on Kidizen?

You may maintain a prominent presence in the feeds of your followers as well as in their minds by updating your shop with new products on a regular basis. The greater the number of stuff you possess, the better! When it comes to visibility, it is better to list a few items each day as opposed to listing all of them on the same day. If you have 20 items to list, instead of submitting everything at once, list four items each day for the next five days.

How exactly does one go about following another user on Kidizen?

Observe what they do! When you follow other stores or individuals on this site, products that they list will automatically be added to your Following feed. To locate this feed, open the Shop part of the app and then pick Following from the menu that appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

Is it possible for a purchaser to put a bid on a bundle.

Give potential purchasers a confidential offer by using a Bundle. You even have the option of including an unique shipping discount for Bundle purchases in your offer. If the offer that you made is taken, the order will be processed right away, and you will get a confirmation email that contains a label for shipping that has already been paid for.

On Mercari, is it possible to create a private listing?

You can remove the item from everyone’s carts and prevent them from receiving a notification about the price reduction by hiding the listing first. To do this, touch on edit and then hide the listing.

With Mercari, how do you go about purchasing bundles?

To bundle listings:
  1. Determine the specific things that the buyer intends to acquire.
  2. Make a new listing with detailed photographs and explanations of all the things that are included in the bundle…
  3. Send a message to the buyer informing them that the bundled listing has been posted.
  4. Listings that were bundled together should be deactivated or deleted to prevent others from acquiring them.

Using Kidizen, is it possible to transport packages on your own?

You are free to make your own postal purchases outside of Kidizen with the United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service, Federal Express, or any other major carrier of your choice. Just make sure that you add the tracking number at the bottom of the screen that displays the order details so that your customer can stay informed and you can get paid.

How much does it cost to sell items on Poshmark?

Our pricing structure is very uncomplicated and uncomplicated. Poshmark deducts a flat commission rate of .95 from all sales that are less than . You are to keep the remainder. When you make a sale of or more, you keep 80% of the proceeds, and Poshmark takes 20% as their commission.

How can I get in touch with Kidizen?

  1. Contact Email [email protected]
  2. Phone Number 612-987-0284.

At what price should I set the price of the baby garments I’m selling in my garage sale?

Clothing for Infants and Little Children

25 to 50 cents for clothes that have seen a lot of use, particularly if there are any stains, holes, or imperfections on them. Onsies in particular are going to be plenty during garage sale weekends; thus, I suggest setting a price of fifty cents for each onesie. If it’s a Baby Gap or another high-end brand and it’s in decent shape, you can get away with charging for it.

Is there a market for buying and selling children’s clothing?

The fact that there will always be newborns in need of clothing means that the baby apparel sector has the potential to be tremendously lucrative. If you want to improve your chances of being successful, you need figure out where you can get nice clothes at a low price and where you can resale them, regardless of whether you do this in a physical store or on the internet.