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What is the population of whyalla 2020?

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The population density in the City of Whyalla is expected to be 20.06 people per square kilometer in 2020, with an estimated resident population of 21,506 people.

What is the city of Whyalla’s population like?

Whyalla had a total population of 21,501 residents as at the time of the 2016 census. There were 49.9% males and 50.1% females among these total respondents. 4.8% of the total population consisted of persons who identified as either Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

How many people will live in Whyalla in the year 2021?

In the year 2021, the population of Whyalla is projected to be 22,612. Whyalla is one of the 86 cities that make up Australia and has a population that places it at position 53 overall.

What is a fact about Whyalla that most people don’t know?

Whyalla had an estimated urban population of 22,654 as of the month of June in 2015. On the eastern side of the Eyre Peninsula, there is a town that serves as a port. Because of its long history of shipbuilding and integrated steel production, the town is commonly referred to as the “Steel City.” Since the year 1903, the port of Whyalla has been used for the export of iron ore.

What exactly does it mean to say the name Whyalla?

It was originally known as Hummock Hill until 1920, when it was renamed Whyalla, which is an Aboriginal word that means “place with deep water.” The Second World War was a significant driver of industrial advancement…

Whyalla, a city in South Australia, is going to be turned into a center for environmentally friendly technologies.

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Is Whyalla a nice spot to make a home for oneself?

In addition to that, it offers excellent opportunities for sports and fitness. It also has a theater and a small movie theater. The inhabitants have a reputation for being kind and welcoming, which is something that the entire Eyre Peninsula is known for. Whyalla is home to a beautiful marina and foreshore area.

Who was the first person to find Whyalla?

In the year 1802, Mathew Flinders gave the site the name Hummock Hill for the first time. Up to the 1920s, people referred to it as “Hummocky.” Whyalla, a Banggarla Aboriginal word presumably meaning “deep water location,” became the official name of the town once it was given official recognition.

Is New South Wales the location of Whyalla?

Whyalla can be found in the far north of New South Wales, approximately 580 kilometers to the north-northwest of Sydney.

Is there access to the brand-new Whyalla jetty?

Whyalla’s brand-new jetty can now be used by the public. The community participated in extensive consultations with the council, which resulted in the consideration of five different jetty design ideas. Because this one-of-a-kind jetty had such widespread support, it was selected as the community’s top choice. The length of the new jetty, 165 meters, is 38 meters longer than the previous one.

Is Whyalla primarily known as a mining town?

Mining for iron ore

The iron ore used in the production of steel at the Whyalla Steelworks comes from a variety of mines located along the Middleback Range. The extraction of iron ore from this area dates back to at least the year 1900. Before the establishment of the steelworks, the ore was transported from Whyalla, which was once known as Hummock Hill, to Port Pirie for the purpose of being used as a flux in smelters.

What will Geelong’s population be in the year 2020?

As of the 30th of June in the year 2020, it is anticipated that the population of the City of Greater Geelong would be 264,866.

Is Whyalla regional or rural?

Whyalla Campus is presently the largest regional university campus in the state, and it was built on a location that is 22 hectares in size and is located in the middle of the city. It is also home to more than 60 academic and professional staff members.

What kinds of businesses are there in Whyalla?

Whyalla has a significant industrial base, which includes the provision of services in the fields of mining, engineering, and steel manufacture.

Who is the owner of the iron knob?

In South Australia’s Middleback Ranges, roughly 60 kilometers from the city of Whyalla, lies an iron ore mine that is owned and operated by SIMEC Mining. This mine has a capacity of 10 million tonnes of ore per year. These activities encompass the mining sites located in the Iron Baron Range, the Iron Knob Range, and the South Middleback Range.

When was the Whyalla hospital first opened for patients?

In the year 1940, the Whyalla Hospital, the Whyalla Abattoirs, the RAOB Hall, the Ozone Open Air Cinema, St. Teresa’s School, and the Bayview and Spencer Hotels all opened their doors to the public or construction began on them.

Whyalla is the name of what indigenous land?

The Barngarla are an Aboriginal tribe that live in the districts surrounding Port Lincoln, Whyalla, and Port Augusta. They were once known as the Parnkalla, and they are also known as the Pangkala. The Barngarla people are the traditional owners of a significant portion of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.