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Was undyne injected with determination?

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Alphys is not a psychotic mad scientist, she regrets what happened to the amalgamates, and she would not risk doing the same thing to Undyne after she spared her from committing suicide. She did not inject Undyne with DT because she is not a psychotic mad scientist.

Who or what exactly is this Undyne monster?

Normal. Undyne readies herself to attack the main character with her spear. Undyne is a monstrous fish that has human characteristics. She has a long red ponytail and blue scales all over her body.

Does Flowey have a strong will to succeed?

Flowey is a flower that has been infused with determination and covered in the dust that Asriel has left behind. Because his body is composed of substance similar to that of a human’s, in contrast to the amalgamates, he does not melt. His tenacity and resolve are strong enough to allow him to start over and over again.

Why does Undyne the Undying turn to a liquid?

Because of her resoluteness, Undyne is able to defy death, which is analogous to the way in which the soul of a human being lives on after death… Her body disintegrates after she has used up all of her HP since she is making such a valiant effort to defy death with her resolve, often known as her “desire to remain living.” However, it will not be enough to change her physical appearance.

Who is it that has a thing for Undyne?

Although Alphys has affections for Undyne, she is afraid that Undyne will find out the truth if she ever admits how she really feels about her.

How is Undyne able to continue fighting even after she has died? Undertale: Theoretical Underworld | UNDERLAB

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Flowey may have been created by Alphys.

Alphys, does not. Now, we have conclusive evidence that Gaster was the one who invented Flowey. Gaster selected the vessel, which was the vessel covered in Asriel’s dust. Alphys, the material that it was constructed of, played a part in it.

What is Mettaton ex’s height like?

According to my estimation, she is at least 11 feet tall. Due to the fact that I was unable to locate an image that contrasts boxy Mettaton with the other forms, I will instead utilize his EX form. Because he seems to be taller than Undyne, whom I estimated to be at least 11 feet tall, I estimate that he is approximately 11 feet and 2 inches tall.

What does DT imply in Undertale?

ENTRY NUMBER 5, True Lab. The ability to be determined is one of the factors that ensures the survival of SOULs after death. Only the person or thing in the Underground with the most willpower can SAVE.

What happened that caused Undyne to go blind?

It would appear that Undyne suffered a permanent injury to her vision when she lost an eye while practicing spear throwing with Asgore. As a result, the only weapon she is able to conjure is a blue spear. It was the same weapon that caused her eye to be knocked out.

What kind of fish does Undyne belong to?

The piranha, or more precisely the Serrasalmus rhombeus, often known as the blue diamond piranha, is the inspiration for the fictional fish known as Undyne. It has a sharp toothy grin, reddish huge finned gills, sleek little dark blue scales, and eyes that look like they have vertical slit pupils. Its appearance is identical to that of Undyne.

What exactly does “hate” mean in Glitchtale?

HATE is a sinister force that serves as the true primary opponent throughout both Season 1 and Season 2. It is known relatively little about it, but research has shown that it is even more deadly and far more potent than FEAR and DETERMINATION. Hatred is not a soul and it is not a soul quality; rather, it is an enhancer that improves other souls.

What exactly is the hyper goner?

The effect card known as Hyper Goner can only be played with the Determination deck. When it is employed, it kills every creature that is currently on the field of play, even those that you control. In addition, the cost of the card is lowered by one gold piece if you are lacking two health points, up to a maximum cost reduction of fifteen gold pieces.

Can you tell me how many HP Omega Flowey has?

It is important to note that the combat does not in any way interact with the SAVE file of the protagonist. During the battle, the protagonist’s HP will always be reset to 50, regardless of their LOVE or any prior EXP they may have gained.

Could Undyne be a type of shark?

Undyne is a fish monster that inherited her monstrous good looks from both of her mothers, Freja and Valorie… She has fish gills on her breast and fish scales for skin instead of human skin. She has a single row of shark’s teeth, but they are always being replaced with new ones as time goes on.

Which gender does Monster child belong to?

In the Undertale Art Book, Monster Child is portrayed as being a male character. Nevertheless, this has been updated to use a phrase that is not specific to either gender.

Can you gain Temmie armor in genocide route?

On a Genocide Route, the option to pay for college is replaced with the opportunity to buy premium Temmie Flakes, hence the protagonist will not be able to gain this item. After you have unlocked the Temmie Armor, Temmie will explain that despite the fact that the armor is wonderful, using it in combat can and will ruin the experience.

Is Undyne an amalgamate?

In spite of this, Mettaton was adamant about not letting go, and he maintained his grip even as Undyne began to dissolve through his robotic body and into the ghost that resided within it, combining the two of them into a single entity.

How severe is the damage that Undyne the Undying inflicts?

Each successful strike from this attack deals 5 damage. In addition to this, she launches a barrage of spears at the main character while standing on a larger board. Each successful strike from this attack deals 5 damage. She finishes an attack in green mode by switching the SOUL mode to red, at which point she launches a single spear in the direction of the main character.

In Undertale, what does the initials LV stand for?

It is an abbreviation that stands for “Level of Violence.” A method for determining how severely someone can be damaged. The more people you eliminate, the simpler it will be to maintain your distance. The further away you are from the source of the pain, the less it will affect you.

In Undertale, what does the letters KR stand for?

Karmic retribution is what “KR” stands for. In the first Undertale game, if you commit genocide, there is a cost for your acts, and this results in karmic retribution, which causes you to become poisoned. When you are struck by an attack that poisons you over time, you have experienced karmic retribution.

Why is Sans feeling so down?

His lack of desire and goals, poor energy, the messy and barren state of his room, and his lost soul remark “simply give up. i did,” among other things, are easily taken as indicators of depression. Some possible causes of his mental state include: Individuals also have a tendency to blame their issues with depression on laziness or believe that it is just a part of their personality. This is another possibility.

Who holds the record for the tallest height in Undertale?

Canon Height
  • Napstablook is 4’5″, which is NOT the size of Mettaton’s head. …
  • Papyrus stands around 5 feet 7 inches tall.
  • Papyrus is 6 feet and 3 inches tall, whereas Undyne is only 6 feet and 3 inches tall.
  • Toriel is 5 feet 10 inches tall, while Mettaton EX stands 7 feet tall.
  • At 7 feet 5 inches tall, Asgore is perhaps the primary character with the greatest height.

Is Mettaton related to Napstablook in any way?

As Mettaton is the owner of the house that Napstablook refers to as “Naptaton’s cousin’s house,” it is safe to assume that Mettaton and Napstablook are related in some way. Because the Mad Dummy stated that the main character scared his cousin’s spirit out of a dummy, it follows that Napstablook must have resided in the dummy that the main character talks to because the Mad Dummy made the statement.