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Too Hot To Handle: Who Is Patrick Mullen? Age Wiki – Ethnicity And Instagram

 Patrick Mullen, a young man, is one of the ten hot contestants on Season 3 of Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle.” Get to know him a little more with us down below!

Patrick Mullen’s revelation that he will join the cast of “Too Hot To Handle” has caused quite a stir on social media.

The Netflix show is recognised for its unusual and eccentric notion of casting hot and uncommitted people.

While participating in numerous seminars for the monetary prize, the candidates are prohibited from kissing, physical touch, or self-gratification.

Season 3 will premiere on Netflix on January 1st, and the crowd is eager to meet the new hot singles.

Patrick Mullen Is Too Hot To Handle: Who Is He?

Patrick Mullen is a professional model and actor.

He is well recognised for his modelling work, yet he did appear in the popular TV show “The Naked Director” in 2019.

His acting background is listed on his IMDb profile, and it is expected that he will soon begin appearing in lead roles.

Mullen is managed by IMG LA Model Management, a renowned model management agency in Los Angeles.

He has a bright future in show business with such an amazing job portfolio.

Mullen, meantime, has gotten a lot of buzz for his impending role in Netflix’s blockbuster “Too Hot To Handle.”

Patrick Mullen Wiki – Information on His Age and Ethnicity

In the year 2022, Patrick Mullen will be 29 years old.

He is a proud island kid, and his ethnicity can be traced back to Hawaii.

Mullen, a proud explorer, reflects on his Hawaiian roots wherever he goes.

He has been the focus of media interest since his participation in the Netflix movie was announced.

Numerous tabloids have currently covered his life and work.

Patrick Mullen can be found on Instagram.

Patrick Mullen is quite active on his Instagram account, which is rapidly rising.

His Instagram handle is @thepatmullen, and he has over 4.3 million followers.

The hottie has dedicated his Instagram account to photos of himself in the ocean, displaying his appreciation for his Hawaiian heritage.

His professional modelling photos, on the other hand, have eaten up the other half of the feed area.

Mullen’s Instagram account is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning on the internet.

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