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What did matty say to bex?

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Matt tells Bex, “I was informed that I could not poke fun at Demi Lovato because she might be at our Christmas Ball or whatever, and I said I’ll quit before I stop doing that. She might be at our Jingle Ball or something.” And you wouldn’t put that up on the website?”

What was Matty’s behavior toward Bex?

Since host Matty Siegel returned to the show a day after storming off when management reprimanded him for mocking Demi Lovato, who came out as non-binary, the co-host and executive producer has not been on the show. Matty Siegel returned to the show a day after storming off after management reprimanded him for mocking Demi Lovato. During the broadcast, Siegel pointed the finger of responsibility onto Bex, saying that the choice to not post the audio of the prior program online was not hers.

Have you received an apology from Matty in the Morning, Bex?

On the edition of “Matty in the Morning” that aired on May 21, Siegel apologized for his actions. However, Maroun was not on air that day to receive Siegel’s apologies, which led to rumors circulating online that she had left the station. Siegel apologized for his behavior.

What went down between Bex and Matty first thing in the morning?

Only a few weeks after being subjected to the on-air anger of host Matt Siegel, a co-host of the popular radio show “Matty in the Morning” at Kiss 108 is quitting the station. This news comes as the station prepares to launch a new version of the show. Rebekah “Bex” Maroun, a co-host and executive producer for Kiss 108, revealed on Wednesday that she will be quitting the radio station in order to return to her hometown of Philadelphia.

Bex, did you get fired from your job on Matty in the Morning?

She had been absent from the show for the past few weeks, but she reappeared this morning to deliver the news that she will be leaving. She said to those who were listening, “When I moved to Boston, I wanted to make it home. I wanted to live here, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life here. And honestly, when COVID hit, everything in my life sort of changed.”

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Who is the woman that Billy Costas is dating?

The Boston Yacht Haven Hotel & Marina played host to the wedding of the local Kiss 108 staple and his longtime partner Michele Steele on Friday. In the chic location in Commercial Wharf, the couple was surrounded by approximately forty members of their family and close friends.

On the show Matty in the Morning, what ended up happening to Kendra?

After being let off in July of last year, Kendra Petrone, who had previously worked as the producer of the “Matty In The Morning” show on KISS 108, was losing her mind. She was informed that her position would be abolished, but while she was driving home after receiving that news, she received an email informing her that a new producer for the morning program, Medha Gandhi, had been hired.

Who is the newest member of the Matty in the Morning production team?

Bex [Rebekah Maroun] is the Executive Producer and Co-Host of iHeartMedia’s Matty in the Morning. You can find her on LinkedIn.

Is it true that Matty in the Morning has relocated to Florida?

a person’s private life. Siegel and his wife Maryanne established their home in Newton, Massachusetts. He has settled down in Florida.

How can I get access to the Matty in the Morning podcast?

Podcasts from Kiss 108

The highlights of Matty in the Morning condensed into just a few minutes!

Who is Matty in the Morning’s spouse, if anyone knows?

Maryann Siegel, who is now Matt Siegel’s wife, and he have been married since December of 2000. They just recently commemorated the 20th anniversary of their marriage.

On Thursday, what exactly did Matty say to Bex?

Matt tells Bex, “I was informed that I could not poke fun at Demi Lovato because she might be at our Christmas Ball or whatever, and I said I’ll quit before I stop doing that. She might be at our Jingle Ball or something.” And you wouldn’t put that up on the website?”

Where can we find Kendra Petrone at this time?

Her spouse and their three children all live under one roof on the North Shore.

How long has the show “Matty in the Morning” been broadcast on radio and television?

BOSTON (CBS) – On Tuesday, legendary radio personality Matt Siegel of Boston, best known for his role as Matty in the Morning on Kiss 108, will celebrate 40 years working in radio. Siegel claims that the reason for his show’s continued success is that he and his co-hosts, Billy Costa and Lisa Donovan, regularly discuss topics related to real life.

How old is the NESN host Jenny Johnson?

TV personality in the fields of entertainment and leisure Jenny Johnson adores every aspect of Nantucket, which is where she first met Robert Cocuzzo, a writer and editor for Nantucket Magazine, and where they later tied the knot a year ago. After relocating to Marblehead when she was 13 years old, Johnson, who is now 35 years old and cohosts and produces the show “Dining Playbook” on NESN, grew up in Worcester.

In the book “His Dark Materials,” what ends up happening to Billy?

The funeral of Billy Costa, known as “The Lost Boy,” appears in the BBC series “His Dark Materials.”… They bring him back to his Egyptian family, but unfortunately Billy does not survive the journey. Once Billy is incinerated, the Gyptians, Lyra, and their respective demons grieve for a while and then sing while encircling the makeshift pyre. This is a direct reference to the tradition of the Gyptians.

How much does Lisa Donovan make?

Lisa Donovan is an American internet star who has a net worth of million. She is also known by her stage name “Lisa Donovan.” June 1980 found Lisa Donovan being brought into the world in New York City, New York. She was one of the co-founders of the video network Maker Studios on YouTube.

What number does Maddie in the Morning from KISS 108 represent in her age?

Demi Lovato made the announcement on her Instagram account that the star, who is now 28 years old, will go forward identifying as non-binary and using the pronouns they/them. For the past four decades, Siegel has been a regular guest on the “Matty in the Morning” show.

What was Matty in the Morning’s opinion of Demi, exactly?

Siegel left his morning show, “Matty in the Morning,” on Wednesday after he claimed that the administration of the station forced him to cease talking about the musician Demi Lovato’s statement that they identify as non-binary. Siegel walked off the set. During his appearance on the radio show Thursday morning, Siegel stated, “I did announce that I was going to quit.”

Did Matty quit?

BOSTON – On Wednesday, one of the most successful DJs in Boston’s rich history of radio, Matt Siegel, walked off the air at KISS 108, where he had been hosting his long-running show “Matty In The Morning,” and announced that he was leaving the station.