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What does love prevails mean?

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vb. 1 transitive verb to feel a strong attachment to and fondness for someone or something. 2 transitive verb to have a strong desire, longing, and affections for someone or something. 3 tr to have a strong liking for something or a strong desire to do something.

What does it mean that we will emerge victorious?

1. to achieve dominance by virtue of one’s power or superiority; to prevail. 2: to have or acquire the quality of being effective or effectual. 3: by effectively appealing to his sense of morality, I was able to get him to sing.

What definition do you give for the term prevail?

What Does Prevail Mean in a Sentence?
  1. We are going to win this battle against the enemy despite the fact that our troops are hungry and exhausted.
  2. Let us put our faith in the system of justice and hope that the person responsible for the murder will be brought to justice and punished to the maximum extent of the law.
  3. In the event that rational thought does not triumph, a huge conflict between the city’s two most powerful gangs will soon break out.

What exactly does it imply when people say that the truth will win out in the end?

The words “Seek the truth, hear the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, speak the truth, hold the truth, and defend the truth until death” are credited to Jan Hus as the source of the motto…. The usual interpretation of Hus’ credo was that it demonstrated the moral and spiritual rather than the physical and military might of its adherents.

What grammatical category is prevail from?

The verb “prevail” is defined as well as its synonyms on the Macmillan Dictionary website.

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What does with no prevail mean?

: without success They made efforts to discuss the matter in a level-headed manner, but to no avail.

What kind of noun is the word “Prevail”?

prevailer. Noun form of the verb to prevail; a person who wins.

Which country’s motto is “the truth shall prevail”?

In the modern Czech Republic, the motto “Truth Prevails” is still used, and Jan Hus’s fiercely independent spirit and martyrdom (he was burnt at the stake for refusing to compromise his ideas) are honored with a national festival.

What exactly does it mean to be veritas?

Truth is strong and will ultimately win out. This is a Latin phrase.

What does justice prevail mean?

c the idea that the level of punishment should be appropriate to the severity of the crime. 3 the administration of law in accordance with the principles that have been established and agreed upon. 4 compliance with the law; recognized standing in the court of law.

What does it mean for a law to prevail?

One definition of “prevail” includes the following: To succeed in an action or litigation by obtaining the remedy that was sought or by winning the action or suit. For instance, the Plaintiff was successful in arguing their case before the Supreme Court. To be operational or effective; to be in force. Take, for instance, a tradition that is still observed today.

How do you use prevail upon in a sentence?

: to ask or persuade (someone) to do something They prevailed on/upon me to play a few tunes on the piano.

What does it mean to “prevail” in a situation?

The phrase “anything that has the greatest general impact or acceptance at the present time” is the definition of the word “prevailing.” Because the vast majority of scientists today subscribe to the theory, one might consider the theory of evolution to be an example of the theory that is generally accepted on the origin of people.

Which words can be substituted for the word prevail?

synonyms for prevail
  • abound.
  • beat.
  • overcome.
  • prove.
  • reign.
  • succeed.
  • triumph.
  • win.

Who exactly claimed that the truth would win out in the end?

George Washington Sayings and Quotations. When there is a concerted effort to bring something to light, eventually it will emerge victorious.

What does it mean for Aequitas Veritas?

Both “truth” and “justice” come from the Latin phrase “veritas aequitas,” which translates to English as “the truth and the justice.” They are frequently seen in the same context and have strong ties to the movie Boondock Saints from 1999.

What is the adage that Harvard lives by?

Veritas, which is Latin for “truth,” was selected to serve as Harvard’s motto in the year 1643; yet, the phrase did not emerge into public usage for close to 200 years. Instead, in the year 1650, the Harvard Corporation decided to use the words “For the glory of Christ,” which is translated from the Latin as “In Christi Gloriam.”

What exactly is the function of Veritas?

It specializes on storage management software, which includes the first commercial journaling file system, VxFS, VxVM, VCS, the personal/small office backup software Backup Exec, and the enterprise backup product NetBackup. VxFS was the first commercial journaling file system. An early piece of CD recording software was called Veritas Record Now.

Which country’s motto, “truth wins,” originates from a quote attributed to the Czech theologian and philosopher Jan Hus?

It is thought that the words “Seek the truth, hear the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, speak the truth, hold the truth, and defend the truth until death” was uttered by Jan Hus. This quote is now used as the Czech national motto.

The Bible uses the word “prevail,” but what does it mean?

The word “prevail” is unquestionably an optimistic one. It suggests achievement or victorious completion. It implies to triumph, to rule, to subjugate, and to emerge victorious in the end.

Which of these phrases is the antonym of prevail?

Be defeated, come up short, fail, fall short, miscarry, miss, and miss out on are antonyms for each other. Achieve, obtain, flourish, prosper, succeed, thrive, and win are all synonyms for achieve.

Where did the concept of dominating first appear?

The Middle French verb prĂ©valoir, which means “to have the advantage, dominate,” and the Latin word praevalre, which means “to have superior force, weight, or influence, to have the upper hand,” both contributed to the development of the English word prevail. The prefix prae-, which means “before, in front, or preeminent” (as it is used here), and the Latin verb valre, which means “to…” combine to make the compound verb praevalre.

What exactly does the name Availeth mean?

Filters. Form of avail used in the archaic third person singular simple present indicative voice.

What exactly does it mean to make oneself available?

They took advantage of his services by using the phrasal verb “availing themselves of.” which also means “to make use of” or “to take advantage of.”