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Was william simons married?

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He was a patron of the charity Changing Faces. Simons is survived by his second wife, Jackie, whom he married in 2007.

Did William Simons marry?

William married his wife Janie in 1968 and they were together for over 30 years before her sad passing in 2002. He then married his second wife, Jackie, in 2007.

Is Oscar from heartbeat still alive?

Derek James Fowlds (2 September 1937 – 17 January 2020) was an English actor best known for his appearances as “Mr Derek” in The Basil Brush Show (1969-1973), Bernard Woolley in the sitcom Yes Minister (1980-1984) and its sequel Yes, Prime Minister (1986-1988) and as Oscar Blaketon in Heartbeat (1992-2010).

Why did kazia pelka leave heartbeat?

A Yorkshire Television spokesman said: ‘She just felt that she wanted to move on, and now that she is married it seemed like a good time. She told us she wants to leave by the end of the series and her character will go out with a bang.

Why did Uncle George leave heartbeat?

It was reported that, unable to continue working due to illness, he had moved to Sidmouth to be cared for by Gina’s aunt Mary. Some time later, his death was reported and Gina returned home from his funeral in the opening episode of Series Eight.

Heartbeat actor William Simons dies aged 79 (TRIBUTE)

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Did William Simons smoke?

Although playing a heavy smoker, Simons was a non-smoker in real life and was given herbal cigarettes to play the part. … Simons was only absent from 4 subsequent episodes of Heartbeat throughout his entire stint playing constable Alf Ventress; during series 3.

Did Mrs Ventress ever appeared in Heartbeat?

His wife, “Mrs Ventress”, is regularly referred to by name but has never appeared in person. … He first appeared in the episode “Changing Places”, alongside PC Phil Bellamy where Nick Rowan first came down from London with his wife Kate.

Who has died out of heartbeat?

In 2018, at the age of 89, Bill tragically died in hospital after falling off his mobility scooter and breaking his hip. His Heartbeat co-stars paid tribute to his legacy on the soap, with Trisha Penrose writing: “R.I.P my lovely friend Bill Maynard it was only a few weeks ago I worked with you.

Who died out of heartbeat?

Tragically, Bill passed away in 2019 at the age of 79. Heartbeat co-star Jason Durr, who played Mike Bradley in the iconic show, shared his condolences, posting on Twitter at the time: “So sad to hear the passing of William Simons. A great actor and a lovely man.

What is Nick Berry the actor doing now?

Berry married actress Rachel Robertson in 1994. They have two boys, Louis (born 1995) and Finley (born 1998), and the family resides in Epping, Essex. Berry is a supporter of West Ham United F.C. Berry has now retired from acting and is now a house husband.

What happened to PC Rowans wife?

PC Nick was married to Dr Kate Rowan, and the two had a daughter named Sarah but sadly his wife then lost her battle with leukaemia.

Who were the police officers in heartbeat?

Policemen and ex coppers
  • Phil Bellamy (Mark Jordan) …
  • Oscar Blaketon (Derek Fowlds) …
  • Alf Ventress (William Simons) …
  • Rob Walker (Jonathan Kerrigan) …
  • George Miller (John Duttine) …
  • Geoff Younger (Steven Blakely) …
  • Dr Helen Walker (formerly Trent) (Sophie Ward) …
  • Bernie Scripps (Peter Benson)

Who was Mrs Ventress?

The unseen wife of PC Alf Ventress, although he often mentions her at work, off duty and throughout his retirement. Together, they have at least one daughter, Gail, who is living in Cardiff. She has an unseen sister, who would be Alf’s sister-in-law.

What happened to PC Younger in Heartbeat?

Geoff was shot in the arm in the episode “Cashing In” while pursuing armed criminals, but the damage was only a flesh wound so he made a full recovery.

Does Maggie have a baby in Heartbeat?

Maggie had the baby eventually and called their son Sam although she also had to come to terms with life as a single mother too. Neil never got to see Sam, who was born after his death.

Who is the father of Gina’s baby in Heartbeat?

Baby Philip, who was named after his father and Oscar Blaketon, is only a baby when we first meet him. He is described by Gina, his mother as being just like his dad, PC Phil Bellamy. It is assumed that Philip will one grow up to be just like him.