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What is circuitous travel?

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Using a route that is different from the one that would typically be recommended by a TO when traveling between two locations that are specified in an authorization travel order is what is meant by “circuitous travel.”… It is permissible for dependents to travel without their sponsor. Requests for travel that takes a roundabout route are either granted or denied by the official designated for the task.

What exactly is meant by the term “circular indirect travel”?

Any path (CONUS or OCONUS) other than the one that is generally prescribed by the Installation Transportation Office (ITO) between the official sites indicated in a member’s TDY or PCS order is considered to be a circuitous or indirect travel route. When traveling to your subsequent permanent duty posts, you can think of circuitous travel as essentially taking the scenic route.

What exactly does “delayed travel” entail?

When a service member is transferred from a CONUS location to an overseas area, it is possible that the person’s dependents will not be able to travel at the same time as the soldier and will instead receive their orders at a later period…. This practice is known as “DEFERRED TRAVEL.”

Could I take time off in conjunction with my temporary assignment?

Sure, as long as it is indicated on the TDY travel orders and it has been approved by your command…. The Military Assignments and Allowed Leave policies determine who has the authority to depart on temporary duty from a station that has permissive orders. Article 2 of the Absences Handbook, found on page 2 of 3. A.

How many travel days are authorized for TDY?

There is permission for a total of two days of travel. On the day that they are scheduled to depart from the TDY point, the traveler must complete their duty obligations. Premium accommodations paid for by travelers are not eligible for reimbursement unless specifically authorized in the orders or otherwise approved.

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Do you get paid for TDY?

You will be reimbursed $0.545 per mile if you are traveling in accordance with TDY orders, but you will only receive $0.18 per mile if you are PCSing. You will be compensated according to the mileage rate, which is figured up by the military based on the official distance traveled.

How many travel days are included in the PCS package?

1) Official Travel Time: A traveler who is authorized to make a PCS move by POV is allotted one day of travel time for every 400 miles that they travel between authorized destinations. While traveling a distance greater than 400 miles, the traveler is granted an additional day of travel time for every 350 miles driven in excess of the initial 400 miles.

While you are on TDY, are you permitted to travel?

If you are traveling for official business, then you are eligible to be reimbursed for your transportation costs, and this includes any allowed transportation costs that you incur while you are stationed at the TDY location.

Is permissive TDY official travel?

“Permissive TDY” means temporary duty that does not cost the government any money, as stated in the Joint Travel Rules (JTR). Because of this, neither the authorizations nor the vouchers in the DTS for permissive travel permit any payments to be made to the passenger.

What kinds of travel count as official business?

Travel on behalf of the government may be required for one of the following reasons: temporary duty away from the official duty station A change in one’s official duty station, a “relocation” that requires a Permanent Change of Station (PCS), or one’s first duty assignment, among other things. Travel on a more local scale within and close to the official duty station.

If I am stationed in Korea, will I be required to take Bah?

Housing Allowance Serving As A Base No Yes, if family is located in the United States No (family is in Korea) BAH is an amount of money authorized to assist a member in defraying the housing cost incurred by Service Members assigned to a Permanent Duty Station (PDS) within the continental U.S. (CONUS).

Is it possible for Army wives to travel to South Korea?

When you make the decision to reside in South Korea, you will be required to have a SOFA Visa Stamp affixed to your passport. This will ensure that you are eligible to accompany your spouse throughout the entirety of their mission. In order to receive it, you will need a copy of your orders, your military identification, and your passport.

What exactly does it mean to go on an unsupervised tour?

When a member of the armed forces is given unaccompanied orders, it indicates that his or her family members are not included on the orders and that they are not expected to travel to the new duty station with the member.

Is it possible for me to schedule my own PCS flight?

ALL OTHER BRANCHES: You are allowed to buy your own tickets, but you MUST do it at the Information, Tickets, and Tours (ITT) office located on the military installation. If you get your tickets from a different vendor, we cannot pay you for the cost of the tickets! 2.

How does leave en route work?

The only reason a member will be granted leave en route is if it will help them operate more effectively in their new unit or to support a PCS move. For instance, if a member needs to make a detour to the home of a family member to pick up a car but the trip as a whole will require more time, leaving en route may be an alternative for them.

How many days of my PCS leave am I allowed to take?

In connection with a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) relocation between and within the 50 states and the District of Columbia, service members are granted the opportunity to perform a permitted TDY, also known as temporary duty, for a maximum of 10 days. When members are sent on “Permissive TDY,” it indicates that they are not compensated for their travel expenses or their meals, but they are not required to pay for vacation.

If you get married, are you eligible for more flexible time off work?

According to a memo that was issued in October, service members who are unable to marry legally in the state or nation where they are assigned have the option of requesting permissive temporary duty in order to go to a jurisdiction in which they are authorized to do so.

How long does it take for a permissive TDY to become eligible for retirement?

Permissive Temporary Duty: Prior to separation, all retiring members are permitted a total of 20 days of permissive TDY (or 30 days if they are returning from overseas), which can be used for job or housing hunting.

What does the abbreviation TDY stand for?

A member of the United States Armed Forces may be assigned to travel or perform other duty at a location other than the traveler’s permanent duty station if it is authorized by the Joint Travel Regulations. This type of assignment is referred to as temporary duty travel (TDY), but it is also sometimes referred to as temporary additional duty (TAD).

Will the government foot the bill for my vacation?

A group of senators from both coasts of the United States as well as Illinois have come together to propose a piece of legislation that will be known as the Hospitality and Commerce Employment Recovery Act…. It contains a tax credit for travelers as well as other measures that provide relief for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and event venues.

May I utilize DTS for my own personal travel arrangements?

When traveling on temporary duty, a DoD personal services contract employee may use DTS. The terms and conditions of the contract will dictate whether or not the government would reimburse the government contractor or an employee of the government contractor for travel expenses (for more information, see Department of Defense Instruction 3020.41, “Operational Contract Support (OCS)”).

Are tips reimbursable for government travel?

Taxes and tips are already factored into the meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) rate, therefore travelers will not be paid for those costs individually because they are already covered by the M&IE rate. What exactly falls under the category of “incidental expenses”?

How much cash will I receive if I decide to PCS?

Per Diem for PCS Travel

By using their own privately owned conveyance (also known as POC), members of the armed forces are compensated at a set fee of 2.50 per day for each day of authorized travel that they make use of.

Is it possible to PCS twice in the same year?

In most cases, you will only be eligible for one DLA for a given fiscal year. On the other hand, if the PCS orders that you were given by your command are amended or canceled, you can be eligible for a second, more modest DLA.

Do days spent traveling count toward vacation time?

It shall be counted as leave if the total number of days is greater than the sum of travel and proceed days. Despite the fact that travel documents do not need a time anymore, the orders stamp is still used to establish what occurs.