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What does leprous hide mean?

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leprous hide means skin like leopard or discoloured bark.

Where does leprous hide his secret in the poem about cutting down a tree?

scaly skin brought on by an infectious condition is referred to as having leprous hide when it is in this state. The poet is implying that the bark of the tree has a leprous appearance, which suggests that it is rough and scaly.

What exactly do you comprehend when you hear the phrase “leprous hide Class 9”?

Answer: The term “leprous hide” refers to the irregular and deformed bark of the tree, which gives the impression that the tree is sick or suffering from leprosy. Leaves beginning to sprout

In Class 9’s evaluation, what has been compared to leprous hide?

Answer: The bark that has become discolored over the course of time has been linked to what has been referred to as “leprous hide.” It has the appearance of someone who suffers from leprosy and the skin on their body has turned a discolored color as a result. It took more than a single stab with the knife to bring down the tree in question 4. After then, the poet offered some advice on what to do.

What does it signify when someone has a leprous hide in Tamil?

It does not take a single thrust of the knife to bring an end to the life of a tree. Will get it done… The term “leprous hide” refers to the bark of the tree. The damaged and irregular surface of a bark is what gives it the appearance of leprosy. ‘hide’ means skin. (In this context, it refers to the outer layer of the tree.)

And out of its leprous hide, leaves began to sprout.-What exactly is meant to be referenced by the phrase “leprous hide”?

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Why does the leprous hide have an ironic quality?

The tree’s leprous hide, also known as the bark, is where the leaves begin to form. In most cases, leprosy causes the body to waste away. The fact that leprous hide can produce leaves is a bit ironic.

What may be extracted from a leprous hide?

Explanation: Leaves emerge through the so-called “leprous hide” of the plant. The scaly, rough bark of the trees is sometimes referred to as the “leprous hide.”

How does the tree end up being cut down?

The tree is finally put to death when its roots are destroyed and it is exposed to sunshine and air, which causes it to suffocate and burn. This process causes the roots to become tan in color, become more rigid, spiral in shape, and ultimately wither away.

What does it take to bring the tree down, Class 9?

The uprooting of the tree’s roots is what causes the death of the tree in the end. The tree’s strength was revealed when the roots, which had anchored it while lying hidden in the dirt for years, were dug up, and this led to the tree’s demise as a result.

What comes next after the chopping and the hacking?

The answer is that “hack and chop” is not considered to be tree killing. It does not appear to cause it a great deal of discomfort. It causes cuts and bleeds in the barks of the trees.

What exactly does it mean to have leprous skin?

1a: suffering from leprosy infection b: having leprosy, pertaining to leprosy, or resembling a leper in any way. 2. scaly and scurfy Sample Sentences with Additional Terms Derived from Leprosy Read More About leprous.

What kind of figurative language is a leprous hide?

The uneven and damaged bark of a tree is contrasted in this passage to the discolored and gnarled skin that a person with leprosy has. Yet, the poet does not use the words “like” or “as.” Hence, metaphor is the figure of speech being used here.

Why is it that the bark of trees is referred to as leprous?

For what reason is the bark of the tree referred to as leprous? Ans:-Both the texture and color of the bark on the tree are all over the place. In addition, leprosy causes the patient’s skin to lose both its color and its evenness. So, the poet has made a figurative analogy between the discolored bark of a tree and the diseased skin in order to illustrate his point.

What does the chopping down of a tree represent?

Answer: the slaying of the tree is a metaphor for how heartless it is for humanity to take down the defenseless trees.

What do you think the poem about cutting down a tree is trying to say?

The meaning of the poem is that trees, like all other forms of life, are living beings and should be treated as such. They are equipped with powerful instincts for survival and are able to survive any kind of attack, stress, or catastrophe. Because they have a positive outlook on life and refuse to give up, it is difficult to kill them.

What exactly is the point of this poem?

Poets are inspired to write poetry as a result of the message that it conveys. After gaining an understanding of the significance of the poetry, one can locate the message. After finishing the poem, the reader is left with an impression, which may be a message or piece of advise.

What exactly is it that the wind does, question 9?

The answer is that the wind is responsible for breaking the window’s doors, scattering the papers, and causing the books on the shelf to fall over. In addition, it causes the pages of the books to become torn and it causes it to rain.

Where do snakes go when they die?

The snake disappears in the waves that are present among the thin green reeds.

What will come up from the ground somewhat low down?

According to the poet, the trunk of the tree, which is located quite near to the ground, would eventually sprout curled green twigs that will rise from the teeny little bows. He goes on to say that if their development is not halted, then they will return to their previous sizes and begin to increase once more. As a result, things that are green will start to emerge from closer to the earth.

Throughout the process of felling a tree, what is the single most critical step to take?

When cutting down a tree, the single most crucial thing to accomplish is to make sure that the tree’s root is severed from its anchor, which is the source of its security and stability: the earth. The tree must either be rope-tied and pulled out of the earth cave, snapped out of the cave by pulling it apart or breaking it with a snapping sound, or it must be pulled out of the cave totally.

Which portion of the tree is the most vulnerable to damage?

When compared to other components of a tree, the root is the most delicate.

In the poem about cutting down a tree, what causes the tree’s death at the end?

What does the tree succumb to in the end? The only way to destroy a tree is to uproot it from its home in the ground, then expose it to the elements, where it will be baked and suffocated.

What is the meaning of and out of its leprous hide sprouting leaves?

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The leprous covering began to produce new growth of leaves. The bark that was bleeding will eventually recover. Curled up green twigs will begin to emerge from the soil not far away. It is necessary to take the root out of the ground that is anchoring it.

How is it that the tree may continue to grow even after it has been cut down?

The answer is that the tree is able to cure itself through a process known as “absorbing years of sunlight, air, and water.” Even if it is harmed, hacked, or cut, the tree will restore itself by absorbing energy from the ground and the environment around it.

What kind of figurative language is utilized in the phrase “rising out of it feeding”?

Enjambment is a figure of speech in which one line of poetry flows directly into the following line of poetry without any gap that is signaled by a comma or a full stop. This figure of speech is used frequently in jazz and rap music. Every stanza of this poem contains enjambment, which is a poetic technique. Example: Emerging from it while simultaneously feeding