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Was big kash a bikie?

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He has been shot at, survived life in a bikie gang and engaged in a violent war of words that sparked a media frenzy – but rapper John Lavulo, also known as Big Kash, claims he is done with the gangster life. … He spent many years in outlaw motorcycle clubs, a world he says he was lucky to escape.

Is Big Kash a snitch?

John Lavulo, who goes by the moniker Big Kash, was trolled online after he was accused of being a snitch. A Sydney Bikie-turned-rapper has created a 30-minute long podcast to say he is not a snitch after being trolled with rat emojis.

What happened big Kash?

John Lavulo, 33, who raps under the moniker Big Kash, was hit in the shoulder under a hail of bullets on August 8 as he sat in his Mercedes Benz outside his Sydney unit block.

Why is Big Kash in jail?

Lavulo has pleaded guilty to intimidating police, stalking an intimidating the Lidcombe unit owner, behaving in an offensive manner in a public place and intentional damaging/destroying the police cell he urinated in.

Where did Big Kash get shot?

Sydney rapper Thomas Karras Vandermade is accused of injuring fellow rapper John Lavulo, aka “Big Kash”, who was shot in his forearm and elbow inside his car as he and his girlfriend returned to their Lachlan St home at Warwick Farm at 9pm on August 8.

Big Kash Speaks On Joining Motorcycle Clubs “I Just Wanted To Hurt People & Make Money” (Part 2)

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Who did Big Kash get shot by?

29yr old Sydney rapper ‘Masi Rooc’, has been arrested and charged in relation to the shooting of Western Sydney rapper, BIG KASH, in #WarwickFarm last month. If you remember the incident early August, when Kash was shot twice in the arm in his Mercedes in a driveway on Lachlan st.

Who is spanian Syd?

Spanian is a Sydney based hip hop artist. Known for representing the sound of his community and generation Spanian is a former criminal who spent over 12 years inside of boys homes and prisons. after rapping inside since the age of 16, Spanian began to officially pursue a rap career in 2018.

What is big Kash Instagram?

BIG KASH. (@thekashk) • Instagram photos and videos.

Did Masi ROOC shot Big Kash?

Sydney rapper ‘Masi Rooc’ charged over drive-by shooting of rival ‘Big Kash’ Charges laid in shooting of ex-bikie Big Kash.

Is Spanian a gangster?

A reformed gangster who turned to rap after spending most of his youth behind bars has lifted the lid on a ‘secret’ language used by criminals to fool police officers. The Sydney-based underground rapper, who goes by the name Spanian online, took to his 11,000 Instagram followers to show off the bizarre dialect.

What is Spanian real name?

The Sydney-based rapper – who goes by the name Spanian Syd – sat down with. The 20 minute short-documentary-style video goes briefly into the rapper’s early life, before settling in Woolloomooloo in Sydney’s inner-east.

Why did Triple J blacklist Kerser?

Despite being “blacklisted” from triple j after a public feud, Aussie rapper Kerser had his song played on the radio station yesterday. Despite sharing that he was “blacklisted” from triple j after a public feud, Aussie emcee Kerser’s song was played on the popular radio station yesterday.

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What is spanian ethnicity?

Spaniards, or Spanish people, are a predominantly Romance-speaking ethnic group native to Spain.

Is spanian Aboriginal?

When Spanian explained he was not Indigenous just hours before his court appearance, the legal representative told him the case would likely be adjourned for two weeks. Rather than wait, Spanian decided to represent himself – a decision he said was ‘a big mistake. ‘

How old is spanian rapper?

The now-33-year-old said he had an epiphany about his heavy drug use while behind bars at Junee Correctional Centre in 2007.

When did spanian go to jail?

Spanian has previously opened up about his life of crime in a 20 minute documentary-style YouTube video posted by Bull Pro Media. The rapper claimed he was locked up when he was just 15 years old, tried heroin at 18, and had his older brother die of an overdose when he was in jail.

What is my race if I am Hispanic?

OMB defines “Hispanic or Latino” as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race.

What religion is spanian?

The majority of the Spanish population is Catholic. The presence of Catholicism in Spain is historically and culturally pervasive. However, in the past 40 years of secularism since Franco’s death, the role that religion plays in Spaniards’ daily life has diminished significantly.

What is the difference between Hispanic and Latino?

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