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What Happened To Kerry Chant Teeth? Explained – Viral Memes


What Happened To Kerry Chant Teeth? Explained - Viral Memes

Kerry Chant has had to deal with memes and trolls for the most of her life, albeit it wasn’t always this way. You can get all of the most recent information on her right here.

Kerry Chant is a public health physician who practises in Australia. She has been the state’s top health officer since 2008, when she was appointed to the position.

Her consistent public health advise during the Covid-19 outbreak has won her the title of Woman of the Year in the state of New York in March 2021. Nonetheless, despite her laudable achievements, she has been the target of memes and trolls in recent years, and she continues to do so.

Kerry Chant’s Teeth Have Been Lost To Time. Explained: What Are Viral Memes?

Kerry Chant does not have any problems with her teeth, despite the fact that her teeth memes have gone global. As of right now, there have been no reports of major dental complications.


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Matthew Daniel Gordon, a crackhead, has been arrested and charged.

Nevertheless, once she was photographed breaching the Covid-19 safety procedures, netizens began to create memes about her teeth in response.

She has been caught on camera doing things like wiping her tears away with her face mask or without wearing a mask at all, despite the fact that she is the head of the health sector. This occurred during her public remark in front of a large audience of reporters.

Since then, she has been summoned to correct her bad habits and whiten her teeth, which she has refused to do. It appears that netizens will not let her off the hook for her minor gaffes, especially given that she is the leader of the NSW health office.

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With the hashtag #drkerrychant, Kerry Chant has amassed over 3 million views on TikTok, with the majority of the views being memes and criticism. Many videos have been uploaded to the video-sharing website showing Kerry engaging in activities that violate the Covid-19 precautionary rules.

Furthermore, some users have taken it as a joke, while others have come forward to express their support for the NSW health minister.

Kerry Chant may be followed on Twitter.

Kerry Chant can be found on Twitter under the handle @NSWCHO, where she has a following of nearly 15 thousand followers.

She is attempting to raise awareness in Australia through the media and social media, as the country has seen a significant increase in the number of Covid cases.

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