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TikTok: What Is itsame.yomama Real Name? Age & Twitter – Who Is Laniyomommy?

 It’s the same on TikTok. Yomma aka Laniyommy has yet to reveal her true identity. Now is the time to discover more about her.


Yomama, also known as Laniyommy, is a TikTok celebrity.

She’s a rising star on the platform right now. She is well-known on the site for her hilarious lip-sync and dance videos.

TikTok is a platform for people to show off their skills. Despite the fact that she has only been on the platform for a year, she already has a large number of TikTok followers.


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Laniyomommy’s original sound

itsame.yomama Who is Laniyomommy’s real name?


Mama is a popular TikTok user.

Regrettably, she has yet to divulge her true identity. People know her by her real name, “itsame.yomama,” therefore she must not have been compelled to expose her true identity.

Laniyomommy is a well-known Tiktok user. She has 671.3 thousand followers and 10.1 million likes on Instagram. She is best known for her dance videos and hilarious videos. In addition, she used the name “Laniyomommy” in her TikTok bio.


yomama When it comes to age, how old is she?


The age of yomama is estimated to be 39 years old.

She made a joke about it in one of her videos, but we’re not sure if she meant it. Her exact age and date of birth have yet to be revealed to the public.

In terms of her physical characteristics, based on her videos, she appears to be tall. Her actual height and weight have yet to be published.


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Twitter: yomama

It appears to be the same.

Yomama doesn’t have a Twitter profile.

Similarly, she appears to be active on Instagram. She does, however, have a Venmo account.

Husband and Family of itsame.yomama


Yomama is single and has never been married.

In fact, she doesn’t appear to be dating anyone right now. In terms of itsame.yomamas family, she has not yet made any information about a member of her family public.

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