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What does the word unheralded meaning in english?

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: not widely acclaimed : such as. a: an unheralded film an unheralded opponent among other examples. b: occurring without previous warning or preparation: unanticipated…

What does it mean to be an underappreciated commander?

It is stated that there is a strong and capable woman standing behind every successful guy…. Galatta Media just just presented Sangeetha Vijay with an award for being one of the Wonder Women (WoW) recipients in the category of “Unheralded Commander.” The Wonder Women (WoW) awards were created with the intention of recognizing the accomplishments of women throughout five generations in the film industry.

What is the definition of Unhearled?

occurring without prior notification or preparation; coming as a complete surprise.

What does the word unheralded mean when used in a sentence?

without prior notification or public announcement.
  1. They are looking for those who are talented but less well known in the film industry to submit examples of their work.
  2. The decision to completely abandon this course of action came as a surprise.
  3. I didn’t want my arrival to go unnoticed in any way, shape, or form.
  4. This time, it came as such a surprise that it gave off the impression of being manufactured.

What other words may we use instead of unheralded?

Unheralded is a term that has 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic phrases, and related words. Some of the alternative names for unheralded include unsung, unnoticed, unrecognized, unknown, unannounced, unpredicted, antipodean, and undervalued. You can find all of this information on this page.

What exactly does it mean to be Unheralded?

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What is the original term from which auspicious was derived?

The term auspicious originates from the Latin word auspex, which can be translated as “bird seer.” This phrase is derived from the words avis, which mean “bird,” and specere, which means “to stare at.”… In modern times, “kindly patronage and direction” is frequently conveyed through the usage of the plural word, “auspices.”

What does acerbic mean in literature?

: sharply or bitingly critical, sarcastic, or ironic in temper, mood, or tone acerbic commentary an acerbic reviewer.

What is delegable?

: capable of being delegated.

What exactly does it mean to decorate something?

transitive verb. 1: to make something look more appealing, especially by decorating it with lovely things she decorated the wall with her paintings. 2: to make more lively or attractive by decorating in an ornamental manner persons of fashion who graced the Court

What does it mean to be underrated?

If you think that the common perception of something is less favorable than it should be, you may consider that perception to be underestimated. Underrated can be used as either an adjective or the past tense of the verb “to underrate.” It is slightly more frequent to state that something is undervalued rather than to imply that people underrate it, yet both of these expressions are employed.

Which of these definitions best describes the term “fledgling”?

a young bird that has recently flown its nest (see fledge, meaning 1) a mother bird that is caring for her young 2: a person who is immature or lacks experience medical students just starting out. 3: a corporation that is in its early stages of development

How did Vijay and his wife meet?

On August 25, 1999, Thalapathy Vijay had the opportunity to meet Sangeetha, an avid fan who was living in the United Kingdom and was of Sri Lankan Tamil descent. She was so impressed by his work in the movie Poove Unakkaga (1996) that she made the decision to go see him in Chennai while he was filming a movie there.

Where exactly does the word “savant” originate?

In the year 1887, the term “idiot” was commonly used to refer to those who had an IQ of less than 25, while the term “savant,” which means “knowledgeable person,” was derived from the French word “savoir,” which means “to know.”

What does Undorned mean?

: not embellished: void of ornamentation or decoration; unadorned; straightforward.

What is the meaning of the word protruded as it is used in this sentence?

: a handkerchief sticking out of his breast pocket, projecting from the surrounding surface or context. transitive verb. 1. to cause anything to be projected. 2 to propel oneself forward in an archaic manner.

Is there such a thing as the word delegable?

authority that can be passed on to another person or organization is called delegable.

Which of These Can Be Delegated?

Filters. ability to be handed over to another person.

What exactly is the duty of delegating?

Filters. A duty that can be shouldered by another person who will carry it out in their stead. See also one’s duties. noun.

Are people capable of becoming caustic?

If you say something to another person that is caustic, or sharply bitter, it may leave a bitter taste in your mouth that persists, and the acerbic, or acidic, words may also eat away at the person who is hearing them.

How should I use the word acerbic?

How do you use acerbic in a sentence?
  1. After John listened to the critical remarks made by his instructor, he lacked the motivation to finish the project he was working on.
  2. The caustic tone used by the author did not go down well with those who had a problem with direct and constructive criticism.
  3. Even though you might find your sarcastic joke hilarious and insightful, other people might not share your sense of humor.

What is the original term from which capitulation was derived?

To capitulation means to give up and surrender completely or to yield under specified conditions. In either case, you are giving your consent to something that isn’t what you truly want. The Roman words caput (meaning “head”) and capitulum (meaning “headings”) gave rise to this word, which makes a reference to the legal agreement drawn up when someone formally surrendered.

What exactly does it mean to behave propitiously?

1: having a disposition that is favorable; benevolent. 2: having the quality of being a good omen; being a propitious and auspicious sign. 3: leaning in the direction of favor; beneficial.