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Were on equal footing?

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Equal footing, also known as equality of the states, is a principle that can be found in the Constitution of the United States of America. This principle states that all states that have been admitted to the Union under the Constitution since 1789 enter on equal footing with the 13 states that were already in the Union at that time.

Is on the same level as before?

on an equal legal footing (with somebody or something) / on the same legal footing (as somebody or something) (=in the same state or condition as other people or objects) The new legislation places women on an equal legal footing with men. … The status of several once separate polytechnic institutions has been elevated to that of universities in recent years.

What is the correct way to use the phrase “equal footing” in a sentence?

1. Both teams are currently on the same level of competition. 2. Both parties must come into the discussion on an equal footing.

What exactly is meant by “equal standing”?

adj. 1 frequently followed by: to or with identical in size, quantity, degree, intensity, etc.; the same (as) 2 having identical privileges, rights, status, etc. adj. 1 frequently followed by: to or with identical in size, quantity, degree, intensity, etc.; the same (as)

Did the footing have any meaning?

Being on amicable terms with another person involves a mutual standing and a reciprocal relationship. entry into a new position or relationship: to establish oneself as an independent member of society.

On the Same Level

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What exactly is the difference between a foundation and a footing?

The footing is the portion of the foundation that is in contact with the ground, whereas the foundation itself is referred to as the structure that transfers weights from the superstructure to the ground. There are two possible depths for a foundation: shallow and deep; a footing is an example of a shallow foundation. Hence, all foundations must have footings, yet footings cannot always serve as foundations.

What exactly does it mean to be on solid ground?

When anything is defined, established, or altered in a certain manner, it is said to be “placed on a particular footing.” This is typically done in order to ensure that the object in question can grow or continue to exist successfully. … You might say that you have a certain kind of relationship with someone if you are on a particular kind of footing with them.

What exactly do the terms equal mean?

: on equal terms; as humans who have the same rights, benefits, and obligations; as people from diverse cultures who are learning to live together on equal terms

Are we understanding each other the same way?

primarily used in the US; casual. : being in agreement regarding something (such as the way something ought to be done) Make an effort to get your employees and customers on the same page.

Is equivalent to the meaning?

on a par with (another person or thing) The newest version of the software is comparable to the earlier version in terms of both its features and its overall quality. The reception to his newest book has been really positive.

Are we talking about the same thing?

When two people are said to be “on the same page,” it indicates that they have the same way of thinking, have the same amount of knowledge, or have the same kind of understanding of a problem as the other person has. An Sample Sentence Would Be: “Before we make any choices today, I’d like to make sure that everyone is on the same page.”

What exactly does it mean to have a strong footing?

To be well supported is the definition of being on strong ground or footing. He believes that his argument is well supported and on firm foundation or footing.

What exactly does it mean to have a stable footing?

uncountable noun [often used with N] When something is defined, established, or transformed in a particular way, it is typically so that it is able to develop or exist successfully in the future.

What is meant by the term “deck footing”?

A deck footing is a structure that provides a firm foundation for your deck and is also known as a deck pier. Because they are the point at which your deck makes contact with the earth, they are essential to creating a stable and safe deck. Only extremely small decks that are quite close to the ground are able to function without support of this kind.

How can I ensure that everyone is operating from the same playbook?

Here Are 7 Strategies To At Last Have Everyone On Your Team On The Same Page
  1. Encourage participation from your team in the planning process. …
  2. Create a written record of it. …
  3. Delegate And Designate. …
  4. Give Them the Appropriate Tools. …
  5. Follow the natural course of events. …
  6. Engage in social activities in both real life and online. …
  7. Maintain all of the documentation in a single location.

How do you describe the situation in which everyone is on the same page?

(idiomatic) Having a general understanding or knowledge that is shared by multiple people; being in broad accord. harmonious. concordant. consistent. unanimous.

How can I keep everything I write on one page?

document. jot down in order to display stuff on the same page.
  1. Put a div or some other HTML element in the location where you want the material to remain, and then maintain it in that location. – Deepu. …
  2. Oh my God, don’t even think of using the paper. …
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What exactly does it mean to be on an equal footing?

: under circumstances in which everyone has an equal chance, which makes it possible for children from low-income families to compete on an equal basis with children from other families.

What exactly is the meaning of the term “make reference”?

verb to make a quick reference to in speech or writing She made a brief reference to our agreement in her speech.

How do you put the term “footing” into a sentence?

1. I couldn’t keep my balance and ended up falling down the steps. 2. Mrs. Jenkins was unable to maintain her balance and ended up falling.

Which other kinds of footing are there?

The following is a description of the various kinds of footings that are used in construction:
  • Footing that is Constant Along the Wall A continuous footing is a type of foundation that is used to support a masonry or RCC wall that is very lengthy. …
  • Footing that is Isolated. …
  • Footing that is Mixed. …
  • The use of strip footing. …
  • Footing with a Strap …
  • Footing for a Raft …
  • Footing made of piles

Which of the following is an example of a type of footing that is shallow?

The following types of foundations can be used for shallow constructions: spread footing (also known as simple footing), strap footing, combination footing, and mat footing (also known as raft footing).

Which variety of footing is the most advantageous?

Isolated footings are used in situations when the soil bearing capacity is normally high. These footings consist of a thick slab that is either flat, stepped, or inclined, depending on the circumstances. When compared to the other kinds of footings, this particular type of footing offers the best cost-to-benefit ratio. When columns are spaced more apart, this method is more cost-effective.

The footing or the foundation—which one comes first?

The support that carries all different sorts of loadings is called the foundation. Under the foundation wall is a footing that has been constructed. The walls of the basement are the foundations.

How far below the surface must the footings go?

Footings need to be minimum 1m deep by 600mm broad.