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What is ocilla area code?

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Irwin County, located in the state of Georgia in the United States, has its county seat at the community of Ocilla. At the time of the census in 2010, there were 3,414 people living there. Ocilla is included in the micropolitan statistical area that encompasses Fitzgerald.

Is Ocilla Ga safe?

Ocilla, Georgia Crime Statistics and Analysis

In Ocilla, there is a one in thirty chance that a person may become a victim of either a violent crime or a property crime. According to the statistics provided by the FBI, Ocilla is not one of the safest localities in the United States. Ocilla’s rate of violent crime is higher than that of 77% of Georgia’s cities and towns of all sizes, making it one of the most dangerous places in the state.

Is it a good idea to make your home in Ocilla, Georgia?

In general, Ocilla is a pleasant and secure community in which to bring up a family. My opinion is that the schools are excellent. There are not enough restaurants in the area, and there are not enough things for families to do together.

Was the body of Tara Grinstead ever located?

The door to Grinstead’s home was securely shut, her vehicle was parked in the driveway, and her pets were inside… After that, Duke showed the Dukes the body, and the Dukes spent two days burning Grinstead’s bones, which is why her remains were never located, despite the fact that Grinstead was proclaimed legally dead in 2010 at the request of her father.

Which street did Tara Grinstead call home all those years?

The GBI conducted their hunt for Tara’s remains in this area. Ocilla, Georgia 31774 401 South Cherry Street The distance from the police station to Tara’s home is half a mile.

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Who was responsible for the death of Tara Grinstead?

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) made the announcement on February 23, 2017, that they had obtained information that led to the arrest of Ryan Alexander Duke for the murder of Grinstead. Around three years before to Grinstead’s disappearance, Duke had been a student at the Irwin County High School, which was Grinstead’s place of employment at the time.

Why did Tara Grinstead have to meet her end?

She claims that he finally opened up to her about his darkest secret, which is that many years ago, his roommate Ryan Duke, who shares a similar name but is not related, woke him up one morning and told him that he had “accidentally” killed Tara while attempting to rob her in her home. Both of these gentlemen have prior experience at Irwin County High School.

Who was it in Ocilla that killed Tara?

The trial of Ryan Duke, who the authorities claim confessed to breaking into Grinstead’s home in Ocilla in 2005 and strangling her to death before hiding her body in a pecan orchard, has been delayed for nearly two years due to court appeals over witness funds. Grinstead was found dead in an orchard.

What exactly took place, Dusty Vassey?

OCILLA – According to a press release, the 57th Sweet Potato Festival will be held this year in memory of Dusty Vassey, who passed away on September 8 as a result of unanticipated complications following cancer treatment. Dusty was a reporter for the Ocilla Star. In his editorials, he often combined serious topics with lighthearted banter.

Are Bo Dukes and Ryan Duke related?

In October of 2005, Tara Grinstead vanished after working as a high school history teacher in her hometown of Ocilla, Georgia. She had previously held the title of pageant queen. In 2017, charges were brought against two males, Ryan Alexander Duke and Bo Dukes, in connection with her disappearance.

What exactly took place in the case of Tara Grinstead?

The GBI was informed by Ryan that he had killed Tara by striking her. After some time had passed, he admitted that it was probable that he had suffocated her. But according to Bo, Ryan was absolutely convinced about what took place: [In an interview with GBI], BO DUKES says: He pounced on her while she was sleeping and strangled her right there in her bed. He did this when she was in bed.

What exactly takes place in up vanished?

Payne Lindsey is the host of the investigative podcast Up and Vanished, which takes the form of a documentary. The missing persons cold cases that are investigated in this series include looking through previous leads, interviewing witnesses and locals, and conducting investigations on location.

Is the tale of Up and Vanished based on real events?

Up and Vanished was initially conceived of by Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey of Tenderfoot TV as a true-crime documentary. As an amateur private investigator, Lindsey chose a missing-persons case from his home state of Georgia and set out on a trip to find the missing person… The podcast received a lot of attention very quickly, not only in South Georgia but also across the country.

Who was found guilty in the case of Tara Grinstead?

Bo Dukes, a former closest friend of Duke’s who was also a co-defendant in the case, was found guilty in 2019 of helping to conceal Grinstead’s death and was sentenced to 25 years in prison as a result of the conviction. He told the investigators that he had assisted Duke in setting fire to her remains in an isolated pecan grove.

So who exactly is this Brooke Sheridan?

A segment about Brooke Sheridan, who claimed on CBS’s 48 Hours that she is the source of the information that solved the murder mystery that had been pending for 11 years, aired on CBS This Morning on Thursday. Grinstead, a teacher at an Ocilla school, vanished in October of 2005, and the investigation into her disappearance became the most significant missing-person case in the GBI’s history.